Single speed bike is a Single Geared (fixed) bike and it is easy and comfortable. Because of less complexity, anyone can run it. The single-speed bike has become popular due to its simple structure and good performance.

But is it more effective than the other one or fixie or fixed gear bikes? Today we will try to find that answer with the discussion of the differences from the other bike, single-speed bike benefits, speed, and whether is it hard to ride for beginners or easy.

What Is A Single-Speed Bike?

Single speed bike is a bike with a single gear. It’s a simple bike without complicity. As it has no gears and other complicated machinery, it is lightweight, easily portable, and repairable by built.

That means a single bike is best for those who like to stay simple and use simple things.

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What Are The Differences Between Single-Speed And Fixed-Gear Bikes?

Single-speed and fixed-gear bikes are both popular among riders. Although they may look similar from the outside, there are some differences between them. Both bikes need to be closely observed to understand these differences.

Gear and Paddling Style:

The main difference between single speed and fixies (fixed speed) is on the rear hub. Single speed bike is fitted with a freewheel on the rear hub.

On the contrary, in a fixed-gear bike, the rear cog is fitted with the rear hub. When paddling on a single-speed bike, the wheels keep spinning. Even if you stop paddling, the wheel will continue to spin. But cyclists can keep the paddle forward, backward, or closed as they wish. Because here, the paddle has nothing to do with the rear wheel.

Again, while paddling in fixed gear, the wheel will continue to rotate, but when you stop paddling, the paddle will continue to rotate with the wheel. Thus you cannot pedal back and forth like on a single-speed bike when riding on a fixed-gear bike. Because in fixie rear cog is directly connected with rear hub. That’s why the paddle turns when the wheel turns.

Besides, there are some other differences. Let’s see:

Riding Posture:

On a single-speed bike, you go forward as hard as possible. So it suits new bikers and those cycling to stay physically fit.

In fixed gear, you have to paddle all the time as the Fixed gear is suitable for those who like fast riding and cycling for physical exercise.


Single speed has either rim beak or disc brake like other bikes. But fixie uses two breaks.

First, it can be turned off with the paddle. Besides, Brake can also be used like a normal bike. In the U.K. and many other countries, using a fixed-gear bike without a front brake is illegal.

Furthermore, a fixie requires more space than a single-speed bike to stop.

Benefits Of A Single-Speed Bike

Single speed bike is a simple bike and extra gear, shifter, derailleur, etc., are not included in this. It is a hassle-free and easy bike. And this bike is suitable for those who want to ride hassle-free.

Like other bikes, the single-speed bike also has advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Single speed bike is relatively light as it does not have much equipment. Gears, derailleur, shifters, etc., on a bike, add weight to the bike. Its weight does not seem like a hindrance, but at the time of uphill riding and long-distance riding has to suffer due to this small weight.

Low Maintenance

As I said before, a single-speed bike does not have so much equipment. So, you don’t have to worry about what gear you’re in when riding. Because there is no more equipment, its repair costs are low!

  • A single-speed bike is good if the chain is regularly oiled and kept clean.

Keep Your Body Fit

A single-speed bike runs only on your applied power, and no mechanical power is used. So, the more energy you expend while cycling, your bike will go faster. This fast riding will keep your body and muscles active.

  • For those who want to do cycling for physical exercise and burn calories, Single speed bike is the best choice for them.

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Best For Commuting

The single-speed bike is important for city commuting, office, and school. People of any age can easily use a single-speed bike. Single-speed bike best for fast and enjoyable travel in small space.

Being light in weight, you can also carry it easily. You can keep your bike in your apartment if you want. Also, you can take it with you by bus or train.


The single-speed bike uses less machinery, so its production cost is less. As a result, these bikes are available in the market at low prices. If you want to buy a bike for traveling and see that you have a little money in your wallet, then you can buy a single-speed bike.

As The single-speed bike is a versatile bike but you can convert it into other bikes or upgrade gears and other things using equipment, tools, and components per your need.

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Are Single-Speed Bikes More Efficient?

Sure! Single-speed bikes are more efficient in many aspects compared to the others. Since no additional gear or other equipment is used, a single-speed bike is connected to your body.

Let’s see some key reasons why single speed bike is efficient:

  • It keeps your body fit and is good for your health.
  • This bike has less equipment, so it is easy to maintain and has less repair cost.
  • Anyone can use it due to its simple construction style.
  • This bike is available at a relatively low price.
  • Easy to carry as it is light in weight. So, you can carry it anywhere.

Is A Single-Speed Bike Faster Than Geared One?

My answer is “yes”! Why? Okay, let’s discuss it openly.

5 things should be kept in mind for cycling on the road- air resistance, weight, drag, rolling resistance, and fraction.

  • When a geared bike moves on the road, it creates air resistance and drags your bike due to carrying extra weight( extra equipment creates extra weight). As a result, the gear cycle is inhibited and somewhat slow. But since a single-speed bike does not have additional equipment, its speed is not hindered and runs faster.
  • A single-speed bike is connected to your body. So the more force you apply, the faster your bike will go. You can do fast riding on a single-speed bike if you want.
  • Although there is additional machinery equipment in a geared cycle, they do not increase your speed and only make your riding easier.

So, from the view of the above discussion, you can say that a single-speed bike is faster than geared one.

Are Single-Speed Bikes Good For Beginners?

Of course! Single-speed bikes are good for beginners.

When a new rider starts riding, he doesn’t know much about general riding techniques and gear. If you let him/her ride a geared bike, she/he will have trouble maintaining the bike.

But If he is riding a single-speed bike, he does not have to worry about gear, shifter, or derailleur. S/He can only focus on riding and enjoy riding.

So, it can be said that single-speed bikes are good for beginners.

Is It Hard To Ride A Single-Speed Bike?

It’s complicated to answer as the query is hesitant.

  • The single-speed bike has no extra maintenance hassle as it has no gear, derailleur, or snifter. So, there is no hassle while running it.
  • On the other hand, a single-speed bike has no gears, and you have to pedal all the time. In long-distance riding, you cannot rest your legs. Paddling too hard in uphill riding will tire you out quickly.

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  • Single speed bike will require you to exert more effort and carry more weight. Although it is beneficial for health, it is also a problem for many people.

So, the question of whether riding a single-speed bike is difficult is up to you. Whether riding a single-speed bike is difficult or easy depends on the purpose or why you cycle.

Is A Single-Speed Bike Worth It?

Yes. A single-speed bike is worth it.

  1. The structure of a single-speed bike is easy and straightforward. So that it can be easily maintained.
  2. Due to its lightweight and straightforward structure, people of any age and newbie riders can ride it.
  3. It is suitable for commuters, cities, parks, or street riding.
  4. The single-speed bike also has health benefits.
  5. Single speed bike is used to keep the body fit and lose weight.
  6. The maintenance cost of this bike is also less.

The Bottom Words

Single-speed bikes have many advantages and some disadvantages as you should discover in the comparison with the other bikes, its benefits and worthy section of my writing.

It is suitable for people of all ages and Single speed bike is faster than a geared bike. That’s why I can say, a Single speed bike is the best to be your traveling companion if you are simple and love to live simple with the far most simplicity in cycling too.

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