Yes, teenagers can use a mountain bike. Teenagers are far ahead when it comes to riding mountain bikes. New models of MTB bikes are constantly coming into the market for teenagers. The features of these bikes are so understandable and efficient that a teenage rider can ride mountain bikes with great ease.

After reading today’s article in its entirety, you will learn a lot of essential information, which can be very important for your future cycling journey. Today I will tell you a lot of important information about can Teenagers ride MTB. Also, the age of the most Mountain Bikers, choosing an MTB bike for teenagers, the teenage bike size chart, and so on this topic.

And I will give you much more information about a teenager’s MTB bike journey. So let’s go into a detailed discussion without delay.

What Age Are Most Mountain Bikers?

Most mountain bikers are between 24 to 44 years old. Men and women of this age mostly buy mountain bikes and cycle through them. There are some special reasons why most men and women between the ages of 24 to 44 ride MTB bikes. All those reasons are mentioned below-

  1. Mountain bikes tend to be a bit heavier in weight and as a result, kids may not be able to ride them easily. However, after the age of 20, riders can easily control all mountain bikes. So then most riders ride mountain bikes.
  2. Women and men of this age are more health-conscious. Hope you know that riding a mountain bike every day will improve your health and weight loss. It will work in your body a lot like exercise which will cause blood circulation in your body. There are many benefits to this, so most riders are seen riding mountain bikes during this time.
  3. When you are between the ages of 30 and 35, a variety of diseases can develop in your body. However, if you can exercise properly by riding a mountain bike in advance, then you can get rid of various diseases. Considering all these factors, many people start riding mountain bikes at this age.
  4. Mountain bikes are often ridden on mountain, hill, or off-road roads. These roads require a minimum age for proper bicycle control. So at this age, most riders cycle on mountain bikes.

Female Mountain Bikers Percentage

The truth is- Girls rarely ride mountain bikes. Various analyzes show that only 15 to 20 percent of mountain bikers are females. And the remaining 80 to 85 percent of MTB bikers are boys/males. That means only 2 out of 10 MTB bikers are girls. Women may face various problems while riding mountain bikes as these bikes weigh a little more. Moreover, to ride a bike you have to be much more active and pro level. So many women do not want to take such risks. So very few percent of females ride mountain bikes.

Most the women cycle to go out for their office commute or household chores. However, mountain bikes are mostly used in various off-roads, paved roads, and mountainous areas. So females do not feel comfortable cycling these bikes on normal roads. So the percentage of women riding mountain bikes has become much less. But, overcoming many obstacles and many female mountain bikers have made their future lives brighter through the MTB biking profession.

Can A Teenager Use Mountain Bike?

I told you before that teenagers can use mountain bikes. There are several models of mountain bikes that have been specially designed for teenagers. Many teenagers can easily fit into adult mountain bikes. They are easily able to cycle through bikes designed for adults. Now I will give some more important information about teens riding bikes. So let’s find out.

Bike Sizing Chart For Teenager Rider:

The right bike size should be selected for people of all ages. This is a very important step in choosing the right bike. Moreover, in the case of teenagers, choosing the right bike size is even more important.

Many people start their first bike riding journey in their teens. So if for some reason the riding journey is started inconsistently or unfortunately by riding the wrong size’s bike, then many more problems can be encountered. So for your convenience, at this stage of today’s article, I will tell you about the bike size chart for teenagers.

Rider’s Age Rider’s Height Frame Size Wheel Size Suggested Teenage Bike
13 Years Old 156. 2 CM 14 Inch 24″ Or 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
14 Years Old 163. 8 CM 14 Inch 24″ Or 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
15 Years Old 170. 1 CM 14 Inch Or 17 Inch 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
16 Years Old 173. 4 CM 14 Inch Or 17 Inch 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
17 Years Old 175. 2 CM 17 Inch 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
18Years Old 175.7 CM 17 Inch 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes
19 Years Old 175.7 CM + 17 Inch 26″, 27. 5″ & 700 C Adult Bikes

How Do I Choose a Teenage MTB?

