Cruiser bikes are usually the most perfect for low speeds. After knowing this, you must have wondered about can you make a Cruiser Bike faster?

The answer is yes! If you want, you can make the cruiser bike faster than before. But in that case, you have to take some of the special steps. Throughout today’s article, I will show you how any cyclist can easily make a cruiser bicycle faster.

In addition to this, I will give you detailed and important information about why Cruiser Bikes are so heavy, their multiple speed system, etc. So, keep reading the whole article without skipping for gathering the full information at a glance.

Are Cruisers Slow?

Yes, a cruiser bike is much slower than other types of bikes. Older cruiser bikes are generally seen to be a bit slower than other models or band bikes in terms of acceleration as well as top speed. With a cruiser bicycle, you can ride many miles if you want. However, the slow speed of this type of bike is not perfect for a long ride.

Cruiser bikes are usually in a steep riding position with a ton of wind resistance. In addition to this, you will get extra-wide tires on this bike which increases the resistance while rolling.

That’s why cruiser bikes tend to be much slower. There are many reasons why cruiser bikes are slow. Some of the notable reasons are –

  • Cruiser bikes have high torque.
  • It is not possible to ride very fast due to the low-powered engine.
  • The design that has been used to make cruiser bikes has not been given much speed.

Why Cruiser Bikes Are So Heavy?

Cruiser bikes are so heavy, but there are some special reasons behind them.

  • In most cases, cruiser bikes are made of a much more durable type of steel which makes them look much heavier.
  • A Cruiser cycle is a bicycle that typically combines balloon tyres, steep seating postures, which means a single-speed drivetrain, and straight steel construction with expressive styling.
  • Cruisers are popular among casual cyclists and leisures because they are very stable and easy to navigate. But their heavy weight and balloon tires tend to slow them down.
  • Also, the wide tires, as well as the curved handlebars, make this bike even heavier. There have fenders, lights, and saddle bags.
  • These are primarily designed for use on paved roads at medium speeds and include non-racing or non-touring classes and heavyweight styles.

Since their invention, Cruiser bikes were famous for their heavy weight. A cruiser bike is one of the most popular bikes in the United States from the early 1930s to the late nineties for its heavyweight.

Can You Make A Cruiser Bike Faster?

In most cases, the average speed of a cruiser bike is 5 to 15 MP/H.

However, other things can be done to increase or decrease the speed of the cruiser bike depending on the model of the bike as well as your paddling ability. A biker can make the speed of his/her favorite cruiser even faster.

But in that case, they have to follow some special tips. Maybe no one wants to tell you about these tips. But no worries, I will now give you some special tips that will make it easier for you to make a cruiser bike faster.

1. You Can Buy The Lightest Cruiser Bike:

A light cruiser bike will generally be made with a light frame as well as light material. This type of cycle is certainly much more comfortable to ride and allows you to complete the ride at a very high speed.

Cruiser bikes weigh an average of 30 to 40 pounds. So you can choose the lightest cruiser bike according to your weight. In this case, you will be able to pedal very fast so that the speed of your bike will generally increase.

2. Flawlessly Adjust Your Cruiser’s Seat To Your Height:

As you may know, the seat of your cruiser bike must be properly adjusted to your height. By using the right adjustable seat you can ride your favorite cruiser bike very fast, which naturally increases the speed.

So you should adjust the seat of your bike before you want to ride the cruiser faster.

First of all, you have to stand next to the bicycle, then make sure that the seat of your bicycle is up to the buttocks.

  • If it is above or below the buttocks, take it along.
  • The more seats you have on your bike, the more power you will have to paddle. This will make it possible to speed up the bike.

3. Get An Electric Cruiser Bike For You:

Though you can choose an electric cruiser bike for you. Because these types of bikes are perfect for traveling around the city.

