A folding bike is a bike that can be folded. It is a bike that is easy to carry and can be carried anywhere. The best thing about a portable cycle is that it takes up less space and can be ridden by anyone. So that a folding type bike is very reasonable and suitable for traveling with its splendid features. But there are some extended options and a far more detailed explanation is needed to make a proper understanding of traveling with folding cycles.

In my today’s blog, I will give you keen information about different types of folding bikes, their benefits and drawbacks when you want to travel with them, some exclusive folding bikes, carrying costs, and more answers related to the main topic.

Types of Folding Bike

Before traveling on a folding bike, it is good to know about different kinds of folding or carry-on cycles that exist based on some of the main types of cycling. After gathering knowledge about this, you will get a better understanding when you go to select a folding bike as per your travel track or destination.

Mountain Folding Bike:

A Mountain bike is a special bike for off-road cycling. Mountain folding bikes have revolutionized the world of folding bikes. An MTB biker can customize it according to their choice and take it when traveling. This portable bike is convenient as a companion for adventurous travelers.

Commuter Folding Bike:

A commuter bike is a bike used for daily activities like traveling from home to the office or school etc. Currently, commuter folding bikes are being used the most. People use it in the market, at work, and in everyday work. These bikes can be folded in less space and are easy to carry—no need to worry about parking bikes and getting lost.

Cyclists (Beginner or Pro)- who use folding bikes for commuting from home to the office, can fold the bike and keep it in a small space.

Road Folding Bike:

A road bike is a type of bike used for traveling or racing. Road folding bikes have gears that increase the speed of travel. There are also advanced brakes that make cycling safer. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that the foot can handle it adequately and does not hurt when you are traveling in distant places. Because it is lightweight and can be folded in seconds.

Benefits & Drawbacks of the Folding Bikes

Everything has its good and bad sides, and bikes are not exceptional. In the section below, I will draw some points over it.

Advantages of Folding Bike:

  1. Folding bike is easily portable. That’s why sometimes It’s called a portable bike.
  2. Portable bike (folding bike) saves space because it can fold easily and be kept in a small place.
  3. This traveling bike is strong and durable.
  4. The risk of being stolen or lost is shallow. Since it can be folded, it can be kept close at hand or insight. So, the rider does not have to worry about the Safety of the folding bike.
  5. Its spectacle and modern features ensure comfortable and convenient travel.

Disadvantages of Folding Bikes:

Despite its many advantages, folding bikes have some disadvantages also.

  1. Portable bikes are Suitable for smooth roads. But it is inappropriate for high and low and potholed roads.
  2. They are more expensive than a regular bike.
  3. Long-distance travel becomes difficult due to small wheels.

Can You Travel With a Folding Bike?

Yes, you can travel with a folding bike. A folding bike is a type of bike that can be folded. It is also called a portable bike as it is easily carried. Folding bikes are handy, dependable, bearable, and a unique choice to enjoy the trip.

Some Popular Folding Bikes:

If you are a travel enthusiast and a cyclist, folding bikes are the only option that can fulfill both of your desires at a time.  The best specification is that it can be folded and easily carried. And, some of its features make folding bikes unique from normal bikes.

Regular cycles can be taken on trains and carried during peak hours, but folding bikes can be carried on buses, trains, and planes. Even if you can travel with ordinary bikes, it isn’t easy to take them. From all this, it is proved that folding bikes are better than regular bikes.

Below is a comparison table of some of the best folding bikes.

BrandWeightWheel SizeFolded DimensionColorsComments
Brompton Cline explores folding bike12.1 kg16 inches25.3” (H) x 23 ” (W) x 10.6”(D)Available in Seven types of color.Perfect for mountain. Fit for any weather
TERN VERGE X1110.81 KG22 inches15”(H) × 31.5”(W) × 29.1”(D)ChromeExcellent for road cycling.
B’TWIN TILT 500 FOLDING BIKE12.9KG20 inches78 x 66 x 44 cmAvailable in five types of color.Lightweight and great for hill tackle.
ORIGAMI HAWK13KG16 inches14″(H)x 33″(W) x 24″(D)Found on the market with four variations in color.Its price is very reasonable.
AIRNIMAL JOEY COMMUTE FOLDING BIKE13.5 KG24″ – 26″ inchesTBCBlack, BlueAvailable Multiple accessories.

Can Folding Bikes Be Carried on the Bus?

The answer is also affirmative in this case. A folding bike can be easily folded and held on the bus. Suppose, you get tired of cycling somewhere far away and worry about how to get there the rest of the way. But you have no reason to worry because you can carry your folding bike on the bus and cross the rest of the way.

Way of Carrying Folding Bikes on a Bus:

Bikes can be carried on some buses in different countries of the world. There are shelves for bikes in those buses. But when it comes to folding bikes, then the matter is entirely different. Because folding bikes can be folded and inserted into the luggage, it is considered luggage, not a bike.

First, you have to put the bike in a simple bag. Then put the clothes around the bag. Now the portable bike can be carried like regular luggage.

Cost to Put a Folding Bike on Buses:

Folding bikes can be transported on free buses up to a specific size. Since the portable bike can be packed in a bag, then it is considered an ordinary suitcase. The portable bike cannot cross 82 cm long × 69cm high × 39 cm wide and have wheel rims no more than 20 inches. If exceeded, they must be transported in special baggage.

