I have been riding MTB, BMX, and Hybrid bikes for several years now. Although Hybrid is quite comfortable and hasn’t faced any serious problems. But I still want to improve the performance of the bike. Therefore, I think putting road bike wheels on my hybrid bike.

Road bike tires are quite slender, stylish, and provide fast speed. Riding these requires a little less effort than hybrid bikes. These are the main reasons I want to change my hybrid’s wheels. At one point, I changed the wheels of my hybrid cycle and was more satisfied with the current performance of the bike.

Since my bike is performing better after the wheel change, I decided to share the matter with you. In this article, I will share all the information related to the wheel change of my hybrid bike.

Can You Change Wheels On A Hybrid Bike?

Yes, you can change the wheel of a hybrid bike. Although no one recommends using tubeless tires or road bike tires on a hybrid bike. But if the frame size of hybrid bikes is suitable for changing the wheel, then you are good to go.

Hybrid bikes are suitable for paved roads. So the rubber used in the tyres of this bike is relatively soft. This makes your ride a bit more comfortable. And yes, Road bike tires are made of somewhat hard rubber. So if you change the wheel of the road bike, you will feel less comfortable while riding.

Can You Put Road Bike Wheels/Tires On A Hybrid Bike?

Yes, you can put road bike wheels/tires on a hybrid bike as both bikes use slick tires of a 700C wheelset. We generally know road bikes for their speed and use tires ranging in width from 23mm to 30mm. On the other hand, Hybrid bikes have slightly wider tires that can range from 35mm to 45mm.

When installing road bike tires on hybrid bikes, you need to pay special attention to the tube. Since the tires of road bikes are quite thin, you need to use suitable tubes for this. From the tire sidewall, you can get informed about the size of the tire and the tube. If the previous tube is not correct, you will need to replace the tube.

Another thing to keep in mind – when changing wheels on a hybrid bike, take the appropriate measurement of its size. After that, if the frame of hybrid bikes is suitable for changing wheels, then you need to select the wheels according to the size of the frame. This is because the space near the upper joint of the frame of the hybrid bike is quite narrow.

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Difference Between Road Bike Tire And Hybrid Bike Tire

Both road bike tires and hybrid bike tires are about the same size and have good quality. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the two tires. Below I present a chart of their differences.

ParameterRoad Bike TireHybrid Tire
SpeedThinner tires provide more speed to the bike.Relatively low-speed.
Traction On The RoadLess tractionWider tires ensure more traction
Size23mm to 30mm35mm to 45mm
WeightLightweightHeavier than a road bike tire
ComfortLess comfortableProvides more comfort
Suitable For UseDirt bikes, Mountaineering, and Rough terrains.Touring, Racing, and Commuting.

Best Wheel Size For A Hybrid Bike

Most bike manufacturers use 700c size wheels on their hybrid bikes. And this is considered to be the standard wheel size for hybrid bikes. Hybrid bikes are usually quite comfortable and with them, you can hit a long way continuously. So you don’t need to pay too much attention to its wheel size.

Some hybrid bikes have small wheels that are 26 inches in size. This wheel size is smaller than the standard 700c wheel. You should focus on the riding style rather than the size of the tire.

Tire Width Of A Hybrid Bike

The tire width of a hybrid bike is usually 35mm to 45mm. These tires are 700C or 622mm in diameter. Check the tire sidewall to find out what size tires you have with the rim of your hybrid bike.

They usually show the width of the tire on the sidewall. For example, if you found 700Cx35 on a wheel, then the width of that tyre is 35 mm. However, the position of C may not be the same on all tires. Sometimes, C may be at the end.

What Tires Can You Put On A Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bikes have the option to use different tires. Typically, these support 27.5 + to 29 inches tires. The frame of these bikes is especially suitable for changing wheels. So you can put the tires of a road bike, mountain bike, etc. on a hybrid bike.

You can put wider tires on a hybrid bike, but it will last up to a certain limit. These wide tires can cause two types of problems for hybrid bikes.

  • First, they can get stuck in the narrow part of the upper part of the frame of the bike.
  • Another problem is rubbing the tire with V-brakes. Although most hybrid bikes use disc brakes, some hybrid bikes also have V-brakes.

Putting thinner tires on your hybrid bike can perform well. If you want to get more speed from your hybrid bicycle, you can use thin tires. But thin tires may hurt your comfort.

Even some people want to fit mountain bike tires on a hybrid bike. You can also use mountain bike tires on hybrid bikes if the wheel and frame size say ‘yes’. Furthermore, most of the time mountain bike contains thicker tires. But you can use thicker tires on your hybrid bike up to a certain limit.

Can You Put Gravel Tires On Your Hybrid Bike?