Electric cruiser bikes have a special motor, through which you can pedal very fast and increase the speed of the cruiser. Also, this type of cruiser has a special type of battery pack, which is made from the same frame as the cruiser bike. With battery packs and special motors, you are able to increase the speed of the electric cruiser bike very fast.

4. Cruiser’s Slick Tires Can Help You To Increase Your Bike Faster:

You may know that the speed of cruiser bikes can be increased very fast with the help of Slick Tires. These types of tires have the best grip and the best sliding, as well as the ability to ride fast on flat roads.

Slick tires have generally been popular for many years in the field of fixed-gear bikes. But on this day, many cruiser bicycles come with slick tires. Besides, you can add Slick tyres through customization if you want. This is the case, when you want the speed of your favorite cruiser bike to be faster then there is nothing better than Slick tires.

5. Remove The Extra Components From The Cruiser Bike:

Cruiser bikes are designed in such a way that you can see different types of additional components. These include bells, fenders, back seats, baskets, etc. And, all these components are not required in most cases. Besides, keeping all these things separate will make your cruiser bike look simpler and more beautiful, as well as reduce the weight a lot.

On the other hand, removing extra components from your cruiser allows you to paddle very fast and increase the speed of your bike. As we know the average weight of a cruiser bicycle is 30 to 40 pounds. But when you remove the extra items from the bike, it will lose a lot of weight. And that task will give you more power to cycle the bike faster, which will naturally increase the speed.

6. Get The Perfect Tire Pressure:

When it comes to cycling, most riders ride without thinking about the pressure of the wind. However, you must keep in mind that

  • if you have a perfect amount of air pressure according to your weight, then you can swiftly increase your cruiser bike speed.
  • Also, if the tires are pumped with too much air, the tires may become flat. With perfect tire pressure, you can speed up a cruiser bike.

7. You Can Install Multi Gears Shifters In Your Cruiser Bike:

Normally when you replace Multi-Gears Shifters on a bike, it indicates you can change the gear shift as per your choice. And this will make it possible to increase or decrease the speed of your bike at a very fast speed.

  • If the bike does not have the Multi Gears Shifters option, still you can install it through customization.

Are Cruiser Bikes Good For Speed?

Cruiser bikes are not perfect for riding at high speeds. These types of bicycles are usually suggested for city riding as well as light trail travel. Moreover, any biker can also ride cruiser bikes through dirt roads and paved bike lanes.

People who are busy traveling to the city with the cruiser bike can add fun and convenience. However, in all cases, cruiser bikes are recommended for low-speed and low-impact rides.

How Many Speeds Should A Cruiser Bike Have?

Cruiser bikes have multiple speeds. There are three main speed types of cruiser bikes. Those are-


Single Speed Cruiser Bike can be much more perfect for a leisure companion rider. So that any cyclist can only control the speed of such cruiser bikes by paddling. A very simple Single Speed Cruiser Bike can make your leisure time riding even more enjoyable.


With these types of bikes, you will get more beautiful and elegant designs. You can change the gear of all these cruiser bikes at your convenience.

In this case, no derailleur will be required. This means you can easily mount the bike’s chain guard, and also keep the drivetrain away from all harmful substances. On a very low budget, you can get a 3-SPEED CRUISER BIKE type bike.


If you want to take any kind of challenge, then the 7-Speed Cruiser Bikes may be the most perfect for you. You can ride this speedy bike on any type of rough terrain, hilly terrain, uphill, downhill, off-road, etc.

These 7-Speed cruisers offer a biker to enjoy the benefit of several additional gears. So it might be right for you if you want to get a variety of low and high gears with your cruiser bike.

Final Words

I did my best to provide accurate and complete information about can you make a Cruiser Bike faster. As well as information about Cruiser bike heavyweight, its speed & gear variation, and much more, to give a clear picture of all these related things.

Hopefully, after reading today’s article, you have come to know a lot of important information about Cruiser Bike’s speed things especially. If you want to know more important information like this, just stay tuned with us.

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