Bicycle size is an important factor for every rider and19 Inch cycles are basically divided into two types based on frame size and wheel size. In this aspect-

  • 5 ft 4 inches to 6 ft 1-inch height is the most perfect height for 19 Inch frame bikes.
  • 40 Inches to 80 Inches in height is good for 19 Inch wheel bikes and it is better for teenagers, kids, or adult riders.

No worry! Because I will give more details about the sizing guide for the 19-inch bike in today’s complete article. So, let’s start the detailed discussion.

Details About 19-Inch Bike

A 19-inch bike basically refers to all bikes that have a 19-inch wheel size. Also if the frame size of the bike is 19 inch then they are also considered a 19-inch bike. Moreover, bicycles of this size are generally medium to slightly larger and therefore quite popular. And, 19-inch bikes come in a number of models that are best suited for smaller adult and teenage cyclists.

  • A 19-inch size bike is very popular when it comes to mountain bikes, which means that the inside diameter of the mountain bike wheel is 19 inches.
  • The wheel size of this type of bicycle is basically borrowed from the larger variety of frames.

And besides that, bicycle tyres are also widely accommodated in width for riding on different types of ever-changing terrains. In earlier times, 19-inch bicycle wheels were considered maximum enough to handle comfortably even in off-road riding.

Along with the evolution of time, bicycles with thicker tires have come into the market and are being used as a result. Thus you will find different models of 19-inch bikes like Road, MTB, Hybrid, BMX, Folding bicycles, City cycles, Kids bikes, Cross bikes, Cyclocross bikes or CXBs, Trek bikes, Electric bikes, Touring bicycles, Recumbent cycles, fixed gear bicycle, Sports or Exercising bicycles, Fat bikes, Enduro, and many more types.

Size Range For 19-inch Wheel Bicycle

Bicycles with a 19-inch wheel is usually more desirable for kids. That’s because the sizes of kid’s cycles are mainly manufactured based on the size of the wheel diameter.

  • On the other hand, bike sizes for adult riders are mainly manufactured depending on the frame.
  • Where the 19-inch wheel bike is ideal for children ranging from 40 inches to 80 inches tall in height.
  • So, yes, 19-inch wheel bikes are considered the maximum recommended bike size for kids from 6 years old to 9 years old.

And, How To Select 19-Inch Bicycles That Fit You Or Your Child:

However, it is often seen that some children are taller or shorter than their age.

  1. Hence, the child’s inseam height should be measured in order to choose the best-fitting bicycle.
  2. And also don’t forget to match the standover height of the bike.
  3. While choosing a 19-inch bike for your child, make sure that the child’s inseam height is a few inches longer than the bike’s standover height.

A 19-inch bike usually has a standover height of between 16 and 19 inches. But this size varies according to different brands and models.

  • In short, a 19-inch wheel bike is usually perfect for kids riders when it comes to children’s bikes, ensuring a maximum balance between height and weight.

Size Range For 19-inch Frame Bike:

19-inch bicycles are considered the frame size when manufactured for adult riders. So it can be easily said that 19-inch frame bikes are perfect for adult riders.

Based On Frame Or Wheel-Size-

  • A bicycle with a 19-inch frame is generally better for an adult rider measuring 5’6″ to 6’1″ in height.
  • You can choose the 18-inch frame size if you want to use a smaller bike than this height limit.
  • Similarly, if the rider is very tall, a bike with a frame length of 20″ or 22″ may also fit well.

Based On Height-

Considering age according to height becomes very difficult because the height growth of each person is different. So you can choose the bike with height as the priority in the case of 19-inch frame bikes.


There are different types of differences between bike frames so you can check before buying or riding the bike with a measuring tape. In this case, finding one that fits properly will help a lot. Also, the comfort factor must be considered while testing the bike.

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So, 19-Inch Bike For What Size person?