Yes, you can use gravel tires on your hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes typically use 700c size wheels, but gravel bikes use 650b size wheels. However, if this size of tire will fit your hybrid bike, then you can ride the bike without any harder difficulty.

Some people want to know if they can put 29-inch tires on 700C or not.

The answer is- you can put these tires but it will be difficult to use them. Internationally, the size of the 29-inch tire is 622 which is the same as the 700C. However, 29-inch-sized tires are thicker and rarely fit well with the 700C rim.

How Do You Change A Rear Tire On A Hybrid Bike?

Oh, yeah! You can easily change the tires of a hybrid bike. You will complete the entire process in 4 steps. Below, I describe the entire process.

Step 1: Open The Rear Wheel

  • If your bike has a rim brake, loosen the brake by loosening the button first to open the rear wheel.
  • Now you need to bring the chain to a certain position. Bring the chain to the smallest cog and the smallest chainring. This will loosen the wheel and make it easier to remove the wheel.
  • After that, loosen the axle to get the wheel out. If your bike has a quick-release axle, you won’t need any tools to loosen it. If not, loosen the axle using a wrench.
  • Now pull the derailleur back with your finger and carefully pull out the rear wheel.

Step 2: Remove The Tire

  • Changing tires is a simple task. Loosen the pressure valve of the tube and expel all the air from the tire. Remove the pressure valve and push it inwards.
  • Now if the tire is not too tight with the rim, then you can separate it by twisting and pulling by hand. If the tires are too tight, you may need to use a tire lever.

Step 3: Install New Tire

  • To install a new tire, first, install one side of the sidewall into the rim.
  • With tube tires, re-lock the pressure valve by inserting it through the specified hole in the rim and spreading the tire over the rim.
  • After that, insert another sidewall of the tire into the rim and let the air in through a pressure pump to make your wheel fully ready.

Step 4: Put The Rear Wheel Back

  • Now set the chain to the small cog and the small chainring of the casket to re-attach the rear wheel to the frame.
  • Place the wheel in the frame by pulling the derailleur back and loosening it. If there is a disc brake, carefully place the brake rotor in the caliper.
  • Tighten the axle and if there is a rim brake, tighten it again and bring it back to its previous position.

How Do You Change A Front Tire On A Hybrid Bike?

It is easier to change the front tires of a hybrid bike. All you have to do is follow the steps of changing the rear tire. The absence of a chain or derailleur on the front wheel makes it easier to change tires on this wheel.

If you still have trouble changing tires or want more details, you can check out our earlier posts on how to change the front/rear wheel of a bike or MTB and replace bike (MTB) rims.

How Can You Choose Good Tires For A Hybrid Bike?

Tires play an important role in ensuring the better performance of a bike. So to get the best performance from a hybrid bike, its tires need to be good. Below, I explain the things to keep in mind when choosing a tire.

Local Terrain:

It is very important to choose the tires according to the type of road you will ride most of the time. Tires that perform well on smooth roads and are less effective on rocky trails. Similarly, tires designed for speeding will not do well on slippery roads. So the first step in choosing a tire is to consider how you are going on the road.


Usually, companies use rubber to make tires. The combination of rubber with various compounds makes the tires more effective. When the rubber in the tires is soft, they get a better grip and are convenient to control.

On the other hand, the thinner tires of relatively hard rubber provide more speed. So, select the tyre material according to your needs.

Tire Width:

The width of a traditional hybrid tire is usually 35 to 45 millimeters. These allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride. Because of their width, they create more traction on the road surface and are easier to control.

However, you need to determine the width of the tire based on the frame of the bike. If the frame is narrow, you cannot use thicker tires.

Tread Pattern:

A common design of hybrid bike tires is directional. Most of the companies designed the side notches of these tires in a V shape. This design makes the tires especially suitable for driving on wet roads.

Some tires have a smooth strip along the center in the trade pattern and the outer parts are textured. This type of trade design can give you a lot of grips when cornering. Similarly, there are different trade designs for walking on dirt and rocky trails.


Changing the tires of a hybrid bike can cost you up to $15 to $150. You may have noticed that there is a vast difference between the lowest and the highest price tyres. But you can purchase tires from the market at different prices. The more budget you put in, have doesn’t mean you will get a good tire. Though you can buy one of the best tires on a low budget as well. But you need to consider the budget and other features.


A bike is not just a necessity, it is often a hobby. Therefore, you probably won’t hesitate to spend effective money on bikes. However, changing the wheel of a bike can be quite expensive.

But if you can put road bike wheels on your hybrid bike yourself. And, this way you can save a lot of bucks. I strongly believe that you can do this yourself at home (DIY Job) after reading this article. Even then, if you have questions, please let me inform in the comments section and I will answer them. Thanks.

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