Winter appears to be a popular pick for favorite seasons. Winter also entails the risk of extreme weather, such as heavy rain or snow and unusually low temperatures. So warm coffee shots and renewed care toward our belongings make winter better.

Perhaps you have a newfound love for electric bikes which turned into your most preferred form of exercise. Whether you chose to ride the bike throughout the season or safely store it, there are factors you need to consider, some of which are summarized below. Now I am going to discuss with you how to store your electric bike in winter or snowy weather, special tips for storing your e-bike, and also what to do after storing your bike in winter. Let’s start.

Tips To Store Your Bike in Winter

Keep Your Bike Clean

Cleanliness always goes a long way. And bikes are prone to corrosion and we always want to keep our bikes clean and sparkly. However, it is important to not use a high-pressure washer. Because this will affects the electronics your bike comes with.

  • Use a wet cloth and gently wipe off your entire bike to remove any dirt.
  • After you have cleaned off your bike with a wet cloth, apply a fresh layer of lubrication on the change and the gears. This stop this and change from corroding or easily wearing out.
  • You should be able to clean up the corrosion using a piece of cloth moistened with silicon oil. So use the cloth and wipe it around the rusted area and it should come off easily.
  • Essentially, you need to clean up the bike chain too. You can either use a bike chain cleaner or specialized washing rooms which come in a range of sizes. An old toothbrush and a tiny hand broom also work wonders.
  • A pro tip is to cover the bike with a thick blanket. This not only protects your bike from dust but also from corroding.

Put It Away

Many bike owners choose to remove the wheels, disassemble the handlebars, and remove the seat post. After that, wrap all of them up and place them in the bike’s cycling bag. By doing this, they preserve the bike’s quality while also saving space.

Checkup On The Tires

Tires should always have at least some air in them since deflated tires can eventually lose their round form. Otherwise, your bicycle’s weight will cause the rubber tire rims to be pushed. The tires may get weaker, bulge, and deform as a result of this. And when you pump the tires back up, any flaws or cracks in the tire will become apparent.

  • If you intend to store your bike for a long time, make sure the tires are fully inflated and recheck them every month.
  • The rubber materials that the tires are made up of tend to perish if the bike were to stand on flat tires for a long time.

Avoiding the Cold

Extreme temperature degrades the batteries of the bike. This is not much of an issue while riding the bike through winter but can be a bit of a headache while storing the bike.

  • This is why it is advisable to remove the batteries from the bike and store it somewhere inside your house, while the bike can be parked outside.

How Does the Cold Affect the Batteries

The battery’s ideal temperature is somewhere between 20 ºC to 25 ºC.

  • It is important to ensure that the battery has a charge of at least 75% if you intend to store it for an extended period.
  • Additionally, your batteries will need a checkup every two months.

Unfortunately, the cold affects your bike’s batteries. You might notice that the battery drains faster. As the temperature drops below 60º F, you will start to experience a slight drop in battery life. Once the temperature reaches freezing, you could experience less than 50% of your normal battery life.


Batteries come in a wide range of varieties. Most electric bikes run on a lithium-ion battery.

  • You should never store lithium-ion batteries with their charge level totally discharged. This causes a risk that is not recoverable even after storage.
  • Your battery should be kept between 75% and 80% charged.
  • Make sure the proportion does not go below 75% by checking the charge level on a monthly basis. This will make your battery last longer.

What To Do:

The good news is that this is only a transient impact. This means that when the temperatures increase again, your battery will function normally.

  • One way to limit the impact is to start with a battery that’s been kept inside and warm right until you start your ride.
  • And as outlined above, you should store and charge your battery indoors.

So How To Store Your Electric Bike In Winter Properly?

Almost all power-driven devices and components are sensitive to extreme temperatures. And Electric bikes are no different.

  • An ideal storage space for electric bikes is a cool and dry space that is not too hot or not too cold.
  • A garage or an outdoor shed may be a good option.
  • According to manuals, an ideal bike storage temperature is from room temperature to no more than 68ºC.
  • Although electric bikes can be stored down to -22º, the components fitted inside cannot prevail in such temperatures for too long.

If you decide to ride your bike in the winter, you need to modify it for the terrain you’ll be riding on.

  • For instance, switch to studded tires if you are driving through a lot of snow.
  • Choose big knobby tires if the snow is softer.
  • And it is advisable to heat-shrink your wire connections and LCD screen to be extra safe against rain and snow.

After Winter Storage

Once winter is over, it is now time for preparing your bicycle for the upcoming season.

  • The simplest and most practical way of doing this is taking it to your nearest local bike shop. Because they will ensure that your brake pads, chain lubrication, gear shifting, and other components you have installed are functioning properly and efficiently.
  • After that, take your bike for a test ride once you’ve returned from the repair shop. This is to make sure that every component of your bike is operating satisfactorily.

However, if you’re dissatisfied with how things came out, pay the business a quick visit and sort out the problem immediately.

Before The Closing

Every avid cyclist has a good sense when carrying and caring for their bikes. If you follow through with it, you’ll enjoy your investment for a very long time! Do not be reluctant to remove your e-bike from storage for the weekend and then put it back in. Just remember to store it according to the above advice each time, and you will be ready to go!

Additionally, make sure you have any necessary fundamental safety precautions to keep you safe while you’re out having fun on the road or trail.

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