Alex’s father is a retired government officer. One day Alex’s father asked him to buy a bicycle for exercise. Alex asked his father if he could ride a bike! His father replied positively. But he was worried about his father’s safety and nothing could reassure him. So he wants to buy a safe bike for his father. Suddenly, he thought that his father could ride an electric bike safely.

Today I am going to tell you everything about whether seniors can ride electric bikes by watching my neighbor Alex’s father who is about 65 years old. After reading this, you can understand everything that needle you regarding this matter.

Can Older People Ride A Bicycle? Is It Good?

Yes! Older people can ride a bicycle. There is no age limit for cycling. Age is just a number. But there is no way to deny that older people face many health problems. Thus, in this older age, you need special types of bikes which are able to provide a lot of facilities at the time of riding.

Benefits Of Riding Bicycles For Seniors

Cycling has a lot of health benefits. It keeps anyone, also seniors physically and mentally fit. Let’s know about some of the highlighted facts.

1. Cycling Is A Low-impact And Low-stress Exercise For Seniors

Older people’s body parts are not as strong as ours. So they need smooth and low-impact exercise. When an older man is cycling, his body parts gradually move. It has no impact on his body.

2. Cycling Helps To Lose Weight

Heavy weight is a curse for older people. It causes fatal diseases like diabetes and heart problems. To reduce this, seniors can’t do any type of exercise. Because their health capability is not what it used to be at a young age. In this situation, they need easy exercise like cycling to reduce weight.

3. Cycling Helps Seniors To Build Communication

When people get old, they feel lonely. By cycling at this time, he can meet people around him and can be contacted. It gives him peace of mind.

4. Cycling Keeps You S-e-xually Fit

As we age, we become s-e-x-ually inactive. According to experts, older men who cycle have 25℅ more s-e-x power than those who don’t cycle. And those women cycling their menopause are 5 years late.

5. Cycling Helps You Live Longer

When you don’t do any exercise, then various diseases will nest in your body. This will slowly bring you closer to death. But you can keep the body active by biking. It will make you strong and long-lived.

What Problem Faces Older People While Riding Bikes?

Bikes are not only for children or young people. It is also a good transport and exercise medium for older people. But older people face many problems at the time of biking.

  • Many older people are inexperienced. That’s why you can’t cycle properly.
  • Most of the time they failed to keep balance.
  • They can’t maneuver all the necessary parts of the cycle in time.
  • Repeatedly falls on the ground.
  • They don’t have enough knowledge about safety measures and traffic rules. That’s why they fall in danger.
  • Due to physical disability, they can’t paddle efficiently.

Can Seniors Ride Electric Bikes (E-Bike) Safely?

Yes! Seniors can ride electric bikes safely. I already said that older or senior people can ride bikes. And also said that older people face many problems while riding bikes because of their physical disabilities and higher age.

In the case of biking, an electronic bike can bring comfort and safe riding option for them. They can ride e-bikes safely and easily. Because electric bikes help to maintain balance. It reduces the hassle of paddling. Seniors can go more by paddling less.

After all, it provides easy riding facilities and helps senior people to keep fit without any injury. Taking some precautions while riding will enhance their safety such as:

  1. Be careful while riding.
  2. Before riding you must check whether your bike is okay or not.
  3. You should wear protective gear.

Conveniences Of Riding E-Bikes For Seniors

  1. Environment Friendly: E-bikes are environmentally friendly. They do not emit any gas which is harmful to humans or animals.
  2. Customizable: e-bikes are customizable. Different people need different types of bikes with different features. You can customize your e-bikes according to your requirements.
  3. Easy To Use: Regular bikes are difficult to paddle. But in e-bikes, one can paddle without great effort. Besides, he can maintain balance without trouble.
  4. Keep Older People Strong and Mentally Refreshing: Electric bikes are user-friendly and good for seniors. So, it keeps them fit, strong, and mentally refreshing.
  5. Socialize: One of the greatest benefits is seniors can easily socialize by getting touched with other bikers, whatever their ages are. And this is a great thing and fun for them in the age of loneliness.

Drawbacks Of Riding An Electric Bike

1. Electric Bikes Are Expensive

As it comes with electric components, it is more expensive than a regular bike. An electric bike costs 500$ to 5000$. To get a good quality electric bike you should spend 4000$ to 5000$.

2. Difficult & Costly To Maintain

It is difficult to maintain electric components or e-bike parts. Besides, it costs more money to repair.

3. It Is Heavier

Manufacturers use quality full materials to make it durable. Furthermore, E-bikes carry batteries for quick movement. For these reasons, electric bikes are heavier.

4. Need Extra Maintenance

An electric bike needs extra maintenance. Before going anywhere, you must check whether the battery is charged or not. Always keep it clean. You must store it in a dry place.

Relevant Asking’s Regarding e-Bike Riding & Selection

Is It Safe For A 70 or 75-year-old To Ride A Bike?

Yes, it is safe, if he or she is physically fit to paddle at the age of 70 or 75. But it is a wise decision if she or he can manage a partner to cycle with. It has many health benefits as cycling can help seniors to lose extra weight, filling minimum exercise, stay strong, avoid chronic illness, stay mentally alert, and live longer.

Are Electric Bikes Good For Bad Knees?

Yes, it is perfectly alright to go with an e-bike, the riders who have bad knees somehow. Because there is an option that is no need for paddling as there is an engine alike motor. Moreover, you can ride an e-bike without putting extra stress on your knees if your e-bike settings are in a good shape and soundly fit.

What Type Of Bike Is Best For Seniors?

It is undoubtedly a recumbent bike as it is a stationary bike. So there is no chance of worrying about falling on the road. It will give the older cyclist back or neck support and thus help to reduce pressure on their knees.

Final Thought About Electric Bike Safety For Seniors

Older people have physical limitations. At this time, if they want to ride a bicycle, they need special types of bicycle with special features. And an electric bike is one of the special types of bicycle for them. It has a lot of advantages that ensure safe riding for seniors. But it is safest to use a recumbent bike if he or she doesn’t badly need of socializing.

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