Is it Safe to Carry a Folding Bike on a Bus?

Folding bikes can be packed and transported in bags. But this process may not always be safe if you don’t use protective cover or bags. It can be broken at any time. So special bags can be used for transporting portable bikes.

Can You Bring a Foldable Bike on The Train?

Folding bikes can be transported by train. Folding bikes are easy to transport and permitted on trains.

The Way of Taking Your Folding Bike on The Train:

Folding bikes can be transported by train without any hassle. The folding bike can be folded and then transported by train. In addition, it can be transported in a bag. Carrying a folding bike in a bag is considered a piece of luggage.

Cost to Carry Your Folding Bike on The Train:

Portable bikes can be transported for free. Many trains have the advantage of transporting folding bikes and, in many cases, have to be transported by luggage. In Europe, luggage less than 48 inches high and 35.5 inches wide can be transported free. Usually, a folding bike is 23 inches high and 10.5 inches wide.

Is it Safe to Carry a Folding Bike on a Train?

It is safe to transport folding bikes by train. Safety can be further enhanced by using a variety of high-quality transport bags.

Can You Take a Folding Bike on an Airplane?

Yes, folding bikes can also be transported on airplanes like buses and trains. A biker can easily carry his/her favorite bike when traveling from one country to another. That’s why foldable bikes are also named ‘carry-on’ bikes.

How do You carry your folding bike on an Airplane?

This cycle or bike can be transported by packing or in a trolley. Anyone can also carry other items and clothes around this bag. In this way, folding bikes can be transported like a regular suitcase.

Cost to Carry a Folding Bike on an Airplane:

On an airplane, up to 20-30 kg of cargo can be transported free of cost to a passenger. A carriable bike weighs about 13 kg. According to size and model, it may be more or less. Generally, A folding bike can weigh about 10-15 kg.

So, a biker can carry a folding bike without cost. If he has other luggage with him, he has to pay the prescribed fee for the aircraft.

Is it Safe to Carry a Folding Bike on an Airplane?

It is safe to transport portable bikes by airplane. But you have to take some safety measures. However, in this case, it is better not to use cardboard. Because transporting something by air requires a variety of security checks. So, it is better not to use cardboard. A portable bike can be transported safely in polythene bags, trolleys, or bags made for folding bikes.

How Do You Ensure the Safety of Your Folding Bike When You Travel?

Folding bikes are made of many soft metal objects and are light in weight. So that it can be damaged by sharp or weight-full objects, or weather conditions while transporting. Moreover, wet in the rain and exposure to oxygen can cause rust over your portable hunk. This causes the cycle to lose its durability and color. So, you should use a cover or suitable bag to protect it from damage.

A portable bike can be transported through an Ikea bag, Cardboard, Hardcase.

Firstly, the Ikea bag is soft and in most cases, it is waterproof. But transporting with the Ikea bag, the ultimate safety can be ensured by using cardboard on the top and bottom of the bag. In addition, the clothes needed to ensure safety can be kept around the bag.

Secondly, you can use a cardboard box. It is Harder than an Ikea bag but not waterproof. It can protect your portable bike from any damage. But t can get wet and torn in any way.

Thirdly, the safest way to transport is by using a hard case. However, it is heavier but more durable.

PriceLowFreeSlightly Expensive
DrawbacksCan be TronNot WaterproofHeavy
AmenitiesCheap But Easy To CarryCan manage EasilyEnsures The Best Safety

Can You Use Bike Cover for Your Folding Bike When Carry With a Bus/Train or Airplane?

Covers are essential for a folding bike for easy transport and protection. This allows the bike to be used for a long time.

Types of Portable Bike Bags & Cases:

  • Quick covers– used for long-distance transit
  • Carry on covers – shoulder bag.
  • Stow bag – The best bag to store a bike for a long time
  • Body Bags – this is also a type of storage bike for a long time. But it is comparatively durable.
  • Airporters– this is a folding bike suitcase used during air travel.

When you choose or purchase a folding bike bag, you need to pay attention to style, quality, size, material, folding bike case with wheels, etc.

As an example and for your better acknowledgment with some folding bike bags of different brands, a chart is given below.

  1. Sapphire Foldable Bike Bags:
  • It offers a Modern design and is also popular based on the overall quality of the bike bags.
  • It is a Waterproof bag. So that it can be used in any weather conditions.
  • Sapphire bags make it easy to carry portable bikes in cars, buses, subways, and trains.
  1. Mighty-Duty Foldable Bike Cover:
  • Long-lasting and lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • A cyclist can use it in a hostile environment.
  • Reasonable price.
  1. Evoc Foldable Bike Travel Bags:
  • Plenty of versatility based on portable options.
  • Obtainable in various colors.
  • Supreme carrying availability of one bike.


In a word, Folding Bikes are travel-friendly bikes because they are portable and easy to carry. A biker can easily travel with folding bikes. As you already see, when I was giving you the detailed answers about traveling with portable bikes, its type, benefits, and drawbacks with other high-velocity queries depend upon popular transportation options like Bus, Train, and Airplane.

Also, brief you about different brands of foldable bikes and covers/bags for extra protection to meet your needs, and make your trip enjoyable. It is now clear that Folding Bikes can be easily transported by bus, train, and airplane without any extra cost. And a perfect bag or cover can ensure the highest safety of your bike during transportation.

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