When we are talking about bicycle pedals, the first question that comes to mind is whether All Bike Pedals are Universal or not. Am I right dear?

Well, I’m going to tell about this topic in detail. The straight answer is- No, all bike pedals are not universal. Generally, there are two main sizes of bike pedals – 9/ 16” and ½”.

Although mostly riders prefer 9/ 16″ size pedals. On the contrary, some bikers use ½ size pedals. Depending on the type of bike, the size of the pedals varies. So, you can never call bicycle pedals universal.

Today’s blog post will tell you more important information about pedals. And, if you are really enthusiastic about knowing pedals, then today’s writing is going to be very special for you. Here you will learn more about the details of different types of bicycle pedals, their differences, how to choose the perfect pedal for you, and much more. Keep reading the article to enjoy the entire process with complete fun.

Do Bike Pedals Matter?

For riders, who prefer very light pedals, bike pedals matter a lot. There are also many bikers who prefer slightly heavier and more durable pedals.

  • One thing to note is that when you use a light pedal, you can move forward much faster.
  • On the other hand, if you use pedals that are a little bigger and heavier, like hybrid bike pedals, you may feel a bit of pain when moving forward.
  • But if you are a pro rider, then all these pedal issues won’t matter much to you.

Certain scientific studies show that pedals do not matter as much when the rider is riding at the same intensity. And, Bikers can move forward with either type of pedal.

9/16 20 TPI size pedals are pretty much standard on all types of bikes. Usually, the pedals weigh between 200 g and 400 g. Most cyclists tend to lean towards lighter pedals. So that with light materials, you can move forward very quickly.

The more you can invest in your pedal, the lighter pedal you can get. Because the light weight of a pedal helps you move forward technically faster. So, of course, bike pedals matter.

Different Types Of Bike Pedals

Bicycle pedals generally come in three distinct styles. These are –

  1. Clip Pedals.
  2. Clipless Pedals.
  3. Platform Pedals.

At this stage of my writing, I will tell you some important information about these three types of bike pedals in detail. By knowing that you can easily understand which of these pedals are good for what type of riding. Apart from that, you can also choose which pedal will be most perfect for your bike.

1. Clipless Pedals

Cleats are used to hold the shoes that riders wear while cycling. As a result, clipless pedals keep your feet properly attached to the pedals of the bicycle by mechanical means. It never goes against the bicycle’s ski binding system.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed when mechanically attached to the pedals of your bicycle.

  • One of them is that it will support your feet so that they do not slip during bicycle riding. As a result, riders can improve their pedaling skills very comfortably without any risk.
  • One of the reasons that common clipless pedals are so confusingly named is that these types of pedals are largely free of the old-fashioned “toe clips”. Apart from that, it is a common choice for road bikes, high-end commuter bikes, and mountain bikes.

Clipless pedals can generally be divided into two distinct categories. They are – road bike pedals and mountain bike pedals.

  • Road bike pedals typically have three or four-hole cleats. Also, it’s often one-sided and has a larger surface area to transfer larger amounts of energy, which is what it’s made of.

Larger cleats can sometimes cause discomfort when walking. However, these types of pedals have specialized cleat covers and so accessory riders can plan on walking a bit more during their riding sessions.

  • In contrast, Clipless pedals on an MTB, you will see using two-hole cleats. These types of pedals are characterized in two or more directions and thus provide more efficiency than other pedals during road riding.

Furthermore, clipless pedals designed for mountain bikes are much easier to keep shoes on, making it easier for the rider to walk. So, these types of pedals can be a very good choice for various types of recreational bicycle riding.

2. Platform Pedals

The Platform Pedals are mostly found in BMX bikes, urban cycles, recreational bicycles, and also mountain bikes. These types of pedals allow you to step easily during riding. As a result, the riders are able to complete the cycling in a very comfortable manner.

When using these types of pedals, pedaling is possible in the easiest way compared to all other pedals. So you don’t need to wear special shoes when pedaling or stopping the bike.

There are several types of platform pedals. The more expensive platform pedals you use, the better bearings, more power, and better traction they will be able to provide.

3. Clip Pedals

In the case of Clip Pedals, the rider’s toes are properly attached to the clip pedals by means of a special cage and a strap while cycling. But they are much less popular these days and are considered outdated pedals as well.

