We love cruiser bikes because they provide a comfortable ride. But the condition for a comfortable ride is choosing the right size bike according to the height of the rider. That’s why before buying a bike, many people want to know what size cruiser bike he needs for effortless handling and comfortable riding.

Cruiser bikes of different sizes are available in the market. Plus, there are different sizes of bikes for men, women, and kids. Moreover, Frame size and Wheel size also sometimes make us difficult to choose a cruiser bike.

In this article, I will explain the sizes of cruiser bikes and the details of which size will suit the rider. If you want to collect a cruiser bike, this article is for you. So keep going  till the end for detailed information.

Do Cruiser Bikes Have Sizes?

Yes, cruiser bikes of different sizes are available in the market.

When you want to ride a cruiser bike, you need to decide on the right size. The right size bike plays a very important role in a comfortable ride.

Cruiser bikes are usually sized based on wheel and frame size. There are cruiser bikes with different wheel and frame sizes for men, women, and kids, too. Below, I am describing the wheel and frame size of the cruiser bike.

❖ Wheel Size

Adult cruiser bikes usually come with 26-inch wheels. But sometimes or in some cases, a 24-inch wheel size may be perfect for women of average height. Again, 16-inch or 20-inch size wheels are used more with kid’s cruiser bikes.

However, the wheel size is usually determined by the height of the rider.

❖ Frame Size

Like other bikes, we also measured cruiser bike frame sizes in inches or centimeters.

Most cruiser bikes available for adult men have a frame size of 18 to 19 inches. The common frame size for women is 15 inches.

Children’s cruiser bike sizes range from 8 to 12 inches depending on age and height.

Then, What Size Cruiser Bike Do You Need?

Cruiser bike sizes are determined based on the gender, age, and height of the rider.

  • For a 5’ 7″ adult male, a cruiser bike with an 18-19 inch frame with 26-inch wheels would be the best fit. In that case, many riders recommend Hyper Men’s Beach Cruiser bike (26 inches) for men. Although I wouldn’t strongly recommend any bike, you can try it. If your height is over 6 feet, go for a larger size cruiser bike.
  • Common sizes of cruiser bikes for women are 15-inch frames with 24-inch or 26-inch wheels. Though you have many more options here, a Huffy Deluxe Women’s Cruiser Bike can be a good choice as it is popular for its quality & features in this segment. But before buying a bike, you should know the details about that.
  • Most kid’s cruiser bikes range in frame size from 8 inches to 12 inches. Companies add wheels to these frames as required. Usually, 16-inch and 20-inch wheels are used more on children’s bikes. Here, height needs to be more of a priority when sizing cruiser bikes for kids.

Below, I present a height-wise cruiser bike size chart to help you out.

❖ Men Cruiser Bike Size

If you are men, determine the size of the cruiser bike according to your height. Although you don’t have many options, the chart below can help you.

Height Frame Size Wheel Size
4 feet to 5 feet 15-inch 24-inch
5 feet to 6 feet 3-inch  18-inch 26-inch
Over 6 feet Extended sized frame 26-inch

❖ Females Cruiser Bike Size

Like men, there aren’t too many size options for women to choose ‍a cruiser bike. Following the chart below will help you determine the right size.

Height Frame Size Wheel Size
4 feet to 5 feet 15-inch 20-inch to 24-inch
5 feet to 5 feet 8-inch 18-inch 24-inch to 26-inch
Over 5 feet 8-inch 18-inch 26-inch

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❖ Kid’s Cruiser Bike Size

Determining the size of a cruiser bike for kids can be a bit tricky because boys and girls need different size bikes. Here, I’ll present a universal size chart that you can apply for both boys and girls.

Age Height Frame Size Wheel Size
1 to 5 years 2’10 to 3′8″ 8 to 10-inch 16-inch
4 to 10 years 3’2″ to 4′4″ 12-inch 20-inch
8  years to adult 4′ to 5′4” 15-inch 24-inch

So, How Do You Select The Perfect Cruiser Bike Size For Your Height?

You can follow the chart given here to select the perfect cruiser bike size according to your height. But the best method is to sit on a cruiser bike.

  • If you can place your feet on the ground naturally with no struggle while sitting on the bike, then this cruiser bike is the best for your height. And, this bike height is better for controlling the bike in an emergency.

Another method is to sit on the seat and step on the pedal when it is in its lowest position.

  • If your knees are slightly bent instead of straight, the bike will fit perfectly. But by adjusting the height of the bike seat, you can try to bring it to a more comfortable and perfect height.

The Last Lines

Cruiser bicycles are the perfect choice for a comfortable and versatile ride. If you want casual rides, these bikes can be ideal for you. These bikes are available in a variety of sizes and styles. So, to get the desired comfort, it is important to find out what size cruiser bike you need.

You can use cruiser bikes for various purposes as well as commuting. These are available with a sturdy frame, comfortable tires, and different sizes. And, I must hope, this writing will help you to select or find out the correct size Cruiser Bikes for you.

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