Brace yourselves for the mind-blowing journey that awaits you with the awe-inspiring Maxfoot MF-30! This electric trike has sent shockwaves throughout the market, revolutionising the way we ride and completely transforming urban commuting as we know it. A thrilling voyage unlike anything you’ve experienced before is about to begin!

Its astoundingly innovative features and jaw-dropping design will wow you. This game-changing innovation is about to revolutionise the way we navigate the bustling city streets ultimately.

This comprehensive review will deeply dive into the Maxfoot MF-30, exploring its standout features and exceptional performance that set it apart from the competition.

Unmatched Stability and Versatility

High-Torque Motor

The high-torque motor at the core of the Maxfoot MF-30 is a powerhouse that reduces rugged terrain to a playground. With its powerful 750W Bafang hub motor, this electric tricycle can easily navigate through urban barriers, rough roads, and hills.

Impressive Range

With the incredible range of the Maxfoot MF-30, indulge your travels. With a 48V 17.5Ah Samsung high-capacity battery, this tricycle can go a stunning 50-65 miles. It’s the perfect travelling companion, allowing you to see far and wide without having to worry about running out of juice.

Convenient Storage

The 48-litre waterproof basket bag from the MF-30 combines innovation and practicality. This enormous storage space will keep your belongings safe and dry, whether they are groceries, exercise equipment, or picnic necessities.

Outstanding Safety and Control Features

Maxfoot Mf-30 Control Features

Dual Disc Brake

The Maxfoot MF-30 prioritises safety thanks to its dual-disc braking system, which guarantees crisp, assured stops. Whether you’re riding through busy city streets or down steep hills, this tricycle gives you total control over your transportation.

A Step-Thru Frame

Because of its step-through frame design, the MF-30 offers exceptional comfort and accessibility. This well-considered design removes the need for acrobatics or difficult manoeuvres, making mounting and dismounting simple for riders of all ages and abilities.

Effective Performance

In addition to its powerful output, the Bafang 750W hub motor is efficient. Maximising energy use ensures a durable ride without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Battery Life

Reliability and lifespan are just as important as range for the high-capacity Samsung battery. With its remarkable 800 charge cycles, this battery guarantees that your Maxfoot MF-30 will continue to be a reliable friend for many years to come.

Easy-to-use Controller and Display

Maxfoot MF-30 Display

LCD Screen Display

The 5-inch LCD display, which offers real-time statistics on your speed, battery life, and other features, will keep you informed and connected. You can also charge your gadgets while on the go, thanks to the integrated USB connector, which keeps you always linked to the digital world.

Waterproof Controller

The Maxfoot MF-30’s waterproof controller allows it to withstand inclement weather without faltering. With its weather-resistant design, this tricycle guarantees that you may travel without fear, rain or shine.
Construction and Durability

Front Frame

Strong 6061 aluminium alloy construction on the front of the frame provides the ideal balance of strength and durability without adding extra weight.

Back Frame

Resilient aluminium alloy 7A19 is used to stiffen the back of the frame, providing extra structural support where it’s most required. The Maxfoot MF-30 can easily manage large loads and traverse rugged terrain because of its dual-frame construction.

Dual Power-Off Brake Levers

With its dual power-off brake levers, the Maxfoot MF-30 significantly improves safety. The motor smoothly disengages as you use the brakes, providing a safe and precise stopping experience.

180mm Disc Brake Rotors

The 180mm disc brake rotors on the MF-30 provide accurate and quick braking, giving riders confidence—especially on steep descents or unexpected stops.

Special Tyres

Even over rugged terrain, the Maxfoot MF-30’s 20-inch rear and 24-inch front tyres provide stability and a pleasant ride. These fat tyres’ sufficient traction and cushioning guarantees a comfortable and controlled ride.

Enhanced Riding Experience

Maxfoot MF-30 Durability

Smooth Transitions for Various Surfaces

Shimano’s 7-speed gearbox makes it easy for riders to change gears and adjust to a variety of riding situations and terrain. Whether you’re depending on level ground or climbing hills, the MF-30 guarantees a flexible and comfortable ride.

Battery Performance

The Maxfoot MF-30 boasts a remarkably efficient charging time of 6-7 hours, ensuring a convenient and expeditious charging experience. This implies that you may rest overnight and wake up ready for an exciting day of exploration.

Lightweight Design

The Maxfoot MF-30 has a total load capacity of 450 lbs (with the rear rack) yet retains a shallow profile at 90 lbs (net weight) thanks to its sturdy construction. This weight-to-strength ratio guarantees a manoeuvrable but sturdy ride.

Extended Riding Experiences

Riders may increase their range to an incredible 65+ miles on a single charge with the help of the Pedal Assist System (PAS1), which provides different degrees of assistance. It is an ideal travelling companion for lengthy travels and outdoor pursuits.

Load Capacity

With an electric trike’s maximum load capacity of 350 pounds plus an extra 100 pounds on the rear rack, the MF-30 offers plenty of room for groceries, travel bags, and even recreational equipment.

Suitable Height

The Maxfoot MF-30 is appropriate for riders varying in height from 5’2″ to 6’4″ because of its adjustable parts and flexible frame design. Because of its inclusiveness, almost everyone may make use of this cutting-edge electric trike’s advantages.

Final Thoughts

The Maxfoot MF-30 electric tricycle sets a new standard in the industry with its advanced features, exceptional performance, and unwavering commitment to ensuring rider comfort and safety. Due to its innovative design and exceptional build quality, this product stands out as the optimal choice for both outdoor activities and urban travel.

When utilising the Maxfoot MF-30, you are not merely engaging in a recreational activity but instead immersing yourself in a cutting-edge mobility experience that offers a glimpse into the future. This innovative mode of transportation has the potential to revolutionise your travel encounters, providing exhilarating journeys that redefine conventional norms.

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