When I first did both skateboarding and bicycle riding at the same time, then the first thought that came to my mind that whether can I use a typical bike helmet for Skateboarding. But after some time back with a lot of research, I found the correct answer to my thought. And, today I am going to share that details with you throughout the complete article.

YES, Of course, you can use a bike helmet for skateboarding. But here you have to care about some special things.

  • Bicycle helmets that you intend to use for skateboarding must be properly dual-certified to both ASTM F1492 and CPSC 1203 standards.
  • But most bicycle helmets will not provide you with enough protection when it comes to skateboarding.

However, if you use a bicycle helmet with extra coverage on the back of the head like a skateboard helmet, you can get enough protection.

To know more details about this, you must read the article till the end. In addition to this topic, I am going to cover more about the differences between Skateboard Helmets and Bike Helmets, how important it is to use them as Skateboard helmets, and other protections as well, also the benefits of using Wrist Guards.

The Key Imparity Of Skateboard Helmets And Bike Helmets

There are usually many differences between Skateboard and Bike Helmets. Especially, their size and purpose are completely different.

  • You may notice that a skateboard helmet usually covers a lot of the back of the rider’s head as well.
  • On the other hand, most common bicycle helmets provide limited coverage. In some cases, skateboard helmets can withstand multiple different types of impacts.
  • And, Normal bike helmets are designed to produce a specific impact depending on the extreme force.

Also, there are some significant differences between Skateboard Helmets and Bike Helmets. And, I will inform you about those in detail just in the below section. So, no worry about that my dear friend.

Skateboard Helmets

  • Skateboard Helmets are Multi impact types. A special reason for this is that skateboard helmets are specially designed to withstand the various types of crashes and falls that occur during skating.
  • They cover the back area of the rider’s head completely. The main reason is that many times riders fall backward while skating. So that these helmets are designed in such a way that there is no problem as a result.
  • Skateboard Helmets are commonly analyzed as extra stylish helmets for riders.
  • You will get a much thicker shell in these types of helmets.
  • Skateboard helmets aren’t specifically designed to withstand extreme forces for extended periods of time, depending on the variety of helmets they rely on. However, there are some special exceptions in this case.

Bike Helmets

  • Bike Helmets are Single-impact types.
  • There are various types of accidents that can occur during bike riding. Because there is a possibility of being hit by different types of vehicles. Therefore, bicycle helmets are made in such a way that it is possible to withstand different types of extreme forces.
  • They are formulated to have a reasonable ventilation system.
  • Bike Helmets are extra aerodynamic.
  • Bicycle helmets are specially manufactured with the purpose of providing protection to your head from various types of accidents by compressing the foam on different types of impacts.
  • The upper shell of bicycle helmets is made of very thin plastic.
  • Bicycle helmets give the rider specially allowed free air movement.
  • Also, a bike helmet is designed to protect the rider from a wide range of impacts.

However, there are times when your bicycle helmet may crack due to a very strong impact. If you suspect something like this, you should change your bike helmet as soon as possible. In addition to bike helmets, skateboarding helmets should be replaced as soon as possible if any problems are found. Because you can find a variety of stylish and mature helmets for biking and skateboarding easily.

Now- The Significant Differences Between Skateboard & Bike Helmet’s Shells, Shape, Design, Structure, And Foam Type (In-Detail)

Distinction Of these Two Helmet’s  Shells:

Typically, you’ll find a much harder shell on a skateboard helmet. These are on the outside of the skateboard helmet.

  • They help maintain multiple effects in different areas.
  • Skateboard helmet shells are much thicker than bike helmets. Which keeps you constantly ready to face different kinds of influences.

On the other hand, you will find a much thinner shell on a bike helmet. And, the shells of these bike helmets are made of thin plastic.

Comparison Between Their Shape & Design (Structure):

If you look closely, skateboarding helmets are manufactured much differently than bicycle helmets. And, Skateboard helmets cover most of the back of the rider’s head.

  • The shape of these types of helmets is very round.
  • Along with that it comes to the rider as smoothly manufactured.

On the contrary, Bicycle helmets are worn on top of the head forward, about an inch or a finger’s width from your eyebrows. And, the retention strap and helmet are fitted as snugly as possible.

  • Bicycle helmets are made with a special design that aims to reduce the side effects of head injuries caused by falling cyclists.

