Of course, you can add gears to a cruiser bike. A bicycle gear is a type of rotating device that has a tooth, or cog, that attaches to another toothed part and transfers torque. As you may know, the gear of a cruiser bike transmits energy to the wheels of the bike, helps to increase or decrease the speed of the bike, change direction, etc. In a word, the gear cruiser is the lifeblood of the bike. Adding gear to a cruiser bike can give that bike the ability to ride more comfortably.

Even then if you have questions in your mind can you add gears to a Cruiser Bike? So you should continue the entire article without skipping, then you will know all the detailed answers to this question about do Cruiser Bikes have gears, shift gears on a 7-Speed ​​Cruiser Bike, and do you use gears on the Cruiser, changing gears on a Cruiser.

Also, I am going to say you about can you add Mountain Bike gears to a Beach Cruiser, and so on related to the matter. That’s why let’s not be late to know all the details.

Do Cruiser Bikes Have Gears?

Yes. All cruiser bikes have at least one gear. Because without an only gear it would not be possible to ride a cruiser bike. Cruiser bike gears are often referred to as speed. That’s why a gear-equipped cruiser bike is called a single-speed bike. It is also seen that some cruiser bikes have a few gears.

However, Gears are also called speed, so cruisers with only a single gear are often called single-speed bikes.

Some cruiser cycles have 3 or 7 speeds, which allows you to ride the bike up and down the hills with ease. Cruiser bikes with single gear can only run at one speed. On the other hand, cruisers with multiple-gear bikes can have more or fewer gears as needed and maintain complete independence. Most cruiser bicycles are in single gear from the beginning. But later you can change the gear through customization as per your choice and need.

Do You Want Gears On Your Cruiser Bike?

As you may know, cruiser bikes generally weigh a little more, and their tyres are slightly wider than other bikes. For these reasons, you must keep in mind the gear before buying a cruiser bike.

You just need to have the right gear for your favorite cruiser bike. Bikes with multiple gears will always outperform the riding speed more than single-speed bikes. As a result, the quality of your cruiser bicycle riding will increase a lot more. If you still have questions about the gear preference on the Cruiser. Then the straightforward answer is, of course, you want & need gears on your Cruiser Bike.

Can You Add Gears To A Cruiser Bike?

Most modern bicycles are now designed to be customizable and upgradeable. Cruiser bikes are at the top as modern customizable bikes. Of course, you can add gears to a cruiser bike.

And, in this case, the dropouts of the frame must be designed for multiple speeds as well as the wheel hub must be adjusted properly. Here, if you see that the frame of your cruiser bike is a bit narrow, then you can add gear to the cruiser bike by using a separate steel frameset or internal gear hub.

Adding multiple gears will give your bike more power and make the experience of bike riding more extraordinary. Many cruiser bikes can be easily changed gears and are not too expensive.

Moreover, adding gear to most cruiser bikes can be very expensive. One of the main reasons for this is to change the entire drive set. Because you can never add more than one new gear to all those cruiser bikes without changing the entire drive set.

The Way Bicycle Gears Work

Each bike is made with a drivetrain: a set of gears and chains that make your bike run smoothly. I’ll start with a basic overview of the front gears.

Front Gear:

Chain or sprocket held at the front gear of the bike. Chain rings are ordered in ascending with the smallest chain sitting near the frame of the cycle.

Discipline indicates both how fast your cycle travels and how easy it is to pedal. Switching to smaller chains makes pedaling easier but slower while using larger chains makes it harder to paddle, but allows you to travel faster.

Some bikes (called single or 1x) may have only a single chain. Most bikes, however, will have two or three chainsaws (known as double / 2x or triple / 3x, respectively), thus they allow different gears.

The Front Derailleur

If a bike has more than one chain, it needs a front drill. The purpose of a driller is to move the chain of a bike from one chain to another. The front grill is located near the pedals of the bike and mounted with brackets or clamps against the frame of the bike.

The bike chain first goes through the Derailleur cage and is then sent through the chaining. When changing gears, the front drill will move the cage outwards or inwards, thus pushing the chain from one chain to the next.

Rear Gear

The cassette of your bike, also called the corset, is a set of gears placed on the right side of the rear wheel of the bike. Most modern bike cassettes usually have eight to 11 cogs, each with 11 to 28 teeth.

The largest cogs are mounted closest to the wheels and the outer cogs are placed in ascending order. Actually, they equate slow and easy pedaling.

Rear Drill

Like the front derailleur, the rear derailleur is a mechanism used to move up or down changes from a cog. However, the rear driller has two more functions: it lifts the slack when moving between large and small gears and it maintains the pressure level required to keep your chain in the chain ring.

