Remember when you first saw a track bike? I saw a track bike for the first time several years ago at the Olympic game show. When I first saw the track bike, I was excited to know more about its details. I think when you first saw the track bike and found out about its speed, you were also interested to know more about it.

Generally speaking, track bikes are designed for different types of big races. So in a word, the speed of track bikes is usually higher than other bikes. So it can be said that the speed of track bikes is comparatively higher than that of road bikes. In today’s article, I will tell you a few essential things.

If you read today’s article, you will learn about track bikes, road bikes, fixie bikes, and other particular types of bikes. Also, will learn more about ‘Are Track Bikes Faster Than Road Bikes’, and their many notable features, and benefits.

What Is a Track Bike?

A track bike is a bike or bicycle that is usually designed for the velodrome. It can also be said that a track bike is a bike specially optimized for outdoor track racing. Track bikes usually have a fixed-gear ratio, so only a fixed gear ratio exists. There are no freewheels or brakes on the track bike. In addition, the tires are narrowed and inflated with high pressure to reduce their rolling resistance.

Different Types of Track Bikes

 As we can see, there are three different types of track bikes, such as-

  • Standard Track Bike
  • Pursuit Track Bike
  • Sprinters Track Bike

Each of these bikes is suitable for different events. Some of the notable events are:

  • Endurance events
  • Sprint events
  • A time trials or pursuit events

Each of these bikes has some unique features for which they can successfully ride around the events. Now that you know about some of the special features of these unique bikes, let’s find out.

Standard Track Bike:

A standard track bike looks better than other bikes, so it can be considered an all-rounder. It is usually very long or can be easily used in various endurance-based events. In general, when you look at it, you will see that the geometry of a standard track bike is much the same as that of special race-oriented road bikes. You can also see that their frame sizes are usually aerodynamically optimized.

But here’s another thing: a standard track bike will never be the same as a bike driven by sprinter riders. This type of bike can be made of frame materials, carbon, and aluminum in cylindrical tires, but steel and titanium are also used. Furthermore, the gear of the standard track bike is small, at it can provide excellent output for fast race events or long-lasting events.

Pursuit Track Bike:

Pursuit Track Bikes are one of the track bikes. These types of bikes are designed to evoke a lot of aerodynamic features. As you may know, Pursuit Race is a type of event where some individuals or groups participate in Wright within one to five kilometers. It is like a trial event. Furthermore, under UCI rules, riders can occupy more limited and more aerodynamic positions. Riders choose these bikes for various endurance events due to the large gear of pursuit bikes.

Sprinters Track Bike:

When you take a closer look, you will see that compared to the traditional track bikes, the sprinter track bikes have a pretty noticeable offensive effect in all respects. The front profile of the bike can be reduced a lot.

When a rider wants to win an event, he must watch several things. For example, the wheels, handlebars, stem, and bike chainset are sufficiently advanced and rigid to win the event. Considering all these aspects, sprinter track bikes are in a much better position. These all features allow a rider to rotate at the right speed as much as possible while riding.

What Is a Road Bike, Hybrid Bike, Fixie Bike, and Fixed Gear Bike?

Road Bike:

A road bike is a bicycle or bike usually fine-designed to move or ride very fast on any paved surface. The drop handlebars on the road bikes are relatively narrow and have slick tires. You will also notice that road bikes generally rotate to allow the rider’s left arm to be much higher. Road bikes have been circulating the world with tremendous popularity for many years.

Hybrid Bike:

Hybrid bikes are specially made with a combination of features of several different bikes. Hybrid bikes are made by combining the unique features of these three types of bikes, especially road bikes, mountain bikes, and touring bikes. A hybrid bike is a bike capable of riding a wide range. It also has some features that make it very popular among children.

Moreover, this bike has a more stable condition, so for those who are learning to ride a new bike, this bike can be perfect. Hybrid national bikes are a lot like touring bikes and are pretty comfortable. These bikes also have storage space for short trips, making it easy to get around.

