When it’s coming to cycling, then selecting the right-size bike according to a person’s height & weight is essential. Otherwise, many unwanted difficulties like back pain an easy comer to the Rider’s life. Here, a 24-inch bike in terms of wheel size is the default manufacturer item for children. But when the term considers according to bicycle frame size, then the scenario is altered- it is for an adult person who has an average height between 6’4’’ to 6’6’’. That means the 24-inch size bike is XX-Large (XXL) size bike. And, if anyone is shorter than this height, s/he should consider a shorter X-Large (XL) or Large (L)  size bike.

As you see, the bike size depends on the biker’s height, weight, and other physical facts. And, there is also confusion about how we can understand what is meant by a 24-inch bike and, a 24-inch bike for what size of a person. That’s why today I am going to discuss the matter elaborately and will cover related things such as the differences between 24-inch and 26-inch bikes, Rider’s preferable bike sizes with charts, and so on.

Do you know the details, my dear fellow? Then, let’s start our dive to the deep.

Does The 24-inch Refer To The Bike Length?

No, 24-inch does not refer to the length of the bike, rather it refers to the wheel diameter of the bike. Generally, 24-inch wheels are used more in youth, teenage, and women’s bikes. These bikes are slightly smaller than the standard bike (26-inch) size. For an inexperienced cyclist, a 24-inch bike would be ideal in the beginning. It will be much easier for him to control.

What Is the Main Difference Between A 24 And A 26-inch Bike?

The fundamental difference between a 24-inch and a 26-inch bike is the wheel size. A 24-inch bike means it has a 24-inch diameter wheel. Similarly, a 26-inch bike includes a 26-inch diameter wheel. In most cases, the number of teeth and diameter of the chainring and sprocket of both bikes may differ.

24-inch bikes are generally suitable for youngsters or teenagers. Besides, most adult bikes use 26-inch wheels. Usually, the size of the bike is determined according to the height of the rider. As such, a 24-inch bike is ideal for a rider whose height is 4’4″ to 5’0″. 26-inch bikes are more extensive than 24-inch bikes and are suitable for adults between 4’10″ to 6″ in height.

Who Can Ride A 24-inch Bike?

Will a 24-inch bike fit for you or not- this query’s answer depends on some facts. Now I will dissect everything related to this matter elaborately.

Although anyone can ride a 24-inch bike, these bikes are ideal for those whose height ranges from 4 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 2 inches. If your height is 5 feet 4 inches or more then a 24-inch bike will not be suitable or comfortable for you. Besides youth and teenagers, women’s bikes are also 24 inches. This size bike is easier for women to control.

Is A 24-inch Bike Good For Adults?

No, a 24-inch bike is not good for adults. According to the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average height of an American male is 5 feet 9 inches. Since 24-inch bikes are indicated for people between 4 feet 4 inches and 5 feet 2 inches, these will not be suitable for adults. However, many adults are also quite short. They can use 24-inch bikes if they feel comfortable.

Are 24-inch Bikes Too Small For Adults?

Yes, 24-inch bikes are too small for adult males with average height or over average height. But these can be suitable for adult females with average height (5 feet 4 inches) or less than average height. Generally, people consider 26-inch bikes as standard for adults, which are slightly larger than a 24-inch bike. So, if your height is more than average, a 24-inch bike is not for you.

Then, 24-inch Bikes For What Size, Height, And Weight Of A Person?

A bike of the right size according to height ensures a comfortable and safe ride. Wheel size and rider height guidelines may vary slightly depending on the type of bike. Below, I’ll present a chart showing the recommended rider height for a 24-inch bike with different bikes.

