Cruiser bikes are the first choice of riders for a stylish and comfortable ride. Besides, BMX bikes are best for stunts or various tricks. Many riders like to use their BMX bikes as cruiser bikes. Now the question is whether your BMX bike is good for cruising.

The simple answer to this question is “No”. Cruiser bikes are designed to ensure the rider’s comfortable riding experience. There are obvious differences in design and specification between both bikes. That is why one of these bikes cannot be a substitute for the other.

In this article, I will discuss the differences between BMX and Cruiser Bikes and more. So, please read till the end if you are interested in these bikes.

What Is A Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes are specially designed for a stable and enjoyable ride. Many bikers also know these bikes as beach cruisers and different frame geometry and comfortable riding position set these bikes apart from others. Its raised handlebars, long wheelbase, and extra large saddle are perfect for a comfortable bike ride.

These bikes are ideal for short-distance daily commuting or leisure travel. As the Cruisers are designed for recreational riding, can withstand the uneven surfaces of trails or sandy beaches.

  • If you like to ride your bike at a slower pace or if you enjoy riding in the soft afternoon sun, then the cruiser bike is for you.

The key features of a cruiser bike are-

  • A relatively large frame that comes with a dual-spring system.
  • Balloon tires that can roll without getting punctured.
  • Long and rich handlebars curved towards the rider.
  • Wide and comfortable seats.
  • Convenient upright riding position.

Types of Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bikes look almost identical but are divided into several categories based on the frame geometry that I will describe below.

Beach Cruiser Bike

Beach cruiser bikes are also called ‘Classic Cruisers’ with a ‍similar frame geometry to that of a hybrid bike.

These bikes provide the rider with an upright seat. Beach cruiser bikes have pannier racks and bike bags that give the rider more space. And its chunky balloon tires ensure enhanced comfort.

Low Rider Cruiser Bike

The seat of this type of cruiser bike is very low as the name indicates something low.

Low rider cruiser bikes have the pedals slightly forward like recumbent bikes, and the handlebars can be anywhere from 9 inches to 25 inches high. Many riders find these bikes a little less comfortable than classic cruisers.

Stretch Cruiser Bike

By using a stretch cruiser bike, you can have a more flexible ride than a classic cruiser.

The key feature of these bikes is the exaggerated length. Stretch cruiser bikes have a longer wheelbase that provides more confidence when cornering.

Chopper Cruiser Bike

Low seat, extended and quite high handlebars are characteristic of Chopper cruiser bikes. These types of stylish cruiser bikes are usually the best choice for aspiring bikers.

What Is The Difference Between BMX And Cruiser Bikes?

The purpose of using a cruiser bike and a BMX bike is completely different. So there are significant differences between the two bikes due to their designs. Below, I’ll present the key differences through a chart.

Parameter Cruiser Bike BMX Bike
Frame The frame of a cruiser bike is relatively large in size and mostly made of Steel or, Aluminum. Frames of BMX bikes are compact in size, stronger, and made of mainly Aluminum and Carbon.
Weight Heavier than BMX bikes. Comparatively lightweight.
Wheel size Cruiser bikes usually use 26-inch wheels. BMX bikes use 20 to 24-inch wheels.
Tire Extra wide tires called Balloon tyres are commonly used in Cruiser bikes. Most BMX bikes use tires that are 2.15 inches wide.
Brakes Basically use coaster brakes. Most BMX bikes use rim or disc brakes on the rear wheel only.
Handlebar  There is comfortable large handlebars that are slightly curved towards the rider. Use straight handlebars for a tight grip or fast ride.
Riding Position Ensures a more comfortable upright riding position on cruiser bikes. The riding position is not as comfortable as a cruiser bike.
Purpose Of Use Cruiser bikes are the best choice for short-distance travel or cruising around. BMX bikes are usually used for various stunts or tricks.

Are BMX Bikes Good For Cruising?

No, BMX bikes are not suitable for cruising. People generally use cruising bikes for traveling from one place to another at a relatively slow speed. And, we mainly use BMX bikes for stunts or tricks.

Some limitations make BMX bikes inconvenient for cruising.

  • Bike seats are not comfortable at all. So you cannot sit and ride on it for a long time.
  • A comfortable riding position is very important for long rides. But the riding position of BMX bikes is not that comfortable. You can’t ride more than a few kilometers using them.
  • As smaller size wheels are used on these bikes, make it difficult to maneuver on rocky trails or uneven roads.
  • The gear system of these bikes hinders the BMX bike from riding fast.

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Final Thought

Both Cruiser and BMX bikes are best in terms of practicality.

BMX bikes are not good for cruising, but they are no substitute for stunts or tricks. On the contrary, any cyclist can use a Cruiser cycle for a comfortable ride, but no tricks are ever possible using them.

For cruising, use a cruiser bike instead as it allows you to roam comfortably for hours. And these stylish bikes will surely enhance your traveling or cruising cycling time with great pleasure.

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