Fixie Bike:

Fixie is a bike with only one gear attached directly to the rear wheel pedals. As a result, you can say that in a fixie bike, if the wheels are moving, then the pedals must be moving. With this bicycle, you will never be able to free-wheel. There is a particular aspect of this bike where you will see that you can manually use the pedals of the fixie bike so that they can be used as brakes to reduce and increase the bike’s speed. Fixie bikes are trendy because many Olympic athletes use these bikes.

Fixed Gear Bike:

When we hear the word fixed gear bike, we understand that the gear of this bike can be fixed entirely. A closer look also reveals that a fixed-gear bicycle falls into a cycle that can have a drivetrain. Besides, there will be no freewheel mechanism. Many years ago, this bike was designed to be used in full standard track racing.

Track Bike VS Road Bike VS Fixie Bike

So far, we have learned about different types of bikes. We will create a comparison chart of those particular types of bikes where their various vital qualities can be easily and instantly known. I know you are looking forward to observing the comparison chart. So let’s take a look-

Name of Bike Gear Ratio Tyre Speed
Track Bike 130- 135 rpm (revolutions per minute) 22 mm width 43.5 mph
Road Bike 50/ 34 chainset with an 11 To 28 cassette. 700 c x 25 mm and 700 c x 28 mm 25 mph
Fixie Bike 52: 18 28x 700 C 39 mph

Are Track Bikes Faster Than Road Bikes?

Generally speaking, a track bike is usually the purest form of biking or cycling. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the track bike has only one gear for the rider to control the total amount of his cycling. Road bikes, on the other hand, are entirely different from track bikes. There are notable differences between track and road bikes like frame, gear, speed, wheels, etc.

In general, track bikes run special riding competitions like the Olympics, which makes it possible to increase their speed a lot. Road bikes, on the other hand, are usually ridden on the road. Everyone from beginners to professionals can use road bikes; their speed is much higher. However, the speed of a track bike is much higher than a standard road bike.

Gear Performance Of Track Bike

Track bikes has one specific gear. And that gear is compatible with paddling, which means you can never stop paddling when you start to move the gear. Track bikes have no brakes so you can use the gears as brakes.

Ever since track bikes were designed, these bikes have been built in a single gear. The bike did not need more than one gear or more one gear to follow the path properly, that is, to complete the ride correctly. There is a gear left here, and this bike has become more popular.

From the beginning, track bikes have been technically designed with fixed gear. These bikes often offer fixed gears like the common fix, but some differences are. Track bikes are technically designed for a variety of sophisticated games. So here is a fixed gear so that the rider can ride more efficiently.

Can I Use a Track Bike On The Road?

Track bikes are usually designed for different types of big races. Since there is only one gear here, you cannot drive it on very congested roads. Or maybe it’s just that if you start traveling by track or bike on the road, then I don’t think that trip will be delightful. There are also other issues since truck bikes have to be driven with only one gear, so in some areas, you cannot enter with a track bicycle because there can be different types of legal problems.

I suggest that it would be better not to ride a track bike on a regular road. But if you have a lot of desire, you can take it on the road. However, in areas where there is not much movement of people, or you can easily manage cycling, it is limited. If you drive in a very crowded area, you may encounter various problems with track bike gear.

Are Track Bikes Good For Commuting?

Track bikes are usually very light and aesthetic. But it can be sub-optimal for travel. This is because track bikes are usually the most challenging type. Moreover, such bicycles do not have brakes. This requires the rider to have extraordinary pressure on his joints and to be in an exceptionally aggressive position.

What is a Good Average Speed On a Road Bike?

Most riders can ride an average of about 15 mph in an hour on their road bike. Moreover, for those who are learning to ride a new road bike, 10 mph per hour may be the right average speed. When you start cycling more slowly, you can go from 5 mph to 16 mph per hour. When you become a professional, you can keep an average speed of about 22 mph to 25 mph.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading today’s full article, you have learned about truck bikes, road bikes, fixed bikes, and some more special types of bikes and their features and other details and realize that Track Bikes are Faster Than Road Bikes. More importantly, as a bike lover, any cyclist or biker must know all these things.

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