A cyclist is not unaware of how important perfect brake pads are in regular cycling life. And if those brake pads are Shimano brake pads, then the fun of cycling is doubled. When using Shimano brake pads, many riders think that these brake pads are the same or different. Generally, you can find different types of Shimano brake pads in the market. But you may also be worried about which one will be the most perfect for your bike.

Today, I will discuss with you all the important information about Shimano brake pads. In short, I will give you a total guideline about this topic. As a result, you will be able to easily find a perfect brake pad for your bike. Apart from that, you can also know what type of brake pads are available on your bike, the difference between different types of Shimano Brake Pads, and much other essential information.

Different Kinds Of Shimano Brake Pads

Different types of Shimano Brake Pads are constantly being manufactured keeping in mind the preferences of the riders. Let me tell you about the names of some of the most popular and notable brake pads among them. So that you can choose the right Shimano Brake Pads according to your bike type and needs.

  • XTR
  • SLX
  • ZEE
  • HONE
  • SHIMANO 105
  • GRX


  • META

Are All Shimano Brake Pads The Same?

No dear, all Shimano brake pads are not the same. You will find so many differences between the brake pads. These brake pads often vary in size, quality, and manufacturing system.

For example, Shimano XT models use different types of pads for their brakes. And, for the HD- E715, the commonly available Shimano B01S also uses different types of brake pads.

That’s not the end; every year new types of pads are introduced to the market for all models of bicycle brakes. And, keeping riders’ choices in mind, these brands manufactured all new and improved brake pads to meet their needs.

But Bicycle brake pads are not interchangeable between models in most cases. In the case of the HD-E710, you get a special large pad, although it can be a bit difficult to find. But after using it you will get a very comfortable feeling.

It is generally seen that Deore, SLX, and XT use almost the same type of pads. However, some research shows that they changed their pad design a lot through manufacturing several years ago. But if you look again you will see that the current Deore of the M 785 and the SLX as well are very similar.

I think that most of these differences are manifested in the levers. According to many cyclists, the currently manufactured Shimano Deore, SLX, XT, and XTR brake pads are almost identical. Also, XTM 785s are very similar.

Furthermore, the manufactured designs of Dior calipers have changed a lot in recent times compared to others.

So, considering all these facts and figures, it can be said that Shimano brake pads are not the same, there are so many different kinds of Shimano brake pads for your bike depending on models, braking system, bicycle geometry, comparability, and preferences.

How Do I Know Which Shimano Brake Pads I Have?

Typically, on the inside of the brake pads, you will find a caliper and a Shimano brake pad label can be seen on the inside. Also, a model number can be found at that level.

Thus just by looking at that model number, you can tell what type of brake pads your bike has. Also, if you look a little more closely- you will see that the bike has a model number on the underside of the brake lever which tells you what type of brake pads your bike is limited to.

Applying some other methods, you can easily understand what type of Shimano brake pads are on your bike. Many times the pad is noticeable from the hole where the bicycle brake is. So that you can also determine the brake pads by looking through that hole.

As the bicycle brake pad is very thin, you can use a flashlight to see the model number on the bike’s brake pads. And, then you can easily determine the limit brake pads according to that model number.

Many times bicycle brake pads need to be changed. And, in that hurry situation, any cyclist can easily determine which type or model of Shimano brake pads are used on your bike by following all the methods mentioned above.

Shimano Brake Pads Compatibility Chart

Model Name Shimano Brake Pads MaterialsShimano Brake Pads SeriesCompatibility Shimano Brake Pads ModelCode No.
M06Ti MetalXTRBR- M 975,BR- M 800,BR- M 601,BR- M 505,BR- M 535,BR- M 776Y8E598010
M06MetalXTR, XT, LX,DEORE, SLXBR- M 975,BR- M 775,BR- M 765,BR- M 595,BR- M 545,BR- M 665Y8CL98010
M07TiResinXTRBR- M 965,BR- M 801,BR- M 665,BR- M 885,BR- S 501,BR- R 505Y8E598020
A01SResinXT, SLX, ALFINEBR- M 966,BR- M 545,BR- M 601,BR- M 800,BR- S 500,BR- T 665Y8E598020
B01SResinNEXAVEBR- M 475,BR- M 415,BR- M 416 A,BR- M 375,BR- C 501,BR- M 416Y8FH98030
D01SResinSAINTBR- M 810Y8FF98020
D02SMetalSAINTBR- M 810Y8FF98010

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Can You Use Shimano Brake Pads on Any Bikes?

