Tektro is a brand where you can get various bicycle components at limited prices. Nowadays the brakes and pads of this company have become very popular. While using Tektro brakes, mostly used the same brand’s brake pads as they can provide very good braking output. And then the question may come to your mind: do all Tektro brakes use the same pads or do they have any differences? And the short & simple answer to your question is, Tektro brakes use different types of pads. It totally depends on the type of brake, bicycle categories, and the requirements of the riders. But there are also some Tektro brakes that use a specific type of pad.

Tektro Brakes & Tektro Brake Pads Overview

Tektro brakes and brake pads are constantly evolving, and a common choice among bikers. It can deliver excellent performance and reliability in the cycling period. The company has been manufacturing brakes and pads in a variety of styles and models since 1986 to the present. Here you will find both mechanical brakes and hydraulic brakes as per your choice which actuates the brake caliper very quickly. And the system is ideal for riders who prefer an automated feel when braking.

  • All of the ingredients in Tektro brakes permit riders to easily customize the brake setup to their specific cycle and riding style.
  • At Tektro, you will find brake pads that are perfect for providing high levels of braking performance with minimal wear and tear.
  • Mostly created from an advanced rubber compound, it curtails all braking noise in cycling. Also dissipates heat and provides maximum grip.
  • You can get an anti-squeal design that reduces the amount of noise generated at the braking moment.

In short, the combination of performance, value, and customization make Tektro Brakes and Pads an attractive option for you.

Types Of Tektro Brakes

Types Of Tektro Brakes Pads

Do All Tektro Brakes Use The Same Pads?

It is not possible to use the same pads for all Tektro brakes. There are different types of Tektro Brakes and they are used in different bicycles. You must know that every bicycle uses different components depending on riding style, road type, rider’s choice, and various other preferences. Similarly, when you are using Tektro Brake on a bicycle it is not logical to manipulate the same brake pad universally.

Pads integration of Tektro Brakes took into consideration all factors like bicycle type, brake category, road group, riding style, and rider’s personal preference. Thus each brake model and size also vary.

  • Brake pads should be assigned accordingly otherwise you will face various problems in cycling.
  • And if you do some exploration, you will find some brake models that permit cycling by using the same brake pad.

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Reason For Not Using Same Pads For All Tektro Brakes

  1. All the different brake pads are constructed for different brake systems. That’s why one type of pad can’t be compatible with all categories of Tektro brakes.
  2. Sizes, materials, and shapes are big things. You should securely fit the brake pad for effective performance. It is not possible to fit the same pads for all Tektro brakes.
  3. To reduce noise, vibration, and wear, you need proper materials and pads that you can’t find in one.
  4. Tektro brakes have several categories of braking power and performance requirements. So different pads need to deliver optimal results.
  5. The same levels of brake pads can’t transmit proper friction and heat dissipation.
  6. Different Tektro brakes have different contact surfaces, tolerance levels, and performance requirements. To meet all these specifications every rider needs different types of the brake pad.
  7. Every rider has different capacities when it comes to cycling. Each different style of riding will require a different type of Tektro brake pad. By using the right brake pad, you can enjoy a maximum braking performance.

Some Types Of Tektro Brakes Pads That Stop The Fastest

Among all Tektro Brake pads, Resin brake pads, Ceramic brake pads & Metallic brake pads can provide the fastest stopping performance.

  • Each of the particles in these pads plays a special role in better heat dissipation compared to all pad types.
  • Sintered pads or metal pads are slightly noisier but can provide long-lasting output in wet and mixed-weather cycling.

Also, these types of brakes are ideal for any type of cycling experience due to their high friction coefficient as they produce less dust than others, generate less noise, and last longer as well. Now you can understand from all these things that Resin pads, Ceramic pads, sintered pads & Metallic pads can stop the fastest.

Then, Which Category Of Pad Is Perfect For Tektro Brake?

As I have mentioned earlier, a different type of brake pad is perfect for each different Tektro brake. At this stage, I will inform you in the form of a table which type of brake pad can be good for that type of brake.

Tektro Brake TypeTektro Brake Pad Type
V-BrakeV-Brake Pads
Cantilever BrakeCartridge Brake Pads
Disc BrakeMetal Or Disc Brake Pads
Hydraulic BrakeHydraulic-Brake Pads
Mechanical BrakeMechanical-Brake Pads
Drum BrakeDrum Brake Pads
Roller BrakeRoller-Brake Pads

But instead of depending only on this table, you should use your personal experience to choose any brake pad. Because the decision to choose a Tektro brake pad for Tektro brake depends to a large extent on your desire.

The Final Call

So now you should understand that not all Tektro brakes use the same type of pads. You can choose any kind of brake pad according to your needs, by fulfilling your requirements, riding style, or bike category. Hopefully, you can grab your cycling a step further by employing the Tektro brake pads of your preference.

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