It could be time for you to hibernate and store your bike as winter draws closer. Instead of abandoning your bike in a dark area to gather cobwebs, limited use of the bike calls for regular maintenance. There are several choices to store your bike and bike rack safely at home. Here I am going to discuss how to store your bike rack in winter and its importance for bicycle storage.

Types of Bike Racks

When it’s the winter season and you are bike rack is off with your ski rack on, you shouldn’t leave your bike requesting on the ground. Otherwise, it can be a tripping hazard or you can get scratches if the bike is parked indoors. You can safely and securely store your rack hanging on your wall or out of the way with the methods discussed below.

Wall Mount

The use of bicycles as wall decor exudes flair. It is simple, smart, and practical. All you have to do is pick up your drill machine and poke a few holes in your wall. And you got yourself a wall mount, which keeps your bike off the ground and your mind.

  • If you want to notch it up a little you can use eco-friendly bamboo wall racks. This not only brightens up a basic wall but also offers more storage.
  • You can fold down the rack when you are not using it.
  • You also have the option to utilize the bike rack as a wall mount based on your preferences and mood.

You can also use a screw-in hook for your wall or ceiling. This is by far the most convenient, cost-effective, and, most importantly, simplest way to keep your bike off the ground. Although this option doesn’t come with a lot of styling choices, you may hang your bike either horizontally or vertically using one or two hooks.

Floor Racks

You can use a floor rack if you’re seeking a simple way to organize your bike collection. Moreover, you don’t have to go through any hassles for the installation process, and relocate the floor rack anywhere you like.

Ceiling Racks

The most practical choice for you is a ceiling rack if you have more than two bikes. Typically, a ceiling rack includes four independent racks that may move along the mount.

  • This gives you the option to lean your bike against the wall.
  • You can also install it in your garage to keep your bikes hanging above the cars.

Another way of hanging up your bike is using plates that are mounted to the ceiling. This is the ultimate floor wall space saver.

  • The saddle and handlebar of your bike are fastened to the two plates’ respective drop-down hooks.
  • Thick ropes are used to hold up your bike.

How To Store Your Bike Rack In Winter & Why?

Keeping Moisture Out

The majority of bike parts, including bike racks, are constructed of metal. This is where the risk of rusting or corrosion comes in. Therefore, you should store your bike rack somewhere dry and indoors and cover it up with a heavy blanket. Although the blanket protects the bike rack from dirt when it is not in use. This means the rack can still start to rust.

How You Should Do It?

  • Lubricating the rack is the easiest way to get rid of the rust.
  • You can dip a piece of cloth in oil and wipe it all over the rack to remove rust.
  • If storing the bike rack indoors is not a feasible option for you. then you have to store it outside like in a shed or garage.
  • You may use pieces of cardboard to cover it up.

However, you have to replace the cardboard periodically or it will become an insect-breeding hotbed.

How You Can Care For Your Bicycle In Winter?

“Care for your bike” includes avoiding extreme temperatures. Leaving your bike out in the sun or the cold for an extended period might harm the batteries inside.

  • While hibernating, when the bike is not in use during winter, remove the batteries from your bike and store it in a dry cool place. It is a smart technique to extend the battery life.
  • It is also important to charge your battery (If It Has One) occasionally while storing the bike.
  • Additionally, it is suggested that you inflate the bike’s tires before storing them. When the bikes are not in use, the material of the tire starts to degrade if deflated.

Cleanliness always goes a long way.

  • Keeping the bike clean, along with the bike rack prolongs the life of the bike, including its other components, especially when they are stored.

Storing A Bike In A Suitable Rack

The suspension fluid might leak and cause issues within the fork as there is a potential that in winter weather. So bicycles shouldn’t be hung with the suspended fork upside down.

As previously said, keep your tires completely inflated when stored. When you hang your bike as opposed to suspending or storing it on the ground, the pressure of the bike sitting on the rims with flat tires. As a result, it might degrade your tire and create a weak spot on the side wall.

It is a good choice to not store your bike on the floor. Because you are likely to hurt or damage your bike if your bike is kept indoors. However, if the bike is stored hanging from the wheels on the frame, you have yourself a nice wall decor and your bike is also safely protected.


There are always new ways to store bikes and bike racks in homes or garages. But the real issue is determining which style is best for your needs. And protects your bike and racks the most. While drilling holes in the walls is not always a feasible option available to everyone, other forms of bike racks come in handy.

Luckily enough, there are options for both scenarios some of which are discussed above. Furthermore, I am leaving you with the freedom of choosing the option which suits and complements your style the most. Because it always depends on individual tastes and preferences.

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