Clip pedals allow riders to cycle faster without any special shoes. However, in various special situations, there is a possibility that the shoe may get stuck. For this reason, many riders do not prefer clip pedals for mountain biking.

  • And, Clip pedals are recommended on bikes that are used mostly for commuting. Apart from that, such pedals are also observed in indoor fitness bikes.

Difference Between Clipless Pedals And Clips or Flat Pedals

There are many differences between clipless pedals and clip pedals. As a cyclist, it is your duty to have proper knowledge about all these things. For your convenience, at this stage of today’s article, I will tell you about the difference between Clipless and Clip Pedals.

1. Clipless Pedals

👉 Can Give You Extra Control

When the rider has properly attached himself to the bicycle, the rider will be able to connect his feet to the bicycle pedals with much more control. And, Clipless Pedals help you navigate more precisely any type of trail riding that is very technical.

By using these types of paddles, you can easily move forward and jump over various obstacles, and be able to lift up the bicycle tire as well. This pedal can give you a lot of control when accelerating over obstacles ahead without skidding on any type of road, track, and trail.

👉 Rider Can Able Apply Too Much Power With The Clipless Pedals

Normally every rider keeps their feet in an ideal position during cycling. Then when you want to pull your legs more, the pedal stroke of the bicycle is possible to pedal very comfortably.

Furthermore, when you use a clipless pedal, you can put more power into the pedals through your feet. As a result, it will be possible to move forward faster. In addition, these types of pedals allow you to climb faster as well as move forward with greater acceleration.

👉 Can Put less Stress On The Knee Joint While Riding The Bicycle

According to the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy (IJSPT), when various scientific studies were conducted on the foot-shoe-pedal interface of competitive cyclists, using clipless fixed pedals during riding produced the greatest knee axial and varus moments in riders.

Also, when a clipless pedal system is used, there is a lot of wear and tear, which allows the transverse especially. The internal rotation speed decreases by up to 50% every moment while riding, providing a power output of 250W.

  • A variety of research findings have shown that using clipless pedals can reduce movement if the rider’s knees are unhealthy and reduce knee stress.

👉 Clipless Pedals Are Too Much Better on The Rough Terrain Area

Pedaling over any kind of rocks, bumps, and potholes is very easy when the rider’s feet are especially attached to the bike while riding. Even when the going gets rough, clipless pedals will never slip or bounce in any way.

👉 Rider Can Easily Ride Faster With The Clipless Pedals

You can add a lot of extra power to clipless pedals. Because of this, the extra added power when cycling allows you to ride much faster and easier than with clip pedals in the same amount of time.

Clipless pedals allow you to ride about a mile per hour faster with more power output. So they are a must for those who participate in additional riding tours when going faster.

👉 Clipless Pedals And Shoes Are Extra Technologically Advanced

If you notice, most professional riders nowadays use clipless pedals. Because the Riders feel much more comfortable using clipless pedals and are technologically advanced.

You can use this type of pedals on road bikes and mountain bikes as well. Clipless pedals offer the most superior gearing compared to all other pedals. As a result, the performance is automatically much better.

Due to the popularity of these types of pedals and shoes, there are constant efforts to improve them through various research and development. A lot of money is spent on various researches so that all cyclists like you and me can enjoy the benefits of these special technologies.

2. Clip Pedals

👉 Can Easily Reduce The Risk Of Many Type Of Injury

Since Clip Pedals allow riders to easily place their feet around the pedals during cycling, various types of risks are automatically reduced. And, Clip Pedals do not have the possibility of various types of inadvertent pain in your knees or different joints of your feet due to the lack of improper adjustments like clipless pedals. By using clip pedals, riders can easily avoid their discomfort and pain.

👉 The Chances Of Crashing Or Falling Off The Bike Will Be Greatly Reduced

While cycling, if you suddenly feel that there is an emergency and you need to lower your foot from the pedal, then if you use Clip Pedals, you can easily lower your foot without any hindrance. As a result, the chances of crashing or falling off the bike will be greatly reduced. By using Clip Pedals you can comfortably keep your feet on the pedals or on the ground.

👉 Bikers Don’t Need To Wear Any Type Of Specialty Shoes While Riding With Clip Pedals

You can choose sandals, different types of shoes, or any type of boots for riding with Clip Pedals. If you feel the need to ride your favorite bicycle to the grocery store. In that case, this type of pedal can be a very good option for you.

