Despite the most drivers are local and know the characteristics of the railroad crossing, 85 fatal accidents occurred at railroad crossings in Victoria alone during the period 973-1977. From this survey, it is clear that riding a bike on railroad tracks can be quite risky. Considering this risk, most countries have declared it illegal to ride bikes on railroads.

Riding a bike on a railroad track can be quite dangerous. Especially when they are wet, the chances of danger increase a lot. In this article, I will present some information on how to ride a bike safely on the railroad. Hope this helps you.

How Do You Ride A Bicycle Across Railroad Tracks?

There are some common risks of crossing the railroad such as you may fall, the bike wheel may get stuck, and so on.

These places become more dangerous in humid weather. However, with some precautions, you can avoid these unwanted problems. I am describing below the simple process of crossing different railroad tracks.

Vertical Railway Track

Such railroads are relatively easy to cross. At all these crossings, the wheels of your bike are in contact with the rail track for a brief time. Follow the steps below to cross the vertical railroad tracks.

  • Slow down your bike and make sure no train is coming.
  • Grip the handlebars tightly and keep your bike straight.
  • Stand on the paddle, through which the bumps can be easily absorbed.
  • Try not to pedal and not turn the handle left or right.

Crossing An Angular Railroad Tracks

These types of rails can often be difficult to cross because the wheels of your bike are in contact with the railroad for quite some time. In many places, the railroad tracks are slightly higher than the level of the road. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, your bike’s wheel may slip off the railroad tracks or get stuck in a hole in the track’s side.

Follow the steps below to cross an angular type railroad.

  • First, you need to slow down the bike to make sure no train is coming.
  • Then follow the “S” method. That means, turning the handle of the bike to the right or to the left and bringing it to the exact position of the railroad. And, make sure the position is in a vertical position in front of the railroad and the bike.
  • Since you will move quite a bit to the right or left with the bike from your position, pay special attention to the traffic behind you.
  • Grip the handlebars tightly and stand on the paddle.
  • Cross the railroad and try not to pedal.

Is It Risky To Ride A Bike On Railroad Tracks?

Yes, riding a bike on railroad tracks is definitely perilous.

Usually, the trains/trays do not stop anywhere except at certain stations. So, they move very fast. If you are on a railroad track and the train driver sees you, it will be too late. And, the driver cannot stop the train in such a short time, the result is an inevitable accident.

Therefore, the decision to ride a bike on railroad tracks can often be suicidal. You must avoid the thought of cycling a bike on railroad tracks.

Then, How To Ride A Bike On Railroad Tracks Safely?

A designated public crossing is the safest place if you want to cross the railroad safely with your bike. But never try to cross the railroad as soon as the train leaves. Instead, carefully cross the railroad at a 90-degree angle.

Still, if you want to ride a bike along a railroad track, it can be very dangerous and lead to terrible accidents. So, I will doubtless discourage you from doing this. And, you should never try to ride a bike on the railroad.

Is It Legal Or Illegal To Ride A Bike On Railroad Tracks?

Riding bikes on railroad tracks is illegal in almost all states of the US, UK, Australia, Europe, and around the globe.

You may even have to pay a fine to try this. Since riding a bike on railroad tracks is extremely dangerous, states and countries have generally made it illegal to ride bikes on railroads for the safety of riders aka citizens.

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Which Countries Allow Ride A Bike On Railroad Tracks?

Generally, no country allows bikes to ride on the railroad. However, some countries have abandoned railroads where you can ride a bike.

But, before riding a bike there, you must know the local laws. Although riding bikes on railroads is quite dangerous, you can ride bikes on these abandoned railroads if you get permission.

Final Sayings

You have to take special care while crossing the railroad tracks. Do not rush, carefully cross the railroad tracks at low speeds. The slightest mistake can cause you to fall, the wheel of your bicycle can get stuck beside the railroad track, or get into a fatal accident.

So, please, do not try to ride a bicycle on the railroad track as it is illegal in most countries. Although you can try to ride a bike on abandoned railroad tracks subject to permission, it can be quite risky. Avoiding planning to ride a bike in such a place like must be a brilliant & wise decision.

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