Dissimilation Of The Skateboard And Bike Helmet’s Foam Type:

Foam type is probably one of the most important differences between helmets. So you will find different types of foam in skateboard helmets and bike helmets. Typically, any biker will find various types of foam in helmets, some of which are specially manufactured to withstand a variety of hard impacts. Moreover, some foams are made to withstand different types of soft impacts. Therefore, Riders can usually choose a Skateboard Helmet or Bike Helmet according to their riding style, position, road type, etc.

  • Expanded polypropylene (EPP) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) are commonly found in the most popular helmets.
  • Also, EPP is a rubbery or squishy material that can withstand multiple impacts. That is why it is specially designed through such material.

And, all these components are mostly found in skateboard helmets. On the other hand, riders will usually find EPS components in regular bike helmets. Yes, Bicycle helmets are mostly designed with EPS for a specific impact purpose.

Can You Use A Bike Helmet For Skateboarding?

Yes, Dear! You Use A Bike Helmet For Skateboarding. To be honest, I prefer to use a bike helmet when skateboarding. One of the reasons for this is that bike helmets can have a lot of ventilation while skateboarding helmets don’t. But you can’t use any normal bike helmet for skateboarding, it can be very risky for you.

Skateboarding helmets usually have a hard shell on the back of the head, but you won’t find this kind of hard shell on bike helmets. If you decide to use a bike helmet for skateboarding.

  • In that case, those bike helmets must be Dual and perfectly certified to both CPSC 1203 as well as ASTM F1492 Standards. After all, the first thing you need to keep in mind is those bike helmets that cover the back of the head with a hard shell should be used for skateboarding.

So, when using a bike helmet for skateboarding, be sure to check the CPSC standard sticker colors on the inside of the bike helmet. Barbie Bike Helmets also have some helmets that can help you, especially in skateboarding.

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Is It Weird To Wear A Helmet While Skateboarding?

No, It Is Not Weird To Wear A Helmet While Skateboarding.

You can also say that a quality helmet should be used for maximum safety while skateboarding. Even if you suddenly fall for no reason while skating, do not injure your head in any way. So wearing a helmet is very important.

Most professional skateboarders have advocated the use of helmets, especially when-

  • Cruising down the street or hitting the waves at the skatepark,
  • And bombing steep hilly areas.

All matured and careful bikers wear helmets when competing at skateparks. So, by no means it is weird to wear a helmet while skateboarding.

Helmet Wearing Rules

A good size helmet should be fine. As it sits on your head like a seat with the front edge or is worn over your eyebrows to protect the forehead. Here, you should maintain and check some things-

  • The helmet should be turned back and forth to fit correctly on your head.
  • Note that if it moves more than 1 inch, the helmet size fit needs to be adjusted.
  • For fit, check the helmet size before placing the helmet on your head. Almost all helmets have a sizing ring on the inside to adjust the fit. Once the helmet is fitted correctly, turn the sizing ring to the required fit.
  • Next, the strap should be fastened well. And, it should be tied in a V shape and the ears will be exposed. Furthermore, Straps close to either side of the ear for a comfortable fit.
  • Finally, the chain strap is attached to facilitate the movement of your face. So, it should be firmly attached to the top of the head.

Remember- only you can create the fit you need. And, too tight a fit is not comfortable for most cyclists.

Should I Wear Protection While Skateboarding?

Of course, you should wear protection while skateboarding. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, (AAOS) various necessary protective equipment should be used while skateboarding. Notable among them are:

  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Slip-resistant shoes
  • Wrist Guard
  • Elbow pad
  • Goggles or glasses
  • Knee pads

In the case of skateboarding, you must use all these necessary protective equipment perfectly otherwise, various types of accidents may occur. If you want to skateboard perfectly and completely risk-free, then using protection is a must.


Hopefully, after reading all the info in today’s article properly, you have earned a lot of important information regarding Skateboard Helmets and Bike Helmets. Also, acquired keen knowledge about whether bike helmets should be worn while skateboarding.

Besides that, in the case of skateboarding, the use of protective pieces of equipment, the need for Wrist Guards, and all the information for risk-free skating have been told in detail. So that I can obviously wish that all this information will make your next skateboarding or bike journey much safer and more outstanding.

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