Handlebars are an important part of every bicycle. When you continue to ride a hybrid bicycle, you may feel that it is necessary to change the handlebars of this bike. Then the question may come to your mind, can I replace or change the Handlebars of my Hybrid Bike.

The most simple and beautiful answer to this question is- Yes, you can change the handlebars on a hybrid bike. But when you attach a different type of handlebar to a hybrid bike it may not be compatible with the entire bike configuration.

In that case, you may need to modify certain parts of the hybrid bike to make it fully compatible and comfortable. And, if you are a hybrid bicycle lover, then today’s complete article is going to be very special for you. Because here I am going to tell you a lot of important and detailed information about the hybrid bike, its handlebar types, change & reinstallation, and how to choose the right one for your Hybrid. Also, a recommendation list of Hybrid Handlebars for the enthusiast Hybrid from my bike renovation experience.

Then you must feel very excited now! Wait! Hold your excitement a bit, and please read the full article grasping the keen knowledge about Hybrid Handlebars.

What Is a Hybrid Bike?

Hybrid bicycles are more specialized and blend features from the road, touring, and mountain bikes. So the resulting “hybrid” is a general-purpose bike that can withstand a wide range of riding conditions and applications. And, this bike’s stability, comfort, and ease of use make them most popular for novice cyclists, casual commuters, professionals, and also children.

  • Hybrid bicycles usually get some special features from the MTB. Notable among them are the mostly flat and fairly straight handlebars. Due to this, the riders also get an upright sitting position while riding. And, also able to ride comfortably.
  • Hybrid bikes also employ the lighter weight, thinner wheels, and smoother tires of road bikes, which allows for more speed and less effort when riding on the road.
  • Hybrid bikes often have racks and bag mounts for transporting items much like touring bikes. Hybrid bikes have spawned numerous subcategories catering to diverse ridership.
  • They are classified by their design priorities such as optimization for comfort or fitness and offered as city, cross, or commuter Bikes.

Finally, you can consider this bike as specially manufactured with a complete blend of mountain, road, and touring bike designs. Because a wide range of features of these 3 bikes is integrated into a hybrid bike. Generally, all the features of the right type of hybrid bike depend on how exactly or what you want to use this bike for.

Which Type of Handlebars Do Most Hybrid Bikes Have?

Generally, most hybrid bikes have standard flat handlebars & riser bars.

  • Flatbar handlebars are very common on hybrid bikes. Because they are relatively heavier than drop-bar handlebars. But it still allows you to ride in a much more comfortable position. Also, Hybrid bikes with flat bar handlebars allow riders to easily see the road ahead while cycling.

As a result, any possible danger can be dealt with easily and well rounded. The upright position helps reduce stress on cyclists’ hands, wrists, as well as shoulders. And this makes it possible to ride comfortably for long periods. Riders like these standard flat handlebars a lot, so it has become popular day by day. That’s why most hybrid bicycles have standard flat handlebars.

  • Riser bars are also very common in hybrid bikes. Many riders like this type of handlebars. Hence the demand is increasing.

Riser bars generally extend upwards and backward towards the rider during cycling. As a result, it is possible to cycle while enjoying the beautiful and scenic view of the side & front of the roads.

More importantly, the riser bars allow the bike to be controlled while steering and will enable the rider to sit further back for comfortable cycling. That means Hybrid bikes with riser bars are comfortable to ride due to the increased controllability.

Can You Change The Handlebars On a Hybrid Bike?

Of course, you can change the handlebars on a hybrid bike. In most cases, the handlebars of any type of bicycle are interchangeable.

However, you may need a variety of extra tools when changing the handlebars of a hybrid bicycle. You can use any type of handlebar of your choice on a hybrid bike. Changing the bars can lead to various difficulties and cost you a lot of money.

  • But still fitting a new handle bar can make your bike look completely new and more premium. You can fit a new handle bar according to your needs and budget as a hybrid cyclist. I already told you that hybrid bikes are usually fitted with standard flat bars. And, there are about a dozen different types of handlebars on the market.
  • Handle bar size and type may vary depending on your hybrid bicycle’s leverage and diameter measurements. Hybrid bikes are equipped with flat handlebars by default. So you may find it boring to run the same handlebars all the time.

So at some point, you might want to implement a new type of handle bar. No need to worry dude, you can apply a new type of handlebar to your hybrid bicycle. If you’re thinking of changing the flat bars of your hybrid bike to drop bars, you can do that too.