Also, if you want to keep your feet warm while cycling in the cold Konkan air during winters, you can choose the boots of your choice.

  • But, when you ride a bicycle with Clip Pedals, you don’t need to wear any specific type of shoes that are specific to cycling alone.
  • Also, if you feel comfortable riding a bicycle barefoot, you can definitely do that too.

However, there may be some security flaws in this case. There are a number of safety deficiencies associated with barefoot cycling, so it may be best not to recommend it.

👉 Cycling With Clip Pedals Is Too Much Cheaper Than Clipless Pedals

Because you don’t need to buy any special shoes or separate cleats while cycling with Clip Pedals. So naturally, you can save a lot of money. Clip Pedals can be found at very low prices at any bike accessory store in your area. Whereas a clipless pedal is much more expensive. You don’t have to buy anything extra while cycling with Clip Pedals. So naturally using this type of pedal can be very chipper for you.

👉 Don’t Have To Worry About Setting Up The Cleats

A clip pedal is an object that keeps blood circulating in your body while riding a bike. And, also keep your feet in a healthy position while riding. For which you can get a very comfortable feeling on the feet.

Clip pedals also dare you to get off the bike with more ease. These clip pedals save you from messing with your bicycle’s cleats.

👉 You Can Easily Get Clip Pedals Anywhere In This Globe

The good news for you is that these flat pedals are very easy to purchase even in the remotest part of your country, a pair of flat pedals. These are available at almost every bike shop.

Standard size is available in bike shops with a standard part which makes a replacement easy and comfortable.

How Do I Know My Pedal Size?

The easiest way to know bike pedal size is to determine the pedal size by testing the thread width with a set of digital calipers. Also, if you don’t want to go through all this trouble, you can ask the crank manufacturer about bicycle pedal issues.

Besides that, you can go to the local bicycle service centers to inquire about your  bicycle pedal size. Officials at those shops can ask to clarify by measuring all necessary pedal thread sizes that would be perfect for the rider.

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Perfect Fitted Pedals For The Bicycle

Different types and sizes of pedals fit each bicycle. At this stage of today’s article, I will tell you about the perfect fitted pedals for different types of bicycles. So let’s tell about perfect fitted Pedals for the Bicycle in the form of a table.

Pedal Name Thread Size Main Pedal For Ride
Platform Pedal Or Clip Pedal 9/ 16 20 TPI Any Type Of Bikes
Toe Clip Or Cage Pedal 9/ 16 20 TPI Road Bikes or Hybrid Bikes
Hybrid Pedals 9/ 16 20 TPI Hybrid Bikes or Touring Bikes
Clipless Off Road Pedals 9/ 16 20 TPI Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike, and Cyclocross Bike
Clipless Road Pedals 9/ 16 20 TPI Road Bike
Kids Platform Pedals Or Clip Pedals ½ 20 TPI Children’s Bikes Or BMX Bikes

Are All Bike Pedals Universal?

No dear, all bike pedals are not universal.

There are many differences in the shape of the bicycle pedals, so it is not possible to call the pedals universal. One of the reasons a bike’s pedals usually vary in size is because the arms of the crank are pointing at threads of that particular size, causing the change.

It depends a lot on the age of your bike and the type of bike you have. For example, vintage bikes with a crankset often choose a different size pedal thread than a modern, high-tech bike. Generally, bicycle pedals are available in two special shapes – 9/16″ and ½”.

Children’s bicycles also tend to use certain pedal sizes. Regardless of the type of bicycle, all bicycle pedals are standardized. 9/16″ pedal size is very close to bike pedal size. Because of this, most bicycles can fit 9/16″ size pedals.

  • However, many bicycles have different sizes of pedals attached according to the rider’s choice. There are different configurations of pedals available in the market. So Riders select different pedal types and sizes depending on their bike model. Considering all these factors, you can easily say that bicycle pedals are not universal.

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What Are Flat Pedals?

A flat pedal is a pedal that is considered a ‘standard’ bike pedal’. The pedals of this type of bicycle have a completely flat surface. Apart from that, there is no separate interface to clip the rider’s shoes while riding. These pedals are attached to the bicycle as a very simple platform without any bindings.

Moreover, there is a light non-slip grip design on the pedals so that it does not slip around the rider’s feet during cycling. Sometimes, some flat pedals have dull metal pins attached.