Shimano brake pads are not acceptable for all types of bikes. There are many models of Shimano brake pads. But despite having so many models, Shimano brake pads are not adjustable for all types of bikes as the brake calipers of each bicycle are usually quite different. Because of this, different types of brake pads are required for each bicycle.

Moreover, Bicycle brake pads are selected according to size, volume, material, etc. That’s why it is not possible to use Shimano brake pads on all bicycles.

Some Reasons For Damage Of Shimano Brake Pads

In most cases, bicycle brake pads can wear out very quickly if the bicycle brakes are not serviced regularly. The notable reasons are in most cases- Pads may be damaged, and new pads may be required. But trouble occurs when the brake pads wear down or fail prematurely. This is an added irony since changing brake pads is a time-consuming and troublesome task.

Generally, brake pads wear out quickly during the rainy season. Its effect is a little less on hot days. Due to many reasons, bike brake pads wear out before normal. And, for your convenience, in this section of today’s article, I will discuss the most responsible reasons.

👉 If Sand Enters The Disc Of A Bicycle.

Among the many reasons that bike brake pads wear out quickly, this reason is the most responsible.

All eyes are on the shiny outer part of the bike and most riders prefer to wipe these parts clean before or after riding. But most riders don’t pay attention while braking! You may notice or feel that if you put your hand on the brake area, you will get a kind of black dirt on your hand. Commonly, if the bicycle is parked, it collects more dust. So, it is possible to avoid this hazard by wiping it well before and after starting cycling.

👉 If The Brake Pads Are Too Tight.

Brake pads have a different correct size for each bicycle. And, if it is too tight, the normal rotation of the bike wheel is hindered, as well as the excess pressure.

After all, bike brake pads tend to wear out quickly. So, of course, when purchasing Shimano Brake Pads for a bicycle, it is important to check whether it fits properly or not.

👉 If The Brake Pads Are Not Adjusted Properly.

If the brake pads are not adapted properly, it will appear that the brake lever will not want to work when pressed. Even if you release the brake lever, the pad will stick to the bicycle disc without returning to its original position. And, this will cause the pad to wear down due to excessive friction.

👉 If The Bicycle Brake Pads Are Too Old.

Most of the time riders want to save a little money and do a lot of damage. Sometimes the service man asked to change the brake pad during the service but bikers want to use it a little more. As a result, the iron attached to the pad adheres to the bike’s disc and wears out the disc which can have a very harmful effect on the cycle.

In this scenario, the disc wears out unevenly, and even if new brake pads are installed later, the brake pads wear out quickly due to the unevenness of the disc.

Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the brake pad during cycling. And, make sure to change the brake pads of the bicycle at the right time.

👉 Precautions While Installing Wells In The Area Around The Brake.

This problem can occur when installing new brake pads or if the brake fluid is reduced below the specified level for any reason. Then, when you press the brake lever, you have to give extra pressure. And, it will put more pressure than normal on the disc which will slowly wear down the brake pad. So, be sure to pay special notoriety to this matter.

It is always said that your bike lives with care. No matter how good your bike is, it won’t last if you don’t maintain it properly.

So, the bike must be taken care of and the brake pad of the bike should be checked regularly for safe and healthy biking.

Wrapping Up My Thought

Many unknown information details and a complete guide regarding Shimano brake pads already have been obtained in today’s article. In addition to that, you should have earned keen information about the reasons for damage to Shimano brake pads, the kinds of Shimano brake pads, the differences between these brake pads, and how you can select the perfect Shimano brake pad for your bicycle, and much more.

Since the brake pad is an important part of the bicycle, I hope that the entire article will be very useful in your future moderate & healthy cycling.

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