You must put your sports bicycle away in the winter, but make sure it is well protected. So it will be ready for the next season. You may notice different effects on your bicycle depending on your region’s temperature and humidity levels. Understanding your climate and humidity levels can prevent frame rust and flat tires on your bike.

A bicycle’s frame and drive assembly are made of metal including tires, tubes, and wire casings whereas brakes are made of rubber/plastic. During winter, these parts are more susceptible to cold temperatures and moisture levels. So they need to be stored carefully. In this article, I’ll discuss safely how to store sports bicycles in winter and related matters.

What Is A Sports Bicycle?

Bicycles designed for cycling events such as road racing, mountain biking, and cyclocross are sports bicycles.

  • The lighter and faster design makes them more suitable for short distances.
  • The wider sports bike tires also provide better traction when riding on roads or trails.
  • Adjustable suspension helps them cope with uneven terrain and sudden impacts.

Sports bicycles are used by many athletes for cycling, running, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. Besides providing excellent exercise equipment, they also provide athletes with several benefits that matter most:

  • Faster times on longer races;
  • Increased stamina;
  • Reduced injury risk;
  • Incredible versatility.

Are Sports Bicycles Suitable For Winter Riding?

Winter cycling is easy with sports bicycles. A sports bicycle typically comes with wider tires, which provide more traction in slippery conditions. They are also more stable on ice and snow because of their higher center of gravity. Sports bikes are great for winter riding.

However, moisture and cold weather can also damage your sports bicycle, especially during the extreme winter. Generally, it would help if you didn’t ride your sports bicycle when it’s below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit). It is because ice can form on the road, increasing the risk of losing control, sliding, and getting into an accident. In this situation, you need to store your sports bike.

Then How To Store Your Sports Bicycle?

Before storing your bicycle for winter, you need to prepare your bicycle for winter storage. Therefore, you need to follow some steps to prepare your bicycle that is discussed below.

How To Prepare Your Bicycle For Winter Storing?

Preparing your bicycle for storage will help your bicycle remain in good condition during the cold weather. Follow these steps to prepare your bicycle for winter storage.

Clean Your Bicycle

Before storing your bicycle for the winter, it is essential to clean it thoroughly. Because dust, mud, sand, dirt, and grime will accumulate on your bicycle over time.

  • Sitting on a dirt bike for a long time causes it to rust and break down.
  • So ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned before strong in winter.

Lubricate Your Chain

It is essential to lubricate your bike chain with lube before storing your bike.

  • The coating prevents air and moisture from getting in contact with the metal surface, which leads to oxidation and rust.
  • Avoid excessive oil when lubricating your bicycle chain, derailleur, cogs, and cassette.
  • A rag or paper towel should be used to wipe out excess oil since it can collect dirt over time.

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Remove The Electronic Gadgets

Remove all electronic devices such as GPS units, cameras, and bicycle computers during winter storage since they are more susceptible to damage in cold temperatures.

It is best to store electric bikes inside the house in a warm climate with the batteries and chargers removed. As batteries leak and rust inside electronic gadgets, in winter. So, before storing bicycles you need to remove them.

Take Off The Handlebar Grips

In colder temperatures, rubber and plastic handlebar grips degrade.

  • Removing them from winter storage is important to prevent damage and extend their lives.

Removing The Saddle And Saddle Post

It is recommended to remove the saddle and seat post during winter storage. And store them inside to prevent them from deteriorating.

  • Make sure the seat-post tube is lubricated from the inside as well. This will prevent rust and make installation easier.

Inflated Tires

Bicycle tires should be inflated when stored in cold weather to avoid cracking. In the following table, use the higher tire pressure for winter storage:

Bicycle Types  Tire Pressure Value
Mountain Bike 30 – 50 PSI
Cyclocross Bicycle 40 – 50 PSI
Road Bicycle 80 – 130 PSI
Cross Country Bicycle 25 – 30 PSI

Finally, Find Out A Proper Storing Place For Your Sports Bike

After preparing your bicycle for winter, you need to find a proper storage place. It would help if you had a warm place as cold weather does not affect your bicycle.

  • Store your bike in a dry place with a constant temperature of 19°C or more in your apartment.

Wall-Mounted Bike Storage

Using vertical bike storage on the wall, you can store your bikes in the smallest space possible. As the bike is hung vertically, you must have enough space from floor to ceiling to accommodate the bike’s length. Moreover, you must provide enough space to hang the bikes from the wall in the storage room.

Ceiling-Mounted Bike Storage

Those with small garages, no wall space, and no floor space should look up! But when you are using ceiling bike storage racks, it keeps bikes up and out of the way. This means they only take up space above your head. But there is usually only one bike stored in these systems,

Bicycle Parking Rack

Unlike most home bike storage systems, a bike parking rack uses all the space on your floor. Bicycles that are most frequently used and require easy access are commonly stored on floor bike racks. Garage bike storage often includes storing some bikes up and away, leaving just enough room on the ground to store a few bikes.

A Horizontal Bike Rack

An on-wall horizontal bike rack secures the bike flat against the wall. It occupies a lot of wall space but takes up little space within the room. It is unusual to have more than two bikes stored in a room with this setup.

In terms of horizontal bike storage, there are two types –

  1. A freestanding horizontal wall stands.
  2. A wall-mounted version that mounts to the wall.

Bicycle Racks For Indoors

You can use a telescoping rack or column to store two or more bikes without attaching hardware to the wall.

  • Bike storage columns use the same amount of space as horizontal wall storage in areas with low ceilings.

Final Verdict About Storing Sports Bike In Winter

Now you know how to store a sports bike safely in the winter. It would help if you placed your bicycle in a dry, temperature-controlled environment. Therefore, it doesn’t get rusted. Furthermore, proper storage can also protect your bicycle from moisture and rust. So keep your bicycle dry by covering it with a specific bicycle cover bag if there is any need for it.

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