Almost all professional riders use an additional grip on the handlebars of their bikes. Because the grips provide some extra benefits that help them ride the bike more efficiently and comfortably. Experts as well as beginner cyclists also want to use the grip and often want to know if the bike’s handlebar grips are universal.

Who is yet confused about whether bike handlebar grips are universal or not? Let them know that the handlebar grip of the bike is not universal and you need to choose according to your needs. A tailored grip will help you feel optimal control and comfort. But for that, you need to have a better idea about the grips of your bike.

In this article, I will discuss in detail the handlebar grips of different bikes. If you are interested in bike grips, then this article is for you.

What Are Bikes Grips?

Although the grips on the bike are quite simple to look at, it does a lot of important work. Riders can get a non-slip surface by using an extra bike grip on the stock grip. These grips also play a role in providing a comfortable feeling and protecting the edges of the handlebars.

Especially if you need to ride a bike for a long time or you have hand problems, then bike grips are more essential for you. For most riders, the hands get sweaty and the handlebars appear slippery during long rides. In that scenario, a slippery handlebar can cause problems with the bike’s control and cause an accident. But bike grips can keep us away from these kinds of problems.

What Are The Types Of Grip For Mountain Bikes?

Based On Material

We can divide mountain bike grips into 3 parts based on the building material. Below I’ll describe these.

  1. Rubber: A grip made of rubber ensures more firmness and a comfortable grip. These stick firmly to the handlebars and do not move.
  2. Foam: The grips made of foam are much lighter and more comfortable. Neoprene foam is commonly used to make grips. However, their resistance is somewhat low, quickly dirty, and eroded.
  3. Silicone: The grips made of this material get less dirty and light. Many call these hybrid grips. However, these grips are a bit expensive.

Depending On Shape or Style

We can divide grips into 3 parts also based on their shape. These are:

  1. Clenched: These types of grips are quite easy to install. The ends of the grips include clamps or screws through which they are firmly attached to the handlebars and do not move.
  2. Conventional Grips: These grips are made of silicone, foam, or sometimes rubber. You need to use glue when installing these grips, which makes them somewhat difficult to remove.
  3. Ergonomic Grip: These grips have a special part of flat and curved which gives better grip and comfort. Most experts recommend these for marathon bikers. However, it is quite effective for average cyclists.

What Are The Best Mountain Bike Handlebar Grips?

The best handlebar grips on mountain bikes may vary from person to person. Not everyone likes the same grip as the best. But the best grips need to have some features, such as:

  • The style of the grips should accord with your choice.
  • Of course, they have to be durable
  • The internal diameter of the grips needs to be universal.
  • Thickness must be accurate according to the size of your hand.
  • Must fit with the length of the handlebar of your bike.

Considering the above features, I can recommend some MTB handlebar grip which can make your bike ride more comfortable.

  • Ergon Grips GE1 Evo: These grips made of rubber weigh only 105 grams. These will provide you with the necessary comfort and make bike control convenient.
  • DMR Brendog Flangeless DeathGrip: They are also made of rubber and weigh 150 grams. And they will help you establish a better grip and control.
  • Rock BROS Bike Grips: Made of foam and aluminum, these grips have non-slip features that guarantee you a safer ride. The grips are very light, only 90 grams, and they are available at an affordable price.
  • MUYDZ Ergonomic Rubber Bike Grips: These grips are made using durable plastic and aluminum alloys. So, you can take these if you want to use a better grip on the handlebars of the bike.
  • Choose Silicone Bicycle Grips: The manufacturers use Silicone + EVA to make these handlebar grips. And they will give you a more secure and comfortable riding experience.

Different Types Of Grip Shifts For Bikes

Yes, there are different types of grip shifts available for bikes. The most common of these is the thumb shifter. Other grip shifts are:

  • Trigger shifters
  • Twist-grip shifters
  • Down tube shifters
  • Bar-end shifters
  • Integrated shifters
  • Electronic shifters

Are Bike Handlebar Grips Universal?

No, bike handlebar grips are not universal; they differ considering the model of the bike and the convenience of the user. You can notice many differences, including length, design, cushioning, or style of the grips. Below, I’ll describe these in detail.

👉 Length

The length of the grips of the bike varies according to the model, which can range from 90 to 150 mm with a mountain bike. This length may be more different from other bikes. A rider needs to choose the length based on the need and the length of the stock handlebar grip of the bike.

