The market size of folding bikes in 2018 was $514.5 million, which has grown to $790.90 million in 2019. This market is growing at an average of 8.7%. And it is estimated that the size of the folding bike market in 2022 will be $ 1,260.98 million. Key reasons for the rapid rise of this product are that folding bikes are easy to ride and carry.

Yeah, people have been using folding bikes for almost 20 years. These bikes have improved significantly during this long time. The previous folding bikes were comparatively heavier, though it was easy to fold and required no tools. But the present-day hybrid folding bikes are light, easier to fold, compact, and more durable.

In this article, I will answer many important questions regarding folding bikes. If you are interested in this type of bike, read the writing to the end. Let’s get started.

What Are Folding Bikes?

Folding bikes come with a compact design and folding facility for easy storage and transportation. You don’t need to worry about parking to use these bikes, as you can store them anywhere in your office or home. If you want to keep your bike with you during transportation, these bikes are a great option that is not possible with regular bikes.

The folding mechanism, compactness, weight, size, and other features. of the bikes may vary from company to company. However, manufacturing companies have made things much easier through advanced research. At present, a folding bike can make your movement much easier.

Comparison Between Folding Bikes and Non-folding Bikes

There are some differences between folding and non-folding bikes due to structural dissimilarities. Both bikes have some different features that make them unique. Below I present some key differences between these two types of bikes through a chart.

Parameters Folding Bikes Non-Folding Bikes
Design Compact design which makes it easy to fit in small spaces or bags. Conventional design, in most cases designed to facilitate the rider’s comfort, speed, etc.
Comfortability It is less comfortable than non-folding bikes. Ensures a comfortable riding experience.
Speed Comparatively Slower. Faster than a folding bike.
Weight Lightweight. Heavier than a folding bike.
Riding Position Rider can enjoy a more upright position The more aerodynamic position helps achieve faster speed.
Maneuverability Highly maneuverable. Limited maneuverability
Portability Easy portable facilities, you can transport from one place to another easily. Fewer portability facilities.
Long Rides They are not a good option for long rides. Suitable option for long rides.
Visibility Great visibility because of a more upright position. Less visibility because of aerodynamic position.
Stability Less stable on different road conditions. Highly stable on the road in different road conditions.
Braking The braking system is not as advanced as that of non-folding bikes. Most bikes come with an advanced barking system.
Storage Can be stored in tiny places. Requires more space to store.
Price Somewhat expensive than non-folding bikes. Cheaper than folding bikes.

Why Should Bikers Decide To Ride A Folding Bike?

Technology is upgrading faster with time. Folding bikes are the result of such advanced technology. There are many reasons you should decide to ride a folding bike. Below I’ll explain some reasons.

👉 Convenience

A folding bike is extremely easy to carry with you. It takes less than 1 minute to set up the bikes and make them usable. A folding bike will allow you to ride in places where you cannot carry non-folding bikes.

👉 Fun Riding

Riding folding bikes is a lot of fun. These are comfortable and very much effective, you can control them effortlessly. These bikes can be the best choice for getting around.

👉 High Resale Value

You will get a higher resale value when you want to change your bike. For this, purchasing a folding bike is a safe investment.

👉 Faster

Many times when we compare folding bikes with road bikes, we mention them a bit slower. This does not mean that folding bikes are too slow. You will get a snappy-quick feeling while riding a folding bike. These are especially useful when you have to stop at frequent traffic signals in the city.

👉 Highly Adjustable

The high adjustability of the bikes makes them easy to use. You can set the folding bike seats to the required height. Also, there is an opportunity to adjust the handle.

👉 Customizable

Many manufacturers offer base models on their folding bikes considering the riders’ preferences. You can customize these to your liking. Anyway, you can customize your regular folding bike as well.

👉 Less Likely to Get Lost

Especially if you keep your bike outside, it is likely to get lost. This doesn’t happen with folding bikes because you can keep them with you or store them in a small space.

👉 Reliable

Improved build quality makes folding bikes much more reliable. Because of the lightness of the bikes, many people think they get damaged easily, which is not true. You can rely on your folding bikes.

Are Folding Bikes Harder To Ride?

No, riding a folding bike is not harder but may seem a bit inconvenient. For the first time, you may face inconvenience riding these bikes for some structural reasons. Among these, I am referring to some of the major inconveniences.

👉 Riding position

A non-folding bike rider has to sit a bit lean forward. This position facilitates paddling and is suitable for riding a bike quickly. But because of the location of the crankset, folding bikes are somewhat different. You have to sit upright on these bikes. This position is not suitable or comfortable for riding a bike fast.

👉 Wheel

Most folding bikes come with a 16 -inch or 20 -inch wheel, which is quite small. These wheels can hold low air pressure. So if your weight is high, then it will be a problem for you to ride the bikes. In addition, these wheels can make lower traction ‍and stability on the road. The surface coverage of these tires is also pretty low. Even though these wheels are well on the streets, but make it difficult to ride bikes on an uneven surfaces.

👉 Seat Position

The seat position of folding bikes is not the most ergonomic or very comfortable. In most cases, the seat is tilted in the back. You may take some time to adapt to this seat. Furthermore, if you are a person with overweight, you may have some inconvenience.

👉 Handlebar

Manufacturers commonly use a flat handlebar in folding bikes. You may not be accustomed to this handlebar as most companies use elevated handlebars on BMX bikes and bent handlebars on fixies or racers. The position of the handle and middle-frame joint will not help reduce the flax of your arm.

How And Who Can Ride A Folding Bike?

