You might want to switch to different brakes, maybe because there was another brake system when you learned how to bike. Also, you want to switch to an easier, more convenient, and more comfortable option. And check whether or not other brake options are available in cruiser bikes. So, you might have a question, do cruiser bikes have brakes?

Well, there are many brake options available on cruiser bikes. They are in different places and work in different ways. You can switch to any of those brake systems if you want. So, right now I am going to discuss all the brake options in cruiser bikes in detail. That’s why keep reading this blog post to learn more.

Where Are The Brakes On A Cruiser Bike?

Cruiser bikes come with a different brake system in other places. But there are some standard brake systems available in a few places.

  • Coaster brakes are on the rear wheel hub.
  • Hand brakes are on the handlebars on both sides.
  • Disc brakes are at the center of each wheel of the bike.
  • And, Rim brakes are on the upper part of both wheels.

That is a brief introduction. And, now I will talk about this in detail in the later section here.

Do Cruiser Bikes Have Brakes?

Just like other bikes, cruiser bikes have three or four different brakes based on different models. Brakes are one of the essential parts of any bike. Those allow you to reduce the speed while cycling.

Now, you will find coaster, disc, and rim brakes in a cruiser bike. Those brakes are in different places, reducing speed on many levels. Besides, these brakes are easy to use.

Let’s look at where those brakes are at and how those work on a bike.

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Coaster Brakes/Foot Brake/Back Pedal Brake

You might have seen that some bikers started paddling backward, stopping suddenly. This type of bike is called a Coaster Brake, also known as a ‘Foot Brake and Back Pedal Brake’.

Even though foot brakes are minimal and simple in design, they also come with some problems. The main problem is the time the bike takes to stop. This will be difficult if we need to control the bike immediately with the back Pedal brake.

Though it is easy to learn, it might also be difficult to coast. As your hands will only be used to steer, you can focus entirely on the road.

The problem with the coaster brake is that you might get injured during the transition between riding and braking. Also, sudden braking can result in falling the chain.

❖ Hand Brakes

Hand brakes are the easiest brake option out there. Not only because they are easy to use but also of the convenience in every kind of situation.

Hand brakes come with two different options- ‘Side-pull caliper’ and ‘V brake’. Both of them are easy to install within a few steps.

With hand brakes, it is easier to control the bikes. Hand brakes can be expensive, and you need to adjust them from time to time. But the advantages are more!

When your cruiser bike has hand brakes, it means you have control of both the front and rear wheels. Thus you can install and fix them by yourself when needed.

❖ Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are the most potent and efficient cycle brakes out there. The brake pads will perform well in any weather and last a long time.

But the downside with this type of brake is that it is expensive as it requires more parts. If anything breaks, it is going to cost a lot as well.

Besides, for all those parts, it makes the bike a bit heavy than others and hard to maintain. But the advantages that come with it are worth the money.

❖ Rim Brakes

As the name suggests, the rim brakes are on the rim of the bike wheel– pressing the brakes directly forces the rim to reduce the speed or stop the bike.

Rim brakes come in three different types- “V, Caliper, and Cantilever”. Those are easy to fit and lighter than most brake types.

Besides, the rim brakes need little maintenance. But on the other hand, they can be expensive. And, the main downside is that it performs poorly in wet weather.

Do Cruiser Bikes Have Hand Brakes?

Yes, different models of cruiser bikes come with hand brakes. But Hand brakes are easier to use, lighter, and super cheap to maintain.

If we want to compare hand brakes with other brakes available with cruiser bikes, hand brakes have many upper hands in a few cases. Before choosing a bike brake for your cycle, you must consider a few factors.

Those factors are compatibility in wheels, frames, rotors, forks, etc. Besides that, you need to consider weight, price, and maintenance.

If your bike has a rim or disc brakes, you can change it to hand brakes. Those are cheaper than the other options available in the market and easy to maintain.

Can You Add Hand Brakes To A Beach Cruiser Bike?

Yes, you can add hand brakes to a beach cruiser bike and they are super easy to install.

  • First, check if there is any mounting hole in the front side.
  • This should be in the fork, just above the tire.
  • After that, you need to know if that hole is for the fender or the brakes.

If everything is set, contact the manufacturer, they will help you through the process.

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Can You Install Extra Brakes On Your Beach Cruiser Bike?

Yeah, you can easily install extra brakes on your beach cruiser bike. And, anyone can do it yourself, but you must go through a few things.

  • Forks in the bike can vary in terms of brake holes.
  • The 890-style caliper would be a great and cheap option. If money is not a problem, go for v brakes.
  • You also need a cable, short-pull lever, and brakes.
  • You might want to avoid installing a disc brake as they need high maintenance.

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Final Words

I have discussed all the possible topics to understand cruiser bike and their brake system. And, now you know- there are four types of brakes available with different models of cruiser bikes that work in different ways. Some of them are expensive and high maintenance, and some of them are not. Thus you can install, change, or switch to a different break system. But a cyclist or bike needs to choose the braking mechanism wisely and per their convenience.

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