  • If you attach Flat Pedals to your bicycle, you can accomplish cycling by wearing any type of boots, other shoes, and any type of athletic footwear, including sandals.
  • Furthermore, if using flat pedals, besides this, the rider can also complete cycling barefoot if wants.

This is not the end, Dude. In the next section, I will tell you more information about flat pedals.

Why Do They Call It Flat Pedals?

Flat pedals usually have a very simple flat platform without any heavy binding. So basically this pedal is called Flat Pedals.

Just hearing the word flat means that it can be a very smooth surface. In a word, these types of pedals are made in a simple and smooth way, without any heavy design, obstacles, etc., like all other pedals, so they are called Flat Pedals.

Are Flat Pedals Worth It?

Flat pedals offer a variety of benefits. From that point of view, definitely Flat Pedals Worth It.

  • Better crank power can be transferred through such pedals.
  • There is a greater range of rotation based on foot position. Ease of adjustment to different heel areas.
  • In addition, it is possible to quickly remove the foot from the pedal as needed and easily return to the previous position.
  • Pedaling with a flat pedal maintains a good body position.

For all these reasons, it can be said that Flat Pedals are Worth It.

Do Flat Pedals Make You Faster?

  • You can’t move forward very fast with flat pedals.
  • This type of pedal has very little power.

Because of this, the average speed can be much slower with flat pedals. So it can be said that No Flat Pedals can’t make you faster.

Riding Flat Pedals With Normal Shoes

You can easily ride flat pedals with any normal shoes. Generally, no special shoes are required for riding flat pedals. So any cyclist can perfectly cycle with flat pedals by wearing any type of boots, other normal shoes, and any type of athletic footwear, including sandals.

Choosing Perfect Flat Pedals For Your Bike

Selecting the perfect flat pedals for your bike may seem difficult for you. But there is no reason to worry. Because now I am going to reveal about some special types of flat pedals. So that you can easily choose the perfect Flat Pedals for your bike.



  • Weight: 553 grams
  • Platform Size: 105 x 109 mm

Reasons to Choose This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Completely satisfactory
  • Strong structure Plan



Weight: 365 grams

Platform Size: 115 x 105 mm

Reasons to Purchase This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Light weight
  • Completely serviceable
  • Huge platform sector
  • Length adjustable clasps



  • Weight: 422 grams
  • Platform Size:: 95 x 100 mm

Reasons to Buy This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Adjustable clasps
  • Fully usable



  • Weight: 327 grams
  • Platform Size: 97 x 102 mm

Reasons to Select This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Low-cost
  • Lightweight
  • Wide expanse of color accessible



  • Weight: 299 grams (S) 329 grams (L)
  • Platform Size: 100 x 100mm (S) 111 x 114 mm (L)

Reasons to Buy This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable clasp length
  • Serviceable relevance’s

Pros And Cons Of Flat Pedals


  1. Very Easy to use these flat pedals.
  2. Be able to get off and on very easily and very quickly.
  3. This type of pedal is less prone to mud and dirt.
  4. Very comfortable foot placement is possible and this pedal is also very good at changing balance.


  • Due to the smoothness, there is a possibility of the foot slipping off the platform inadvertently.
  • In some cases, this type of pedal can be much less efficient.

What Is A Clipless Pedal?

Clipless pedals are a type of pedals that allow the soles of the rider’s shoes to perfectly connect to the pedals while riding. One of the goals of this type of pedal is to complete cycling by keeping the rider’s feet in the optimal position while pedaling. Then if you want to feel the ball of your foot in the center of the pedal while riding, that is possible with clipless pedals.

Clipless pedals are commonly used on road bikes, mountain bikes, and more. To fully engage your foot with this type of pedal, simply place your foot on the pedal. In most cases, the system will make a perfect clicking sound to let you know that you are locked in while cycling.

So, when it’s time to get off your bike, and you’re ready to take your foot off the pedals, you can gently swing your ankle. So that the cleats will detach from the pedals very easily. I will tell you more information about clipless pedals. Continue reading the very next section.

Why Do They Call It Clipless Pedals?

When using clipless pedals, you will realize that these pedals have a special mechanism to keep them clipped to your shoes. On the other hand, you won’t find any kind of clip-on flat pedals. Another reason for being called clipless is that these pedals do not have any kind of straps or cages in the toe areas.

