Are you worried about your electric bike storage? This may happen because storing electric bikes is a bit trickier than regular bikes. Even, there is a possibility of damaging your e-bike if you don’t store it properly. That’s why it’s important to know how to store an electric bike, especially if you have one of them.

Electric bike batteries are a major concern when storing these bikes. Because they are quite expensive and slight negligence can damage them permanently. In this article, I am going to explain the correct and simple method for electric bike storage. Hope this writing will make your e-bike storage easier.

Why Do We Need To Store Our Electric Bike?

There are many reasons we should store our electric bikes well.

  1. The primary problem that will arise if not stored properly is weather related. As if the bike is drenched constantly in rain, or in wet humid weather, there is a chance of rusting. And, this type of weather can permanently damage the battery, if the battery is with the bike.

Therefore, storing the battery separately may save the battery, but the durability of the bike will be affected.

  1. UV radiation can damage your bike if not stored well. In summer or winter, direct sunlight can be harmful to your bike in any season. Even when not exposed to direct sunlight, UV radiation can discolor electric bikes and cause permanent damage to the bike.
  2. An e-bike being stolen is neither new nor surprising.

If you leave your e-bike lying around without storing it in the right way, it is only natural that thieves will be encouraged. So, there is a chance that a lack of proper storage will cost you a bunch of bucks.

In short, we must store our electric bikes well to keep them good, long-lasting, and safe.

E-Bike Storage Ideas: How To Store An Electric Bicycle?

We can prolong the life of an electric bike by storing it well. So that we have to store the electric bike, especially in those seasons when the weather is unfavorable, and it is not possible to use.

Many people explain the process of bike storage in many ways. But I would like to explain the complete process in the simplest 7-steps from here.

Step 1: Select Right Place

If you have the opportunity to store your e-bike in a basement, garage, or indoors, then that would be the best solution. But if you live in an apartment or dormitory, you may not have the option to store outside.

Whatever the situation is- do not forget to lock your electric bike even if you store it in the garage. Because an open garage will provide an easy opportunity for a thief passing through the neighborhood.

  • The place you choose for your e-bike store should be dry and well-ventilated.
  • Make sure that it does not get direct sunlight or rainwater.

Many people who have a balcony in their apartment, want to store bikes there. Yes, you can do that. But you must be careful to keep the bike safe from sunlight and rainwater.

Step 2: Remove The Battery

Before storing electric bikes, always remove the batteries and store them separately.

Changes in climate and temperature can permanently damage batteries. In most e-bikes, companies usually use lithium-ion batteries. That’s why you should store them in a cool and dry place at a temperature of 0 to 20 degrees Celsius.

  • Just as undercharged batteries can cause damage during storage, neither should they be fully charged.
  • Note that the battery should have a 30 to 80% charge during storage.
  • Manufacturers recommend charging lithium-ion batteries at least once every 3 months.
  • So, if you are going to store the e-bike for a long time, charge the batteries occasionally.

Step 3: Remove Other Devices

If there are other electronic devices on the bike like cyclo-computer or anything else, open them and store them separately in a cool and dry place.

Also, remove water bottles or any such accessories. Because these accessories may deteriorate if left unused for a long time.

Step 4: Wash The Bike Thoroughly

You must wash the bike completely before storing it. Because-

  • Dirt, mud, and grime on an unclean bike can cause rust on the metal parts of the bike.
  • And, the rust not only spoils the beauty but also reduces the lifespan of the bike.

At last, make sure- you have dried the bike well after cleaning.

Step 5: Lubricate The Chain And Cables

Even after the bike is cleaned properly and stored dry- many times, rust can occur in various parts of the bike. This happens because of the humidity in the environment.

  • So, lubricate bike chains, cables, and bearings to prevent this type of rust.
  • And, if lubrication has been done properly, the bike will not rust even if you store it for a long time.

Step 6: Air Up The Tyres

The air pressure of the wheels should be correct when storing the bike. Especially if you store the bike on the ground in a garage or shed, the air pressure in the tires decreases. Because if you left your e-bike unused like this for a long time, the part of the tire that is in contact with the ground can be damaged.

Therefore, store the bike with proper tire pressure and check at least once a month.

Step 7: Follow A Convenient Storage Method

Determine a storage method of your convenience at this stage to store your electric bike. Generally, experts recommend three ways to store e-bikes but you can follow anyone.

