Do you know over 500k cyclists fall into injury annually in the US alone because of cycling injuries? And most of them are in the head? It’s always a concern for head safety while biking. And, of course, you must wear a helmet while cycling for your safety.

Now, maybe the question of wearing a horse-riding helmet sometimes pops up in your mind. You might be wondering if it’s a good idea to wear a horse riding helmet on a bike. That depends on a few factors, such as safety, design, and minor issues. Here I am going to tell you the differences between Bike & Horse-Riding helmets, along with that wearing horse ride helmets in biking and how things go and look. So, Let’s get started.

What Are The Key Differences Between A Bike Helmet And A Horse Riding Helmet?

Before discussing anything else about this matter, let’s know about the differences between bikes and horse-riding helmets. Usually, people will wear a bike helmet while cycling. But now we are talking about the possibility of wearing a horse-riding helmet on a bike.

Because we need to understand the basic difference between a bike helmet and a horse riding helmet. Only then, we will get an overall idea of the pros and cons of wearing these two.

Here are two key differences between these helmets.

1. Shape/Design

Horse riding helmets are designed to protect your head from falling from the horse or any other injuries. It has a curved shape with a styrofoam liner, foam padding, and another fabric lining inside the helmet.

On the other hand, bike helmets are designed to protect your head, but at the same time, it has to be aerodynamic. So that air can flow without causing problems while riding at high speed.

2. Safety

A helmet has to go through multiple testing standards. This testing assumes that the rider or cyclist might fall into injury or get in harm’s way.

But the situations for these testing are based on a few criteria, such as;

  • The proportion of the head coved by the helmet.
  • Where might the accident happen?
  • What types of injuries the rider or biker might face? And some more facts.

Based on these, the horse riding helmet and a bike helmet are made differently. Mainly, a bike helmet is intended to protect the side and front of the head.

On the other hand, a horse riding hamlet will focus on protecting your back side of the head.

Also, height is an essential factor when helmets are made. For example, you usually sit higher when riding a horse than when riding a bike.

So when any biker wants to test a horse riding helmet on cycling, he or she must measure the decision based on the other situations as told and will be told and the safety measurements.

Can You Wear a Horse Riding Helmet on a Bike?

There is no single or straight answer to that. That usually depends on a few things and situations. I have already discussed the difference between these two helmets based on design and safety. Other than that, we need to think about some situations.

  • When casually riding a bike, it might look silly to wear a horse riding helmet. As Horse riding helmet designs differ from bike helmets, so they don’t look much more relaxed.

But on the other hand, a horse-riding helmet would be a great option when considering the safety terms. It might sound funny, but a horse riding helmet can take a much more great impact compared to regular bike helmets.

  • As you know, bike riders’ eyes are usually set on the road. On the other hand, horse riders’ eyes are generally up as they keep their heads up.
  • There might be a minor problem while wearing a horse riding helmet because the upper part of the helmet is a bit open. But this is not a significant problem.
  • Horse riding helmets are not usually equipped to take impact from sides in the head. So, keep this issue in mind.
  • Besides that, budget is always an issue. A horse riding helmet can be expensive. But if you already have one, you are good to go.
  • There is another difference which we need to discuss is the ventilation. Because air can easily flow through bike helmets more than horse riding helmets as there are small holes in the bike helmets. In the shiny summer, ventilation issues might cause a problem and can be uncomfortable.

Keep these in mind, and make a rational decision at your convenience.

Is It Weird to Wear a Horse Riding Helmet While Bike Riding?

That depends as well. When you are casually riding a bike, it could look weird. Besides that, you should keep in mind the ventilation and comfort issues.

But on the hand, a horse-riding helmet can get your head more protection, and it would be a good choice as an alternative. Horse riding helmets can protect your head better than bike helmets in some cases.

  • In short, yes, it is weird to use casually. But in terms of safety, it is a better alternative.

Final Words

We discussed the possible issues and solutions on what to wear while riding a bike and which types of helmets can give you better protection, comfort, and ventilation.

But as experts suggest, you should wear the equipment gear for the sport or situations this was meant to wear. Based on the situations and these issues, make a rational decision about what might help you.

Good Luck!

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