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But it may be expensive and time-consuming. Because in this case, you may have to change many other bike parts. In this case, the brakes, stems, and shifters of the hybrid bicycle have to be changed to provide the adjustment.

How Do You Remove Damaged Handlebars On a Hybrid Bike?

You can easily remove damaged handlebars on a hybrid bike. In today’s article, I will tell you how to remove damaged handlebars from a hybrid bicycle very easy, step by step. So let’s see-

1. At First, You Need To Remove The Grips

Typically, bike grips mostly slide on top of the handlebars. Moreover, there are several locking mechanisms. So at first, you need to check the grip type of the hybrid bike. Then remove it with sufficient care.

2. Properly Remove All The Accessories From the Cycle’s Handlebar

All the accessories such as shifters, bells, and brake levers on the bicycle should be unscrewed. And, they should be carefully separated.

3. Remove The Damaged Bar From The Bike Stem

Now easily unscrew the handlebar and separate the damaged handlebar from the bike stem.

How Do You Put or Re-Install New Handlebars On a Hybrid Bike?

If you want to put new handlebars on a hybrid bike, at first you need some components. Which are-

  1. New Handlebar
  2. Shifters
  3. Stem
  4. Brake levers
  5. Brake cables
  6. Gear cables
  7. Bar tape

Also, you need some tools to put the new handlebars-

  1. A torque wrench
  2. Electrical tape
  3. Allen keys
  4. Tape measurer
  5. A Cable
  6. Housing cutter tool

Now the steps to follow for re-installing of new handlebar-

  • Before installing the new handlebar, you must first remove your pre-installed bike grips, accessories, and the old bar.
  • Now you need to mount the stem and carefully position a new handlebar of the same size alongside it.
  • The new bar should be well-tightened. Here, you can use a torque wrench to tighten. But of course, be careful not to overtighten the bar bolts.
  • After that, your main task will be to mount the shifters on the handlebar at the desired angle.
  • Carefully replace the gear and brake cables on the handlebars, as well as the various cable covers.
  • Finally, wrap the handlebars well with electrical tape.

In this way, you can easily change the handlebars of the hybrid bicycle and add new bars.

Choosing Perfect Handlebars For Your Hybrid Bike

Handlebars are a small part of the bicycle but not least in terms of weight, the handlebars play a huge role in comfortable bike rides and bike control.

  • Just as the right size handlebar gives comfort and control, the wrong size or wrong design handlebar can make the rider uncomfortable and lacks control.

Each bicycle is equipped with a suitable and functional handlebar. But sometimes to enhance the beauty of the bike, sometimes for better control, riders install new handlebars as per their choice.

  • Moreover, Handlebars should be fitted according to the bike design as well as the type of bike, rider height, and personality.

For hybrid bikes, you will find different handlebars, small and large, light and heavy in the market. You might be thinking that finding the right handlebars for a hybrid bike is a lot of trouble!

But no need to worry, in this phase of today’s article, I will tell you about some handlebars that are perfect for hybrid bikes. After much research and expertise, these quality and standard handlebars have been selected. You can choose any one of the bars as per your preference and requirement.

1. BW 100 mm Riser Handlebar– Fits 25.4 mm Stems:

  • 4 mm diameter
  • 620 mm width
  • 10 mm back sweep
  • 100 mm rise

2. Riser Handlebar– Multiple Rise Options 25.4 MM:

  • Aluminum alloy material
  • 100 mm Rise
  • Clamp diameter: 25.4 mm
  • Bar end diameter: 22.2 mm
  • Sweep back angle: 3°

3. Eyours Bicycle Aero Bars:

  • Diameter: 31.8 mm/ 1.23, 26 mm/ 1.02, 25.4 mm/ 1.
  • Total Length: 14.4
  • Free Adjustable
  • 10 cm straight section

4. UPANBIKE Handlebar – Aluminum Alloy Riser Bar 25.4mm & 600mm:

  • Bar ends diameter: 22.2 mm
  • Bar bore clamp diameter: 25.4 mm
  • Handlebar length: 600 mm
  • Handlebar Type: Riser bar

Last Verdict

In today’s complete dissertation, I have tried to give much important and necessary information related to hybrid bikes and their handlebars, how to replace & install as well as selecting the right one with a strong recommendation list for your convenience.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will not have to worry about changing the handlebars of your hybrid bicycle or choosing a new handlebar. Apart from that, you have also been able to gain proper knowledge about the type of handlebars of hybrid bicycles. Surely, all this information will be very useful next ride with your Hybrid Bike.

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