Pro BMX riders are those who make a living from BMX riding through sponsorship or competition. There is no proper guideline to become a pro BMX rider. Through practice, any skilled biker can gradually become a professional.

Regular practice and a strong desire to succeed will help you reach the pinnacle of success in BMX Riding. An experienced rider can assist you in becoming a pro, and the encouragement and cooperation of your friends will also speed up this progress.

In this article, I will explain how you can become a Pro BMX Rider by following simple steps. I will also present some more information about BMX riders. So read to the end to know everything.

How Do You Become A Pro BMX Rider?

The path to becoming a pro rider is not smooth at all. With a lot of sacrifice and perseverance, you can reach this level. Although there are no exact guidelines for becoming the Pro BMX Rider, my experience may come in handy. In this case, there is no alternative to practice. Below I will describe the subject in 6 steps.

Step-1: Ride More

When you ride your first BMX bike, you will feel some discomfort. Because of the unique structures of these bikes, riding may take some time to become easier. At this stage, ride a lot. Riding too much will take away your discomfort and gradually provide you with complete control over the bike. So the primary goal will be to establish excellent control over the bike.

Step-2: Improving Skill

You need to increase your skills by mastering different tricks. For this, you need to target the strategies one by one and set goals to master them. As an example, you may try to master the skill of rotating 360 degrees.

Normally, you can’t rotate 360 degrees in the beginning. Instead, try to rotate 90 degrees successfully and practice regularly. After successfully mastering it, keep trying to rotate 180 degrees. That means, dividing a skill into smaller goals and keep practicing accordingly.

Step-3: Physical Fitness and Protection

To become a Pro BMX Rider, you need to master a lot of skills that are quite risky. You can get injured while practicing these, even keeping away from riding for a long time. So, as part of protecting yourself, wear protective gear.

Various protective gear such as helmets, gloves, knee/elbow pads, shin pads, and goggles will protect you from minor accidents and injuries. In addition, physical fitness is very important for a rider. So you need to ensure a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

Step-4: Enter BMX Competitions

When you can establish complete control over the bike and master the various skills, you need to take part in the local competition. It’s just that in the first place you can’t do very well in the competition. But you can learn a lot from the failures here.

Understand where your mistakes are happening and correct yourself by taking steps accordingly. In this way, you will become known in the area by participating a few times. Therefore, establish yourself as a local legend by doing well in these competitions later.

Step-5: Build Up Online Follower

You need to create several followers through various online activities. Create as many followers as you can by using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram. This will help you create a brand value or individual demand. If necessary, observe the online activities of Pro BMX riders.

When you have more followers, different organizations will want to sponsor you. And that will be a huge milestone in your path to success. Remember, the more followers you have, the higher your demand will be.

Step-6: Build Your Network

Build your network in the BMX industry. It’s vital. Communicate with various experienced pro riders and build a relationship with them. When you win local competitions, local brands will contact you.

Contact various BMX sponsors as you can. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but remember, companies are also looking forward to it often. Building a network in the BMX industry is the ultimate success for a pro BMX rider. So, without hesitation, focus on building the network.

How Can I Get Better At BMX Racing?

Perseverance plays the most important role in getting better at BMX racing. Here I will share 6 simple but effective tips. By following these, you can get better at BMX racing faster.

Tip #1: Have Fun

You might want to do better in racing because you like BMX racing. This love of yours will inspire you to do better. So enjoy the racetrack and everything around it. And take part in races not just to win, but to enjoy. If you can enjoy all this, you can quickly get better at BMX racing.

Tip #2: Practice More

As I said before, there is no substitute for practice to get better at BMX racing. You need to practice as much as possible. However, you cannot get the chance to practice at a designated BMX track always. But you can practice anywhere, right? This extra practice will give you more confidence when cornering or jumping on fresh tracks.

Tip #3: Set Small Goals

As a racer, you must set a big goal. But to achieve that goal, take small steps. Divide your primary goal into smaller parts and start practicing accordingly.

If your goal is quite difficult, at first you may have less success in achieving it. But repeated efforts will make you successful. This means, setting bigger goals for your practice and keeping yourself on the proper practicing. The process of successfully achieving small goals can help you earn your goals faster.