1. Floor Rack:

  • If you want to store your e-bike in the garage and there is enough space, you can use a floor rack.
  • Floor racks made of various materials are available in the market, but among them, racks made of wood or metal are best for bike storage.
  • Place the rack on one side of the garage and store the bike there.

2. Hanging:

Hanging bike storage is the best method of bike storage.

  • If your bike weighs between 65 and 100 pounds, you can hang the bike using a ceiling pulley. But it also depends a lot on the type of your garage.
  • Wall mounts can be a great option if hanging this way is not possible.

There are also many bike hanging racks available on the market. So, you can place these types of racks on any side of the garage and store the bike by hanging them on it.

3. Waterproof Cover:

If racking or wall-hanging storage is not possible, then your last option is to use a waterproof cover. Because the waterproof covers keep the bike away from dirt and debris as well as protect it from inclement weather.

Well, Then Why Electric Bikes Are Damaged After Storage?

Even after storing bikes for a long time with a good hand, when we take them out for use, many times we notice the bike gets damaged! Obviously, any of us certainly don’t expect this to happen with our favorite bike. So, I would like to share some bad electric bike storage ideas that you should avoid to prevent your e-bike from getting damaged.

1. Storing Electric Bike With Battery

The battery is the most important part of an electric bike and we need to be aware of its maintenance.

  • Storing electric bikes with batteries is not a good idea at all as moisture can accumulate at various electrical points on the bike and permanently damage the battery.

2. Storing Bikes In Dirty Conditions

Dirty bike storage is a sure cause of bike damage.

  • As dirt and debris on the bike slowly cause rust, various parts of the bike, like chains, bearings, rims, and other parts get rusted.
  • And, this rust damages the bike and can reduce the lifespan of the e-bike.

3. Storing Bikes On Wet Or Damp Floors

A wet or wet floor can seriously damage your electric bike’s tires.

  • Prolonged contact with wet floors can lead to the rotting of tire parts.

Also, the tire can become deflated and cause permanent damage. So the thought of e-bike storage must be avoided in this type of environment.

4. Storing In Direct Sunlight And Rainwater

It is a horrible idea to store e-bikes where they are exposed to direct sunlight or rainwater. Because-

  • Sunlight can affect and deteriorate the color of your bike.
  • And, rainwater can be one cause of rust formation.

Therefore, strictly avoid this kind of place for bike storage.

Frequently Asked Question About E-Bike Storage

Various questions arise in our minds while storing electric bikes and thus we also got those at our bike shop as well. That’s why we would like to share these things for proper maintenance of your e-bike.

❖ Does Cold Affect E-bike Batteries?

Don’t worry, the cold won’t have any detrimental effect on your e-bike battery.

Rather, a cold environment is better for battery storage. Anyway, if the bike comes in contact with fog or snow along with the cold, they have the potential to damage your electric bike battery.

❖ What Temperature Should You Store E-bike Batteries?

Most electric bike manufacturers use lithium-ion batteries for their bikes. They recommend storing these types of batteries in a cool, dry place. And, 0 to 20 degrees Celsius is ideal for storing electric bike batteries.

❖ Should You Store E-bike Batteries With Fully Charged?

No, you should not store e-bike batteries fully charged.

Rather, keep in mind that your electric bike’s battery charge is between 30 and 80% when storing. Also, charge the batteries at least once every 3 months for long-term storage.

❖ Can You Leave Your Electric Bike In The Rain?

No, you should not leave your electric bike in the rain.

Although electric bikes are waterproof, heavy rains can cause water to enter the frame or other parts of the bike. And, this can damage various electrical parts and rust the bike.

❖ Should We Store Our Electric Bike Outside?

Storing electric bikes outside is not a good idea. Still, if you don’t have space in your garage or apartment, you can store it outside using a waterproof cover. Even though, it’s difficult to protect the bike from thieves by storing it like this.

❖ Can I Store My E-Bike In A Shed?

Yes, you can store your electric bike in a shed. But keep in mind that you should keep away the bike from sunlight, rain, and heavy snowfall. Also, don’t forget to lock it properly.

Final Thought Regarding Electric Bike Storage Ideas

Proper storage is an important part of bike maintenance. And, you need to be a little more careful when storing electric bikes, as they include expensive batteries that can easily die. Also, other parts of the bike may be damaged if not stored in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.

Here, I have shared a simple electric bike storage idea here. This will show you how to store an electric bike in no time. More importantly, these methods of e-bike storage are universally accepted.

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