24-inch Bike Size Chart

Bike TypeWheel SizeFrame SizeBiker’s HeightRider’s Age
Mountain Bike24-inch13-inch/14-inch4’10” to 5’2″7 to 11 Years
MTB24-inch 15-inch5’2″ to 5’6″10 to Adults
Hybrid Bike24-inch13-inch/14-inch4’10” to 5’2″8 to 11 Years
Hybrid Bike24-inch15-inch/16-inch5’2″ to 5’6″10 to Adults
BMX Bike24-inch21.7-inch5’7” or TallerAdults
Kids’ Bike24-inch14-inch 4’5″ to 5′10 – 13 Years
Electric Bike24-inch13-inch/14-inch4’10” to 5’2″ 7 to 11 Years
E-Bike24-inch15-inch/16-inch5’2″ to 5’6″10 to Adults

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Is 24 Inch Bike Good For 5 Foot Height Person?

Yes, a 24-inch bike is good for a 5-foot height person. If the height of the bike is too high according to the height of the rider, bike control may be a problem in an emergency. Besides, if the height of the bike is low, it causes discomfort in riding. A bike with a 15-inch frame with 24-inch wheels may be ideal for a 5-foot-tall person. A 5 foot 1-inch person also can ride a 24-inch bike comfortably.

5 Foot 4 Inch Man/Women Can Ride A 24 Inch Bike?

Yes, although 5ft 4in men/women can ride a 24-inch bike if they want, it won’t be a comfortable experience. Generally, 26-inch wheel bikes are recommended for riding 5 feet 2 inches or more. But if the height of one is 5 feet 7 inches or more, then riding a 24-inch bike can be quite difficult for him. Experts recommend riding bikes with 17 or 18-inch frames and 26-inch wheels (standard) for this height.

Can A Woman Ride A 24-inch Bike?

Yes, a woman can ride a 24-inch bike easily. Even many companies use 24-inch wheels on women’s bikes.  A 24-inch wheel bike with a 15-inch frame may be best suited for a woman whose height ranges from 4 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 2 inches. Especially, a short woman can ride a 24-inch bike more comfortably. Bikes of this size are very convenient for them to control. Overall, a 24-inch bike is not too small for a woman.

Some of the Best Bikes For Woman

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Can Kids Ride A 24-Inch Bike?

The general recommendation for 8 to 9 years of age is a 24-inch bike but differs as per height and weight. As all the kids haven’t the same height or weight, so the recommendation may fail for someone who is a Kid by age but weighs.

Bike size is determined by the wheel size diameter, not based on the frame. Because the 24-inch frame is for an adult person. So you see the difference in an open eye.

Let’s cut the thing short.

  • Kids who have a height between 51 to 59 inches, which means approximately 4’2’’ to 4’11’’ feet tall can use a 24-inch bike.
  • Normally, a 24-inch bike can carry approximately 150 pounds. But the weight capacity varies from one manufacturer to another. So before buying a bicycle for your child or kid, check out the bike weight carrying capacity from the manufacturer company.

Well, on the contrary, a 24-inch BMX bike is not suitable for kids from any angle whether it is age, height, or weight. In that case, this size of BMX is built for adults. Here, an 18’’ wheel size BMX that has a 16.9’’ top-tube length or a 20’’ wheel size BMX that has an 18.25’’ top-tube length is suitable for the maximum 8 to 9 years kids of average heights.

  • Just take a look at the charts as I have drawn in the below section according to the height, weight, and size including answering some high-voltage queries.

Moreover, 24-inch bikes that are manufactured especially for Kids can cost you from $100 up to $2000, depending on the quality, choice, and brand.

Some of the Best Bikes For Kids

So, What Size Bike Do I Need For My Height?

The size of the bike required for your height may vary by category. Although adjusting the bike’s seat height can give you a bit of a ride, the smartest solution is to get the right bike size. Below, I’ll present a chart of required frame sizes for several popular categories of bikes according to rider height.

