BMX bikes are available in the market with no brakes such as front brakes only, rear brakes only, or both brakes. Most of the time, we notice that professional BMX riders do not use brakes on their bikes. So, naturally common people are curious why BMX bikes don’t have brakes.

The main reason for not using brakes on BMX bikes is to ensure mobility. Brakes can cause problems during various stunts or tricks. Also, one reason not to use brakes is to reduce the weight of the bike as much as possible.

In this article, I will answer some common questions about braking on BMX bikes. If you are interested in BMX bikes, then this article is for you.

Does A BMX Bike Really Need Brakes?

Yes, a BMX bike needs to have brakes because of safety precautions or racing needs for the rider. Especially for a beginner or amateur BMX rider, it is important to include brakes on their bike. However, for an experienced rider, brakes are not as important and they may find them a hassle.

Beginner riders cannot always control the speed of their BMX bike. That is why the possibility of accidents always remains somewhat. It is also noted that many of the inexperienced do not use the necessary protective gear. This can make them face big accidents many times. But having brakes on bikes can save them from many accidents.

Considering all the above, a BMX bike should have brakes, especially for the novice or beginner. Nonetheless, brakes are less important for experienced riders.

Then Why Don’t BMX Bikes Have Brakes?

BMX bikes do not have brakes for several reasons. Although manufacturers include brakes on almost all their bikes, experienced riders remove them.

Brakeless bikes give the racing-lover riders some extra benefits. Below I’ll describe the reasons why BMX bikes don’t have brakes.

👉 Reason 1: Increases Mobility

If your BMX bike has front or rear brakes, they can cause problems during various biking tricks like barspin, tailwhip trick, etc. Especially the front brake or its cables can become annoying at times. That is why not having brakes greatly increases the mobility of the bike and helps better stunts.

👉 Reason 2: Reduces Weight

The lighter the BMX bikes, the better.

Doing stunts using a heavy BMX bike is not an easy task. Although the weight of a brake or its accessories is not that much, it can reduce some weight which will be more convenient for you.

👉 Reason 3: Lowers The Chance Of An Accident

We know brakes help prevent accidents, but in specific fields, can also be counterproductive. Especially during BMX racing or when going down steep slopes, if the front rider uses the brakes, the other riders behind are definitely exposed to accidents.

👉 Reason 4: Helps Learn Faster

A brakeless BMX bike helps inexperienced riders better judge the speed of the bike. Since the stunts require precise speed, the rider cannot perform the stunt properly if the speed is too high. Because of this, without brakes, he has to focus more on speed and can learn or master stunts faster.

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Are BMX Bikes Better With Or Without Brakes?

As I said earlier, brakes are unnecessary if you are an experienced BMX rider, but if you are a beginner or inexperienced, you need brakes on your bike. If you don’t have brakes, you will face some problems. Notable among these are:

  • If we do not stop the bike in time, there is a chance of an accident, so if there are no brakes, the chances of accidents increase.
  • Tricks cannot be performed properly if speed is increased during them.
  • Brakes may be required during some stunts.
  • Keeping the speed under control can be a bit tricky.

But if you have earned the ability to overcome the above problems, then bikes without brakes will be convenient for you. Otherwise, your bike should have at least one brake, preferably a rear brake.

Do You Need Brakes To Race A BMX Bike?

Yes, to race a BMX bike you must have a working braking system.

Usually, the weight of the bike or the components used in it has an effect during racing. That’s why many people don’t use brakes on their BMX bikes. But for racing BMX bikes need to have some features like single gear, 20-inch wheels, platform pedals, etc. Likewise, your bike must have an effective rear brake.

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Final Sayings

To become an experienced BMX rider, you need to have expertise and knowledge about your BMX bike. Although brakes are an important component of a bike, many BMX bikes do not have brakes. Not having brakes provides the racing biker with some added benefits.

But when you are just learning the BMX or any Racing bike, you should use at least one rear brake on the bike. So that you can avoid many unwanted accidents. And, be sure to use safety gear during training.

Wish you every success in your next riding with the amazing BMX.

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