19 Inch Frame Bike Adult Rider’s Size (Height In Inch)- 5’4” To 6’1″
19 Inch Wheel Bike Kid’s To Teenager Rider’s Size (Height In Inch)- 40 Inches to 80 Inches

Some Different Categories Of 19 Inch Bike Frames

Depending on the different bike categories, there are many types of differences in bicycle frame sizes.

For example, in the case of a road bike, 19-inch cycles seem very small.

  1. But looking again at the mountain or hybrid bikes, the bikes of the same size actually appear to be mid-sized.
  2. Again, when you look at a BMX or folding bike, 19-inch bicycles seem very large.

Therefore, you should understand that with different types of bicycles, different frame types of the same size frame can be seen. So now, at this stage, I am showing this matter through a small chart about that.

Bicycle Type Frame Size
Road Bike X Small
Mountain Bike Medium
Trek Bike Small
Recumbent bike Medium
E- Bike Large
Touring Bike Small
BMX Bike Large
Hybrid Bike Large
Fixed Gear Bicycle Large
Fat Bike Large
Enduro Medium
Gravel Bike Medium
Folding Bike Large
Cyclocross Bike X Small

Some Important Faqs About Sizing Guide For 19 Inch Bike

1. What Size Bicycle Is Right For My Height?

Calculate For Measure The Right Bike For Every Rider:

  • Road bike = Rider Leg inseam × 0. 70 = Rider’s frame size (cm)
  • Mountain bike = Rider Leg inseam × 0.685 = Rider’s frame size (cm)

2. How Do I Know If My Bike Is Too Big?

  • Effort in Tight Turns.
  • Absence of Front Wheel Grip.
  • Perception Squashed.
  • Feeling Uncertain at Speed.
  • Not Comfortable.
  • Struggling to Hoist the Front Wheel.
  • Impression Like a Passenger.

3. What Height Is A 19-Inch BMX Bike For?

BMX bikes with 19-inch wheels with a 19-inch top tube length can perfectly fit a rider from 4′ 4″ to 5′ 0″ tall. And, the frame size should be considered along with wheel size when it comes to BMX bike riding. When it comes to 19-inch wheel bikes you will find multiple frames.

4. How Big Is A 19-Inch Bike In CM?

19-inch bicycle frames are quite large for mountain and hybrid bikes and range in size from 50 cm to 52 cm. On the contrary, road bikes tend to be smaller for 19-inch frames and range in length from about 51 cm to 53 cm.

5. Well Then, A 19 Inch Bike Is Really Small For Which Bicycle Frame?

A 19-inch frame bike is small-sized for a Road bike, Cyclocross Bike, trek bike, or touring bike.

6. What Age Is A 19-Inch Wheel Bicycle For?

19-inch wheel bikes age range from 6 years to 10 years old.

So, Can A Woman Ride A 19-Inch Bike?

In terms of a 19-inch bike, basically, two types of bikes are mentioned for women.

  • One of them is a 19-inch wheel bike.
  • And the other is a 19-inch frame bike.

And, a 19-inch wheel bike can be used by kids or teenage girl riders.

  • To use it, the height of girls should be between 105 cm and 140 cm.
  • If any adult females are within this height limit, then they too can use 19-inch wheel bikes comfortably.

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Important Notes:

  • Now you must assume that if your height limit is between 105 cm to 140 cm, then you can use a 19-inch wheel bike even as an adult. But be sure to do a trail ride before opting for it.
  • On the other hand, it can be seen that 19-inch frame bikes are mainly perfect for adult female cyclists. And the rider’s height must be between 5 ‘4” to 6 ‘0”, only then they should use bikes with 19-inch frames.

The Bottom Lines Regarding 19-Size Bicycle

I hope you have read today’s article and now you are here to feel the last essence of it. After reading its whole, you got to know a lot of detailed information about 19 Inch Bike size. Along with that, know more details about 19 Inch Bikes, 19 Inch Bikes for women, adults & kids also, various faqs for sizing guides for 19 Inch bikes, 19 Inch frames & wheel sizes, and many more details. And, by remembering and practicing all this information, now you should have the ability to choose the right 19 Inch bike very easily.

Happy Cycling!

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