Of course, you can put BMX handlebars on a mountain bike. But here are some things you have to keep in mind, that is – when you use BMX handlebars on a mountain bike, the original geometry of the MTB bike can get damaged a lot and the riding quality is also likely to get worse.

So think carefully before using BMX Handlebars on your favorite MTB. In today’s article, I will share some important information regarding the use of BMX Handlebars on mountain bikes. Apart from that, you will get to know more differences between BMX and Mountain bikes Frame, Wheels, Gears, Brakes, Suspension & many more important things such as putting BMX Handle Bars on MTB and whether they are the same or not. So, Don’t skip the article & read this carefully to gain more effective pieces of information.

Differences Between BMX Bike and Mountain Bike Frame, Wheels, Gears, Brakes, And Suspension

At a glance, one of the primary differences between BMX bikes and mountain bikes, or MTB bikes, is the design of these two bikes.

  • BMX bikes are specially manufactured for normal sprinting on the surrounding areas of the track.
  • On the other hand, if you look at it properly, you will understand that mountain bikes are usually manufactured to cover long distances over rough and varied natural terrains.

But not only in design, but there are also more specific differences between BMX and Mountain bikes. At this point in today’s article, I will tell you about those differences in detail.

❖ Frame

BMX bikes are mostly used for racing. As a result, you will find very simple, rigid, and strong frames in such bikes. BMX bikes are at the top of the list of choices when it comes to using them for various types of bike racing.

On the other hand, on a Mountain bike, you get a much larger and more flexible frame. One of the main reasons is that mountain bikes are generally used for a variety of unpaved and hilly rides. The frame of this bike usually has various attachments for holding different types of drink bottles, adding air pumps and even lights as well.

❖ Wheels

A standard BMX bicycle has a wheel diameter of 20 inches. And besides that, in the case of BMX bicycles of the cruiser class, the wheel diameter is 24 inches. And the wheels of this type of bike are much stiffer and bigger. As BMX bicycles are mostly used for participating in various races. So it’s heavily laced for quick cycling and quick side changes as well.

An MTB, on the other hand, has a standard wheel size of 26 inches. There are also larger mountain bike wheels available with a size of 29 inches. Moreover, MTB with larger wheels can easily move or roll easily on any kind of stone area, gravel road, or up and down roads.

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❖ Gears

In BMX bicycles, you will get single gear where the gears tend to match the sprocket size by coordinating the rider’s tempo and power while cycling. Because BMX bicycle pedals tend to have very sharp teeth as well as large flats. In addition, in some cases, shoe clips can also be seen.

Besides, a Mountain bike will get you up to 24 different types of gear. As a result, riders will be able to ride from steep climbs to any kind of long flat straight road or rough terrain with ease. Moreover, you can ride comfortably on a wide variety of terrains. Also, MTB bike pedals appear in many BMX bike forms. In addition, you can add a separate shoe rack to this bike as well as a strap of your choice.

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❖ Brakes

Generally, BMX bikes use caliper brakes to control the speed and proper attitude of the bike. This brake is typically on the rear where you will also find a caliper brake, disc brake, or a combination brake.

Mountain bike brakes, on the other hand, are more likely to be caliper brakes, disc brakes, or a combination brake. That means you can choose a brake as per your preference. And the MTBs usually have very strong brakes that make riding on any type of road like muddy, hilly, unpaved, gravel, or wet roads very easy. And the heat generated during various long descents is also very manageable.

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❖ Suspension

BMX bicycles do not have any type of suspension. That’s why cyclists complete their riding with the maximum force of their body and their strength. But you may encounter different obstacles during the sprint and riding periods due to your different needs. Nonetheless, on this bike, riders can easily absorb the impacts of their legs and body parts. And also, pumped through the hoops in various ways.

On the other hand, you will get suspension on a modern Mountain bike. Furthermore, you can add more suspensions to your liking later if you want, and planning to go to a hardtail. As you may know, suspension naturally helps to control the tires of a bicycle better. It also allows the biker to follow various ground irregularities to properly cushion them while cycling.

Are BMX Bike and Mountain Bike Handlebars Same?

No, BMX Bike and Mountain Bike Handlebars are not the same.

These two types of bikes’ handlebars have so many differences.

  • Usually, BMX bike handlebars are very heavy. On the other hand, the handlebars of mountain bikes are relatively light in weight.
  • Since BMX bikes are mostly used in various types of races, the handlebars of these bikes are in a very aggressive position. On the contrary, Mountain bikes are used more for regular and mountain riding so handlebars are more common and flexible.
  • The handlebars of these bicycles are mostly made of aluminum or carbon fiber.
  • Moreover, these two bikes have so many differences in handlebar size, weight, outer look, performance, height, strength, geometry & many other aspects.

Can You Put BMX Handlebars On A Mountain Bike?

Yes, you can put BMX handlebars on a mountain bike. However, if you use BMX handlebars on a mountain bike, the downsides may outweigh the upsides. Typically, BMX bike handlebars are much heavier than MTB bars. So you may face a lot of problems while riding a mountain bike while using this handlebar.

Various researches and differences show that BMX bike handlebars are 154% heavier than mountain bike handlebars models. That’s why riding can be very uncomfortable. So, I don’t think it would be right to use this type of handlebars on mountain bikes. But as an experimental cyclist, you may have a personal preference. In that scenario, you can definitely try to put BMX Handlebars on a mountain bike if you still wish to do that.

Some of The BMX Bars You Wish to Use on Your MTB

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The Final Sayings

Hope you have learned and understood many important things from today’s article and found the correct and simple answer to the question of putting BMX Handlebars on a Mountain Bike. Moreover, I have given various important and detailed information about BMX & Mountain Bike Handlebars, differences between their handlebars with configuration comparison, and many more things. Surely, all this information will be very important in your cycling life, especially in BMX and MTB biking.

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