The riding process is the same on all bikes, you have to paddle. But with folding bikes, the extra task you need to do is set up the bike properly. If you can adjust various parts of these bikes perfectly, riding will be more comfortable and fun. Below, I’ll describe the entire process of setting up folding bikes here in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Adjust Saddle Height

If you cannot adjust the bike’s saddle perfectly, it may be inconvenient for riding the bike. When you sit on the bike, your feet will touch the ground well, but your legs will not bend too much- is the perfect saddle height.

When you set foot on the paddle while it is in the lowest position, your knees will bend at 30 degrees. Once you adjust the saddle height properly, mark the position with a marker. This baseline will help you adjust the saddle every time.

Step 2: Adjust Handlebar Height

  • Sit on the saddle, hold the handlebar, and look forward.
  • If your arm and body make an angle of 90 degrees or a little less, it is the perfect handlebar position.
  • Now, adjust your bike’s handlebar at such heights and mark the position.
  • Nonetheless, if you feel uncomfortable on the arm or shoulder when riding a long distance, set the handlebar a little higher.

Step 3:  Adjust Handlebar Position

You can adjust the handlebar of the folding bikes by changing the upsweep and back sweep. This will help you match the handlebar with the natural angle of your wrist.

  • Adjust the handlebar position in such a way that you can easily access the brakes and shifter lever.
  • If your brake levers have a slightly downward angle, you can use them to rest your fingers.
  • Well, just completing these 3 steps, you have made your folding bike usable. Now enjoy riding around on the bike.

● Are Folding Bikes Easy To Ride?

Yes, a folding bike is easy to ride. However, you need to remember that when you switch from one bike model to another, at first you will have some inconvenience. With folding bikes, you may feel uncomfortable when riding for the first time.

The opportunity to adjust different parts of folding bikes such as the saddle and handlebar will allow you to ride these bikes easily. But to establish more control over the bikes, you need to practice more.

  • Before using folding bikes, people usually want to know about more things that I am explaining below.

● Who Can Ride Folding Bikes?

Including children, teenagers, males, and females, everybody can ride a folding bike. The advanced design of these bikes makes them suitable for everyone. From beginner to expert, folding bikes are fun cycling for all.

● Can Children Ride Folding Bikes?

Yes, children can ride folding bikes with no hassle. Modern features make them acceptable for both children and parents. You can also use a child seat with a folding bike to make them more attractive to children.

How Far & Fast It Can Go and Comfortability

Now we will try to find out the folding bicycle’s voyage capability and how much comfort it can afford us. Let’s start our discussion then.

❖ Are Folding Bikes Good For Long Rides?

Folding bikes are not so convenient for a long ride, but ideal for getting around. You can take them for a long ride if you wish, but the drawback will be more than the advantage. These bikes are not as convenient for riding on uneven roads. Small and slender wheels make them unpleasant for facing street bums. Keeping them stable at high speed can also be a problem.

Still, you will get some benefits from these bikes for the long ride, such as their seating position increases comfort. You can easily pack a folding bike in a bag and transport them by bus or train from anywhere.

❖ Are They Comfortable Riding?

Yes, folding bikes are comfortable when you use them to get around. The upright sitting position of these bikes plays a convenient role for long-time riding. Although some folding bikes are not as comfortable, you can make them comfortable with customization of some parts, such as-

  • Tilted Saddle Position
  • Seat Height
  • Saddle Width
  • Handlebars and grips
  • Brake Reach
  • Tyres, and some more customizations as per your need.

❖ How Far Can You Ride With A Folding Bike?

As far as you can ride with your folding bike, there is no limit to the distance. In most cases, riders prefer non-folding bikes to ride for long distances. But it’s not that you cannot ride folding bikes a long distance. It depends on your will.

❖ How Fast Can You Ride A Folding Bike?

An average rider can ride a folding bike at an average of 10 to 12 miles per hour. But if you are an experienced rider, you may ride them at an average speed of 14 to 16 miles per hour. Although a folding bike can be ridden at a speed of 16 to 20 miles per hour, it is not possible to ride too long at this speed.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Folding Bikes

Folding bikes have evolved over 10 years or so. They bring many benefits on the way to development, as well as some drawbacks. Below, I am describing the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a Folding Bike:

A folding bike made in modern technology comes with many advantages. These include-

  • Suitable For All Ages- A folding bike is suitable for both males and females of all ages.
  • Space-Saving- You can store the bikes in tiny places in your office or at home.
  • Ideal For Commuters- Folding bikes are the best for traveling short distances or for getting around.
  • Lightweight- The bikes are relatively light, and you can easily carry them with you.
  • Durable- Many people think these bikes get damaged in a short time. But in fact, they are much more durable.
  • Relax About Being Theft- You do not need to park your folding bike outside during the office or anywhere else. Therefore, there is less chance to be stolen.

Shortfalls Of A Folding Bike:

Besides a lot of advantages, folding bikes include some drawbacks as well. These include-

  • Only Suitable On Smooth Streets- These bikes are not suitable on uneven road conditions as they have small and narrow wheels.
  • Inconvenient For Racing or Touring- These bikes are not designed for racing or touring, you may feel some inconvenience if try to do this.
  • Easy To Rust- Most manufacturers do not recommend heavy spray to wash folding bikes as they get rusty easily.
  • Costly- Compare to a non-folding bike, these are somewhat pricy.

Final Verdict

Folding bikes are portable, efficient, and versatile. They can be a great way to get some exercise and everyone in your family could ride these bikes. Folding bikes are easy to ride and can provide a lot of fun every day.

Here I have explained the benefits and disadvantages of a folding bike over non-folding bikes. Besides, my effort was to answer all the questions that people usually want to know.

If you want to ask me any more questions in the context of the folding bike, please let me inform through the comment section. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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