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Bike Size Chart By Height

Rider Height (Inch & CM Measurement)Mountain Bike (Inch & CM Measurement)Hybrid Bike (Inch & CM Measurement)Road Bike (Inch & CM Measurement)Electric Bike (Inch & CM Measurement)
4’10” To 5’2″ Or, 148 To 158 CM13 – 14 Inch Or, 33-37 CM13 – 14 Inch Or, 33-37 CM47-48 CM13 – 14 Inch Or, 33-37 CM
5’2″ to 5’6″ Or, 158 To 168 CM15 – 16 Inch Or, 38 – 42 CM15 – 16 Inch Or, 38 – 42 CM49-53 CM15 – 16 Inch Or, 38 – 42 CM
5’6″ to 5′ 10″ Or, 168 to 178 CM17 – 18 Inch Or, 43 – 47 CM17 – 18 Inch Or, 43 – 47 CM54-55 CM17 – 18 Inch Or, 43 – 47 CM
5’10” to 6’1″ Or, 178 to 185 CM19-20 Inch Or, 48-52 CM19-20 Inch Or, 48-52 CM56-58 CM19-20 Inch Or, 48-52 CM
6’1″ to 6’4″ Or, 185 to 193 CM21 – 22 Inch Or, 53-57 CM21 – 22 Inch Or, 53-57 CM58-60 CM21 – 22 Inch Or, 53-57 CM
6’4″ to 6’6″ Or, 193 to 198 CM23-24 Inch Or, 58-61 CM23-24 Inch Or, 58-61 CM61.63 CM23-24 Inch Or, 58-61 CM

By following this chart you can determine the bike size you require. But if you need more comfort, adjust the bike seat higher or lower.

And, What Bike Should I Get For My Weight?

We often hear that biking is good exercise for weight loss. But the question is if you weigh a lot more about 300 pounds, will you be able to ride all kinds of books? Below I will present a chart, from which you will know which bike will suit you according to your weight.

Bike Size Chart By Weight

Type Of BikeWeight Limit
Folding bike190 to 280 lbs
Road bike 220 to 275 lbs
Electric bike 220 to 400 lbs
Gravel bike275 to 330 lbs
City bike300 lbs
Mountain bike 300 lbs
Hybrid bike300 to 350 lbs
Fat bike300 – 400 lbs

Then, What Is The Maximum Weight A Bike Can Take?

The average weight holding capacity of a bike is about 275-300 lbs. Although it is said that a bike can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds, some models can hold up to 550 pounds. The sturdy frame, upright riding position, and wide gear ratio of these bikes make them capable of holding weight.

We cannot say at once that any particular category of bike can hold the most weight. It depends on what materials the bike manufacturer uses to make the bike frame or tires. But fat bikes or cruiser bikes can carry more weight overall.

Can A 24 Inch Bike Fit In A Car?

YES. Most of the cars even smaller cars such as Hatchbacks or City Car can provide you a space for your bike if it doesn’t exceed the average length of a bicycle (69’’). As a default rule- whether it is an MTB, Road Bike, Touring, BMX, or any other type of bike can easily fit inside your car/city car, Sedan, Truck, SUV, or Van. But most of the time, you must have to remove the front wheel and turn the handlebars sideways. And, this job can be done by a release skewer or something that can loosen the nut bolts easily.

The good news is- a 24 or even 29-inches bike can easily fit into a car without removing any parts of your sweet bicycle.

Moreover, if you have a car that has fold-down rear seats and your bike got Dropdown or Bullhorn bars, then you should be able to take almost every 24 to 26” bike in whole. But you have to place the rear wheels of your bike towards the front of your car.

And, be careful about the cover chain and cogs of your car. Because they are always ready to stain or make a sign of their existence with scratches on the car interior!

Final Verdict

The regular or any enthusiast biker, or any decent rider should aware of the matter what size of the bike for him/her, family member, or children. It is the basic knowledge of cycling or if you want to select the right one for you or your loved ones. And, if you are still seeing me, then you have already grasped the things like differences between bike sizes, how to select the right size bike for males, females, and kids, how much a bike can carry weight, and so on.

So, now any biker should not have a problem at least selecting a 24-inch bike according to wheel & frame size based on the rider’s height, weight, and physical matters. And, these pieces of knowledge will definitely make your biking life more colorful, enjoyable, and hassle-free.

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