Tip #4: Concentrate On Bike Maintenance

Do not neglect the maintenance of your BMX bike. Concentrate on maintaining every part of the bike.

  • Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight.
  • The wheels of your bike should be properly stretched and the brakes should be relevant and effective.

The slightest defect on the bike can hold you back. So your BMX bike has to be completely OK.

Tip #5: Stretch

It is very important to stretch at least 15 to 20 minutes every day. Even if it is not possible every day, practice stress at least every one day after another. By practicing it every morning will help you feel better throughout the day. The more flexible you are, the better you will control the bike.

Step #6: Confidence

Confidence serves as the greatest weapon in winning any competition. You need to have faith in your own abilities. Studies show that self-confidence increases a person’s chances of success by up to 10 times. So don’t despair, believe in yourself, and you will get success in BMX racing quickly.

How Do I Make My BMX Progress Faster?

All riders want to speed up BMX progress, but unfortunately, not everyone can. The most important thing to make progress in this field is practice. You have to practice a lot more. As well as paying special attention to certain things which I am describing below.

1. Record Videos Of Practice Sessions

When you are practicing to master a skill, capture the video of that time. For this, you can use a tripod or your cell phone. But it is best if a friend of yours helps you with this task.

Watch the videos carefully at the end of the practice and try to realize your mistakes. This will allow you to identify your problems. Once you have identified your problems, it will be much easier for you to solve them.

2. Set New Goals Every Day

To achieve big goals, you need to move forward by achieving small goals. Set new goals every day and practice to achieve those goals. This way, you can speed up your BMX progress by stepping forward.

3. Use Safety Gear

You must be regular in practice to speed up BMX progress. But even a minor injury can keep you out of practice for quite some time. So do not neglect to use safety gear. Because the different types of safety gear will protect you from many minor injuries and help you continue the uninterrupted practice.

4. Ride In Different Places

You may not always get a track or course to practice. So you find different places to practice. Practicing in different places is not only fun, but it will also enhance your experience. Moreover, practicing in a unique environment will further improve your control over the bike and speed up your BMX riding progress.

5. Take The Expert’s Advice

Expert advice will greatly help you speed up your BMX progress. Many times, you may not identify your problems properly. In that case, discuss with the experienced riders, and share your problems.

Also, show them videos you’ve captured during practice. And follow the advice or tip that they give you after realizing everything. In most cases, that will help you to make rapid progress.

How Fast Do Pro BMX Riders Go?

During free-form BMX stunts, bike speeds typically range from 10 to 15 km/h, whereas in racing BMX bikes have an average speed of 56 km/h.

The Olympic BMX is said, riders come down the ramp at speeds of about 57 km per hour. Though the Pro BMX riders can ride much faster than other bike riders. However, the speed of the bike depends on the experience and skill of the rider.

How Much Do Professional BMX Riders Make?

The earnings of professional BMX riders vary from person to person. There are many riders who earn a lot of good, while some can’t earn too much. A BMX rider can earn from different sectors. So it is not possible to say their income precisely. However, the average salary of a professional BMX rider is $70,000.

This is the average salary and many experienced riders get paid much more than that. Riders like Logan Martin make millions of dollars. But it is also true that not everyone cannot be ‘Logan Martin.’

Furthermore, different sponsors offer different amounts of money. This creates a difference in the earnings. But Riders can also earn from different online platforms, which depends a lot on the number of their fans or followers.

Who Is The Richest BMX Rider?

The richest BMX rider is Matt Hoffman. The net worth of this American BMX rider is about $20 million. He is popularly known as the “Best Vert Ramp Rider”. In addition, Matt Hoffman is the president of the Hoffman Bike.

Besides all of this, Matt Hoffman has made many amazing feats, including the 3,500-foot Norwegian Cliff Jump. He was elected President of the International BMX Freestyle Federation in 2005.

Ending Words

Becoming a professional BMX rider is not an effortless task. Your efforts, perseverance, and desire to succeed will help you to speed up your desired goals. All you need to do is practice regularly with keeping your safety in mind.

Here, I have explained the process of becoming a pro in BMX Riding. I have also described how you can speed up your progress. I think the topics discussed are the easiest and most effective way to become a BMX professional. Practice regularly, I wish you the greatest success.

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