Many riders prefer to use a long handlebar grip on their bike, which can protect their hands and the stock handlebar grip from trees or rocks. Again, many prefer shorter length grips which make the bike more controllable. So, you should select the length of the grip according to your choice and need.

👉 Style

There are usually two styles of bike handlebar grip available: lock-on and slide-on.

  • Lock-on grips always include a single or dual lock ring. These lock rings help the grips to cling tightly to the handlebars and prevent the grips from rotating.
  • On the other hand, slide-on grips tend to be budget-friendly and lightweight. These grips are more suitable for dry weather. You may need to use tape or glue to tighten the position of the grips.

👉 Design/Pattern

Bike handlebar grips are available with unique designs or patterns. Notable among which are:

  • Full-Waffle Pattern: These grips have a square waffle pattern which is useful for big hand bikers.
  • Half-Waffle Pattern: These grips have a square waffle pattern at the bottom, which reduces the vibration of the biker’s hand and provides exceptional grip.
  • Third-Waffle Pattern: These grips are more suitable for medium and small hand bikers. They have special patterns that play a helpful role in feeling thin and resting on the fingers.
  • Non-Waffle Pattern: These grips provide a smooth grip with a great and slim feel for small hand riders.
  • Pillow-Top Pattern: These grips are more effective for wet or muddy environments. These offer exceptional vibration cushioning as well as self-cleaning capabilities.

👉 Diameter

The diameter of the bike handlebar grips can range from 20.55 mm to 31.8 mm. But the diameter of some handlebar grips differs. For example, Mountain bikes have an internal diameter of 22 mm, but the external diameter can range from 30mm to 40mm.

However, in general, their average internal diameter is 22.8 mm.

Are All Bike Grips The Same Size?

No, not all bikes have the same grip size. The internal size and external size of the grips vary. Usually, A rider can choose the size of the grip based on his convenience, needs, and model of the bike.

So, Are All Mountain Bike Grips Universal?

Many people think the handlebar grips of most mountain bikes are universal, but in reality, they are not. You can choose the thickness of the grips of the mountain bike as you like, as they come in different thicknesses. In addition, there is an opportunity to choose the design or pattern according to your convenience and choice.

Riding mountain bikes on trails is often challenging and grips are essential components of these bikes. For understanding the grip of mountain bikes, a few more issues need to be discussed. Such as:

● All Mountain Bike Grips Are Not The Same Size

Almost all experts consider 22mm internal diameter grips to be the standard for mountain bikes. In general, all manufacturers maintain this internal diameter of the grips for mountain bikes. But the external diameter of the grip of a mountain bike can range from 30 to 40 mm.

  • This external diameter further enhances the advantage of the biker. Generally, small hand riders feel comfortable using relatively low-density grips, as these help them provide better grip. Besides, relatively large hand riders prefer grips with thicker diameters.

● Kids Mountain Bike Grips Are Different

The internal diameter of Kids Mountain bikes varies from 19 mm to 30 mm. The length of the grips varies from 100 mm to 43 cm, depending on the different Kids Bike models. In terms of style, the grips can be locked-on or slip-on. However, these types of grips also come in distinct patterns or designs.

Are Dirt Bike Grips Universal?

No, the dirt bike grip is not universal like other grips. Significant differences in grips occur in materials, designs, or sizes. In addition, dirt bike grips are different from other bikes such as road bike grips, mountain bike grips, etc. Although in most cases the diameters of the grips remain almost the same, other fields can vary greatly.

Are All Dirt Bike Grips The Same Size?

In most cases, the diameter of the grips of all Dart bikes is usually 22.2 mm, although the diameter can range from 22 to 28 mm. But the length of the grips varies a lot and grips of different lengths are available.

What Are The Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Grips?

Usually, companies use 3 types of materials to make the grips of dirt bikes. These are soft compounds, medium compounds, and multi-density compounds.

Grip made of all kinds of materials has advantages and drawbacks.

  • Handlebar grips made of relatively stiff material are durable, but not as comfortable.
  • Besides, grips made of soft material are less comfortable but durable.

But the best dirt bike grips need to have the following features.