There are several things to consider when choosing a teenage mountain bike. To select the right bike for a teenage rider, you must have the right knowledge about the various features of a mountain bike. Here are some things to look for when selecting a teenage mountain bike and how you can easily choose a teenage mountain bike. So at this stage of the article let’s find out how you can easily choose a teenage mountain bike-

Getting The Perfect Size For A Teenage Rider:

When choosing the right bike for a teenager, you should first look at the size. It is important to keep in mind which size is best for the rider. Because if the right size bicycle is not purchased, the rider will never be able to cycle spontaneously and comfortably. Be sure to note that each mountain bike has all the features & sizes in the detail. However, in addition to the direct trial to see if this is correct for the bike rider.

It is often the case that the seat tubes of many mountain bike models have a much narrower frame when they are lengthened. So of course when purchasing a bike for a teenager, the size of the bike that is most suitable for the rider should be seen directly through the trial. It is important to make sure that all the features of the MTB are properly matched with the height of the teenage rider.

For a teenager, it is important to select a bike that can easily grab the handlebars of the bike and ride without any risk. It should also be ensured that the maximum level of pedal height can be achieved without extending the seat post too much.

Grab a Desirable Wheel Size:

When you are going to select a mountain bike for a teenager cyclist, you must choose the right wheel size, after choosing the right MTB size. The wheels of MTB bicycles are generally of two types. One is 27.5 inches and the other is 29 inches.

The 27.5-inch wheeled bikes can be chosen by teenagers who prefer cycling downhill and on trail-type roads. On the other hand, 29-inch wheels can be chosen by teenagers who want to take mountain bikes for trail and XC. The wheels of the 29-inch MTB bike Wheel are very powerful, as well as the lightweight design makes it easy for teenagers to use. It is becoming more and more popular day by day.

There are some other wheel sizes ranging from 24 inches to 29 inches. Teenagers can choose the size of the wheel according to their preferences and comfort. A teenage biker needs to choose the right type of frame and tyres. He or She can choose any size wheel depending on their preference.

Of course, it is better to take a simple trial before choosing the size of the wheel. Besides, you will be able to select the frame and tire according to your choice.

Also, for those who think that they can do a lot of riding, big hoops are a must. A teenager needs to keep all these things in mind when buying a bike.

Properly Focus On The Suspension Quality:

Before buying a bicycle for a teenage MTB rider you must pay special attention to the suspension quality. If the suspension quality is good, it is possible to ride the bike very quickly. You can check the Mountain Bike websites for suspension quality. Or when you go to purchase a cycle directly by looking at the suspension qualities in the features then you should choose a bicycle for teenagers.

Never Obsess About MTB Cycle’s Weight:

While a teenage rider rides a bicycle, if the weight is not right, it can be much more difficult to ride. So when choosing an MTB cycle for a teenager rider, it is important to keep an eye on the weight. If the weight of the bicycle is too much, it can be very difficult for teenagers to carry.

Similarly, if the weight of the bicycle is very low then in the case of cycling with a mountain bike on an off-road, the hilly road there is a possibility of the bicycle getting stuck or broken in different places. So when buying a bike for teenagers, you must weigh the weight properly.

As if the weight is not heavyweight or underweight. So what I want to say is- select the right MTB bike that weighs fairly but all the equipment of the bike is much stronger and more durable. Each rider’s health and weight are different, so you need to choose the type of bike that is right for your weight.

Be Aware of the Flashy Expanded Elements:

A lot of times it happens that it looks much more beautiful to see all the components of the bike. But they may not be of very good quality so of course when you want to buy a mountain bike for a teenage rider.

First of all, you have to look at all the components properly. In addition to making the material beautiful, it is important to make sure that they are completely quality also.

Many people customize mountain bikes after purchasing them. Customizing can cost a lot of money, so be sure to keep an eye on the new components of those customizations as well. Make sure the components are fully qualified, as well as the teenagers can ride them very nicely.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, after reading today’s article you have come to know the exact information about using Mountain Bike for a teenager. Moreover, the proper age of the most Mountain Bikers, choosing a suitable mountain bike for teenagers, the teenage bike size chart, etc. All these matters have been described in detail.

Because all of this information has been much needed for you as a teenage MTB biker or as a guardian of a teenage mountain biker. By applying all this information in your personal life, you will make the Teenage Mountain Bike Journey even more beautiful.

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