New models of bikes are constantly coming into the market, many of them are designed for men and many bikes are designed for women. Again many bikes can be ridden by both boys and girls. What’s the question coming to mind when you think about all this? Can A Woman Ride A Men’s Bike? Right? So let’s find out the answer to this query.

Yes, a woman can ride a men’s bike. But when a girl rides a boy’s bike, there can be some problems and risks. A woman can ride a men’s bike if she wants to go on a normal or leisure trip. When women ride bikes at extra speeds or in any race then riders may face various accidents.

Today, I will present a lot of important information, some of them notable, about can women ride a men’s bike. As well as how to select the bike according to the right gender, what are the differences between boy’s and girl’s bikes etc.

Does Gender Matter For Choosing A Bicycle?

Yeah, gender is an important part of choosing a bicycle. In general, there is a big difference in the structure plan, features, and height of men’s and women’s bikes. So of course, before you buy a bike you have to see whether the bike is perfect for you as a boy or a girl. Most bike companies bring different designs of bicycles for boys and girls in the market every year.

Moreover, many unisex bikes are regularly launched in the market by bike companies. As we know, usually the biggest difference between a bike for women and a bike for men is the fit. In general, women’s heights are comparatively lower than men’s, which is why women’s bike models are designed with a much lower stack height.

Difference Between Women’s and Men’s Bikes

There are many differences between girls’ and guys’ bikes. At this stage, I will tell you about the special differences between boys’ and girls’ bikes. So let’s find out in detail-

Frame Size:

One of the most special differences between men’s and women’s bikes is the size of the bike frame. The frame size of female bicycles is much smaller and thinner than that of male bikes. One of the main reasons why boys’ and girls’ bikes have different frame sizes is their height. In general, it is seen that the height of girls is much less than that of boys. Also, women’s torsos tend to be much shorter. That’s why women’s bicycles are shortened in length so that they are within reach and women can complete their cycling very easily.

It is also seen that women have narrower necks as well as narrower shoulders. As a result, the size of the bicycle’s frame is reduced. Because the size of the frame is reduced, women can easily fit with the bicycle and can always complete their cycling in this way. In addition, the frame size of women’s bicycles must be relatively small to operate the brakes, handlebars, and levers properly. On the other hand, men are relatively tall, and their necks and arms are also longer. So the size of the frame of boy’s bikes is relatively large.

Frame Structure:

Another main difference between female and male bikes is the structure plan of the bike’s frame. It is often observed that women’s bicycles are often designed with attached low-step frames. On the other hand, we find that men’s bikes are designed with attached crossbar and step-over type frames.

In general, women often enjoy a lot of comfort by riding on bicycles with low-step frames. On the other hand, it may be seen that men generally find the frame of the crossbar bike more suitable for themselves in most cases. However, at the end of the bike frame structure, it can be said that whether you are a boy or a girl, you can select the type of frame structure that will make you feel more comfortable riding a bicycle.


Bikes designed for women have separate saddles. Men’s bikes also have completely different saddles. However, this is not the case with all bike models. In some bicycle models, there is no significant difference between the saddle of a boy’s bike and the saddle of a girl’s bike. We know that the pelvic bones of women are usually much wider than those of men. So the bikes made for women are designed with small and wide saddles.

On the other hand, Men’s bicycle saddles tend to be narrower in most cases. However, all those who are performance riders, boys or girls, usually prefer bicycles with narrow saddles. Because there is extra space for pedals to ride a bicycle with narrow saddles. In addition, as a professional rider, when you ride a bike with narrow saddles, the friction between your legs is greatly reduced. However, those who are ordinary riders will prefer wide saddle bikes. Because cycling wide saddles provide extra comfort.


It is a component of a bike that often makes the difference between a boy’s and a girl’s bike. However, it is not a big deal to think too much about suspension before buying your favorite bike. If you look closely, you can see for yourself that women’s and men’s bicycles are mostly designed with the same type of suspension.

You can create the suspension easily according to your weight while riding the bike. Also, you can easily adjust the suspension of your bike from the comfort of your own home. However, if you encounter any problems, you can get the service from your local bicycle shop.

Style & Colour:

One of the most obvious differences between male and female bicycles is style and color. This is a very important issue. We see in general that most of the girls’ bikes are given bright colors. In addition, various cane baskets, flowers, etc. are designed for style.

On the other hand, Boys’ bikes use mostly neutral colors. However, all these issues are gradually becoming less observed in the modern age. In today’s time, most bicycles are known as unisex. But when you go to purchase a bicycle, you should choose the Style & Color according to your choice.

Bike Size Chart According to Age & Gender

When a child, man, or woman wants to start riding a bike, choosing the right size of the bike becomes a very important issue. To solve your problem, at this stage of today’s article, I will tell you about the Kids, Women’s, and Men’s Bike Size Chart. Then take a look at the bike charts-

“Kids” Bike Size Chart:

Age Feet & Inches Centimeters Suggested Size
2 To 4 Year 2′ 10″  To 3′ 4″ 85 To 110 Run Bikes
2 To 5 Year 2′ 10″ To 3′ 7″ 85 To 110 12″ Wheel Diameter
5 To 7 Year 3′ 4″ To 4′ 0″ 100 To 120 16″ Wheel Diameter
7 To 9 Year 4′ 0″ To 4′ 5″ 120 To 135 20″ Wheel Diameter
9 To 11 Year 4′ 5″ To 4′ 9″ 135 To 145 24″ Wheel diameter
11+ Year 4′ 9″+ 145+ 26″ wheel Diameter

“Women” Bike Size Chart:

Height (Feet & Inches) Height (CM) Bike Frame (Inches) Bike Frame (CM) Bike Size
4′ 10″ To 5′ 0″ 148 CM To 152 CM 13″ To 14″ 33 To 37 XXS
5′ 0″ To 5′ 3″ 152 CM To 160 CM 15″ To 16″ 38 To 42 XS
5′ 3″ To 5′ 6″ 160 CM To 168 CM 17″ To 18″ 43 To 47 S
5′ 6″ To 5′ 9″ 168 CM To 175 CM 19″ To 20″ 48 To 52 M
5′ 9″ To 6′ 175 CM To 183 CM 21″ To 22″ 53 To 57 L
6′ To 6′ 3″ 183 CM To 191 CM 23″ To 24″ 58 To 62 XL

“Men” Bike Size Chart:

Inside-Leg (CM) Height (CM) Bike Size (CM) Bike Size
71 To 75 CM 152 CM To 160 CM 48 CM XX (Small)
75 To 79 CM 160 CM To 170 CM 51 CM Small
79 To 83 CM 170 CM To 174 CM 54 CM Medium
83 To 85 CM 174 CM To 180 CM 56 CM Large
85 To 89 CM 180 CM To 188 CM  57 CM XL
89 To 92 CM 188 CM To 195 CM 60 CM XXL
92 CM + 195 CM + 63 CM XXXL

Final Words:

Hopefully, after reading today’s article you will know a lot of detailed information about Can A Woman Ride A Men’s Bike, or Not. Also, you should have already gathered keen knowledge about how to select the bike according to the right gender, what are the differences between boys’ and girls’ bikes, different age bike size charts, etc which will be undoubtedly necessary pieces of information for you in this issue.

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