  • An attractive pattern that makes the grips look beautiful and convenient.
  • Highly effective in preventing blisters.
  • Can reduce hand fatigue and arm pumps.
  • Provides higher tack.
  • Has a non-slip feature.
  • Provides comfortable grip.
  • Can be fitted with bikes with no problems.

Are Brompton Bicycle Handlebar Grips Different Than Mountain Bike Handlebars?

In most cases, the handlebar grip of the Brompton bike and the grip of the mountain bike are the same size. This means you can use the handlebar grip of a mountain bike on folding bikes.

Since the handlebars of both types of bikes are different in shape and size, there may be differences in the grips sometimes. In general, the handlebar grip of both bikes is almost the same.

Benefits Of Bike Handlebar Grips

The handlebar grips of the bike have many more advantages. These make your overall riding experience more fun. Below, I’ll explain some of the significant benefits of grips.

👉 Provides Better Control

In this regard, we may all agree that a slippery handlebar not only causes inconvenience but can also be responsible for an accident. The grips do not allow the handlebars to be slippery. That is why your control over the bike increase significantly and the chances of an accident will also reduce.

👉 Ensures Comfortable Ride

The stock grips on the handlebars of the bike are extremely tight, making it inconvenient to ride for long periods of time. But if you use a good quality grip, it makes you feel comfortable. Even these can prevent blisters.

👉 Controls Vibration

Many riders’ hands become numb during long rides, which is mainly because of vibration. A good quality bike handlebar can play a role in controlling grip vibration. That is why even when riding on rough roads, the hands remain stable and it is convenient to control the bike.

👉 Style

A rider likes to keep his bike beautiful because the bike is a hobby. There are many grips that can enhance the beauty of the bike.

What Are The Lightest Mountain Bike Grips?

Usually, the grips made using rubber or silicone are lighter. And among all of them, silicone grips are lighter.

A company called Fabric in the UK claims to produce the lightest grip. Also, they have demanded that one of their light grips weighs only 34 grams. In other words, a pair of grips weighs only 64 grams. They use rubber to make these grips.

What Are The Thickest Bike Grips?

Wolf Tooth Components brand Mega Fat Paw is probably the thickest bike grip. These grips are made of silicone and are extremely comfortable. And, the grips are about 11.5 mm thick which is 40 mm in diameter after installation. But the installed circumference of these grips is about 123 mm.

Why Are My Bike Grips Sticky?

Usually, grips made of rubber or synthetic rubber become sticky. You may have noticed that when you install new grips, they are not sticky. But they have become sticky after a few days of use. The main culprits are dirt, sweat, or oil in this situation. Gradually these components accumulate in the grip and the grips become sticky.

This sticky condition is quite annoying and you can prevent it. That means you can keep the handlebar non-sticky by cleaning your bike grips regularly with grease-cutting soap and hot water. You can also use nail polish remover and baking soda to keep the grips clean and durable.

Why Are My Bike Handlebar Grips Giving Me Blisters?

Excessive friction usually causes blisters on the palms of the hands. This problem is common when riding a bike for a long time. Moreover, hot days or humid environments make blisters more irritating. Below I’ll explain the causes of blisters.

👉 Tough Stock Handlebar Grip

The stock handlebar grips on bikes are usually very tough. So when you ride a bike for a long time, there is a high chance of blisters.

👉 Using Loose Gloves

If your gloves do not fit properly or are loose, it can cause more friction problems. As a result, the possibility of blisters on the hands is increased.

👉 Lack of using powder on hand

If you have a chance of blisters on your hands, it is important to use baby powder before riding the bike. It plays a role in preventing blisters.

👉 Thin skin on the palms

If the skin on the palm of your hand is thin, the chances of getting blisters are incredibly high. In this case, you should use tape on the palm as a precaution.

👉 Dirty hands

The dirt on the palms of the hands increases the amount of friction which is one cause of blisters. So ride the bike with clean hands.

How Much Do The Bike Grips Cost?

The price of a bike handlebar grip can range from $5 to $80. Prices vary depending on the material of the grips, the manufacturing process, and the manufacturer.

However, you can buy excellent grips for $15 to $35.

The Final Sayings

Since bike handlebars are not universal, you need to keep an eye on both their size and your needs. Because only a perfect fit grip will provide the desired benefits. Good grips will help you travel long distances and keep you safe.

Here I have answered many common questions about the grips of road bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, etc. If you have any more questions, please let me know in the comments section. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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