Shifting Gears On A 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

You may find it very difficult when you try to Shift Gears on a 7 Speed ​​Cruiser Bike. However, there is no reason to worry. At this stage of the article, I will explain to you in a beautiful way how you can easily complete gear shifting on your 7-Speed ​​Cruiser Bike.

Shifting Gears Basics

👉 You can use your left hand to nicely shift the 7-Speed Cruiser Bike’s front gears.

In 7-speed Cruiser bikes most of the time the gear is in the handlebars of the cruiser bike, which means in the hand control. When you use the left-hand control, you will discover a metallic loop called a “derailleur”. This metal loop allows the bicycle chain to move from one side to the other and new gear is caught in front of you. Thus the front gears are constantly changing from the current gear.

👉 At this stage of shifting, you should use your right hand to perfectly shift the bike’s rear gears.

In the case of cruiser bikes, rear gears often have their derailleur. When you use the right-hand control, the rear derailleur will continue to move sideways and you will be seen catching new chains in the rear gear as well.

On the other hand, there will be some difference in the ratio of newly shifted gears as there is some difference in the number of teeth they have. The rear gear and front gears run in a similar process to the cruiser bike. When cycling, if you don’t remember which hand control to shift the gear with, remember “right = rear.”

👉 You can lower your cycle’s Gear for making your pedaling easier but a little less powerful.

Sometimes you can change gears to handle certain situations and to make your bike ride smoother and easier.

For example, when you move from your bike to a low gear, you will be able to pedal very quickly and easily, and comfortably with that bike. The more inboard your bike’s chain is, the more easily you will be able to paddle.

You can find two ways to do shift down your bicycle:

  • Quickly shift into a smaller gear in the front part.
  • And Then Shift into a bigger gear in the back part.

👉 Now, you can gear up to make your pedaling harder and also more powerful.

The opposite of when you go downhill is to get into a proper “higher” gear and keep riding. Paddling can be very difficult in such gears. But here you can also enjoy a lot of benefits. Because this type of paddling helps you ride faster, you move faster. When shifting gears the cruiser bicycle’s chain will be on the outside and further away. Just then, paddling will become more difficult for you.

Here, you can also see two ways to do shift up your 7-Speed ​​Cruiser bicycle:

  • At first shift the gear into a bigger gear in the front part of the cycle.
  • And then Shift the gear into a smaller gear in the back part.

👉 You should properly practice when shifting up and down the cruiser bike in a flat area.

The best way to get the hang of the bike shifting is to start it the right way. But you should move to a safe and flat place. And then start pedaling towards the front.

You must use one of your right or left-hand controls to move up or down properly. When you start to feel that you are moving up or down through the cruiser bike. Then, depending on your control, push the paddles correctly, this will make shifting very easy.

👉 Just shift your cruiser bike while you’re nicely pedaling forward.

During this time of shifting gears on a 7-Speed ​​Cruiser Bike, you must paddle continuously. As we know- ‘The more you paddle, the more your bike’s gears will be shifting properly’.

Excessive paddling will also tighten the chain of the bike so that you can move forward very fast. If you do not paddle at all while shifting the gear of the bike, the chain will continue to move backward. As a result, the gear of your bike will not shift properly. So the last step is to constantly be paddling. This will tighten the chain and you will continue to move forward as well as the gear shift of the bike.

  • So now, I hope- you can easily complete shifting gears on a 7-Speed ​​Cruiser Bike properly by following all the steps above.

Can You Add Mountain Bike Gears To A Beach Cruiser?

Of course, you can add mountain bike gears to a beach cruiser. Most mountain bikes have stable and strong gear that allows them to ride a lot more comfortably than cruiser bikes. That’s why many riders want to add the gear of the mounted bike to the cruiser bike.

Today’s cruiser bikes are mostly customized. Riders can change the body parts of the bike according to their preferences and needs. That’s why you can add MTB gear to a Beach Cruiser bike. And along with that, you can enjoy a ride that is very comfortable and cozy.

Furthermore, the cruiser cycles are specially designed for road trips on the sidewalks around the city.

However, when you add a mountain bike gear cruiser bike, you can easily travel by that bike on any type of road, hilly area, or off-road-related areas.


After reading today’s article, I hope you have learned about can you add gears to a Cruiser Bike or not. And more related pieces of information to cover up the topic like adding gears, how the gears work on a bike, shifting gears on a 7-speed cruiser, can you use mountain bike gears on a Beach Cruiser, and so on.

Now it’s up to you what you like to do with the gears of your Cruiser Bike. And whatever you are going to do as per your preferences, this discussion will definitely help you to decide on that path.

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