These were replaced by special locking mechanisms that allowed the cleats of such pedals to remain attached. Back when clipless pedals were not popular, one of the ways to attach the rider’s feet to the pedals was to use some type of strap on the shoe. These shoe straps or clips were later called clipless. It is for this particular reason that this pedal is named clipless pedal.

Are Clipless Pedals Worth It?

Clipless pedals encourage riders to maintain an optimal riding position. But a clip place pedal cannot be used by beginners. Because it takes a lot of practice to use it. Although clipless pedals are relatively expensive, they can provide you with much more durability. From that point of view, Clips pedals are definitely worth it.

Do Clipless Pedals Make You Faster?

Of course, clipless pedals can make you faster. These pedals can make the rider’s performance, pedal power, and efficiency more increased. Various studies have shown that clipless channels help you move forward much faster than any other pedal.

There may also be more specific reasons to move forward with these pedals depending on the type of rider. The rider’s riding position, road type, etc. all combine to make this pedal easier to move forward. When you use their shoes with clipless pedals, it will help you make more consistent contact and make your progress faster. Able to provide 10% more power output when drawn in an upright position than all other panels. In short, a clipless pedal can certainly propel you forward at higher speeds.

Riding Clipless Pedal With Normal Shoes

If your bicycle has clipless pedals then you will be able to ride by wearing any normal shoes. But it won’t be very comfortable.

If your normal shoes are too thin and have flexible soles, you may have more trouble while riding. Also, when you start riding with normal shoes on a clipless pedal, there is a chance that your feet will slip in wet conditions if it suddenly rains or gets wet. This may cause accidents. So it can be said that you can use these pedals with any normal shoes but it can be quite risky.

So, I would suggest that clipless pedals should be done with special shoes instead of using normal shoes.

Choosing Perfect Clipless Pedals For Your Bike

A perfect Clipless Pedal can make a big difference in your cycling. So choosing a perfect Pedal is absolutely essential for you. In this phase of today’s article, I will help you in choosing the perfect clipless pedals for your favorite bicycle.



  • Construction: Stainless steel, Carbon composite
  • Weight: 232 g (pair)
  • Platform Size: Medium
  • Best for Road bike, time trials

Reasons to Buy This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Very Lightweight
  • Over ancestor layout
  • Flexible release uncertainty
  • Accessible the Ceramic relevances option



  • Construction: Stainless steel, Carbon reinforced plastic.
  • Weight: 265 g (pair claimed)
  • Platform Size: Medium
  • Best for Road Commuting, Time trial

Reasons to Choose This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Very durable
  • Excellent bearing system for smooth pedaling
  • Flexible release uncertainty
  • Float options
  • Very Low maintenance



  • Construction: Stainless steel, Composite plastic.
  • Weight: 278 g
  • Platform Size: Medium
  • Best for Time trial, Road commuting

Reasons to Purchase This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Steel plates in prime ground to curtail wear
  • Related performance to Look’s expensive Keo pedals
  • Very Stylish looks
  • Too many Balances price
  • Very Well performance



  • Construction: Grivory, Stainless steel
  • Weight: 220 (pair)
  • Platform Size: Small
  • Best for Road, time trial

Reasons to Select This FLAT PEDAL:

  • Low weight of pedaling system
  • Dual-sided hook in
  • Elevated extent of flexible float

Pros And Cons Of Clipless Pedals


  • This pedal is capable of consistently improving performance.
  • This pedal gives the correct output for consistent foot placement.
  • A clipless pedal has a completely secure and stable connection to your bicycle. So riders can cycle comfortably.


  • These Clipless Pedals are a little harder to use properly for beginner cyclists.
  • Road shoes and cleats are a little difficult to walk in properly.

The Final Verdict

Hope you like today’s detailed arrangement. Today’s article covers A to Z important facts about pedals, which will definitely have a significant impact on your cycling life. Because of all the necessary information regarding different types of pedals, the difference between Clipless and Clip Pedals, Flat Pedals & Clipless Pedals, and the most important fact ‘Bike Pedals Universality’ have pictured clearly with diversity.

Pedals are an important part of the cycle. So it is every biker’s responsibility to have proper knowledge about it. And, I hope that. through today’s detailed discussion I have been able to inform you a little about your responsibilities.

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