If you look closely, you will realize that most road bikes and mountain bikes have the same cleat system. Usually, pedal companies complete features in this way keeping in mind the preferences and convenience of the riders. So naturally, it can be understood that you can easily use Mountain Bike pedals on a Road Bike. Although the pedal body of these two bicycles differs at times, one is almost parallel to the other due to the cleat system.

In today’s article, you will know many more unknown facts about this topic, which will be very necessary for your future cycling. Today I will tell you more about the difference between MTB and Road bike Pedals, how useful any type of pedal is for road bikes, and other relevant things.

Difference Between Mountain Bike Pedals And Road Bike Pedals

Although there are some similarities between Mountain Bike and Road Bike Pedals, quite a lot of differences are observed. These two types of pedals are specifically designed for completely different purposes. So, it is very normal to have some significant differences between them.

Mountain Bike Pedals

  • Mountain bike pedals are generally quite durable, as well as getting muddled and clipped very easily.
  • Its pedals are also specially designed to easily clip in and take off Mountain bike pedals are also available in flat or standard pedals. Apart from that, clipless pedals are also available on mountain bikes.
  • When you use a mountain bike with flat pedals, you will find that there is no clip-in mechanism. And that’s why you should be able to ride with these pedals in any regular shoe.
  • But if you choose to ride an MTB with clipless pedals, you must use clipless mountain bike shoes. Riders also accomplish riding with a two-bolt cleat system, the most common of which you’ll find is Shimano’s SPD system.
  • Clipless mountain bike pedals can generally feel much easier to clip inward and outward than road bike pedals. You will find one cleat on both sides of the Crank Brothers brand of pedals. You can also find an egg beater style that has four different sections to clip in properly.
  • When the rider is riding a mountain bike, it is common to clip on the separate sections for the trail. So, the rider can easily clip and unclip these pedals. Furthermore, Mountain bike clipless pedals have a much smaller contact area than road bike pedals.
  • These pedals are short and impact various objects to reduce rock strikes while riding. It also allows and helps to hit any other object while on the trail. So, it makes sense that short pedals on mountain bikes may not be very comfortable for long, intense rides.
  • But still, the majority of the population uses such bicycle pedals, for whom small pedals do not pose any particular problem.

Special Shoes For MTB Pedals-

  • The special shoes used with mountain bike pedals tend to be much more flexible than road bike shoes.
  • These types of shoes are designed in such a way that the rider can walk normally while wearing those shoes.
  • If it happens that you have to get off on muddy roads and walk some distance then these shoes have a lot of grips.

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  • Moreover, special shoes are used for mountain bike pedals, they look a lot like regular shoes. Due to this, bikers like this type of shoes, a lot as well as it has become very popular.

Road Bike Pedals

  • Road bike pedals are typically designed specifically to transfer power and thereby save weight.
  • You’ll find a three-bolt system on road bike pedals and cleats. As a result, road bike cleats and pedals are much larger than mountain bike cleats and pedals.
  • Due to the larger size of the pedals on road bikes, it can give you a much longer pedaling power. This means you could say that a bigger pedal allows the rider to put more energy and courage into pedaling for longer periods of time. Besides that, road bike pedals can provide a much more comfortable feeling while riding.

But you can’t clip and unclip the pedals on a road bike too much. It is not specifically designed for frequent clipping and unclipping. There may be many ride journeys where you don’t unclip the pedals of your road bike even once.

For that reason and to save extra weight, the rider can only clip the pedals of his road bicycle on one side. Which can be a lot more challenging than the double-sided clip system normally used on a mountain bike pedal.

  • Road bike pedals are much more protective of your feet while pedaling than mountain bike pedals. That’s why clipping becomes very difficult. These types of pedals can be great for extra power as well as specific types of speed.

But there are some things you should take care of so that you don’t unclip it in a hurry. These types of pedals can give you much better service if clipped – unclipped slowly, over time. But you will get used to this type of pedal very easily. Then it will not seem dangerous and harsh to you at all.

Special Shoes For Road Bike Pedals-

  • The special shoes used for road bike pedals tend to be much stiffer.
  • And besides, these types of shoes are definitely not specially designed for casual walking.

So, it can generally say that these types of special shoes are mostly used only during pedaling. If you have to walk for a long time, then you should take off this shoe.

So, Can You Use Mountain Bike Pedals On A Road Bike?

Of course, you can use mountain bike pedals on a road bike. And, it’s really quite simple to use and totally fine as well. Most pedal companies use very similar cleat systems for road bike pedals and MTB bike pedals.

Although the pedal body design, features vary. But because the cleats are the same, it is possible to easily use Mountain Bike Pedals on road bikes. Unless you are a particularly serious road bike rider, you can safely use mountain bike pedals. Apart from that, you can enjoy some special benefits.

For beginner riders, clipping them makes riding much easier which can be great for suburban areas as well as traffic-lighted areas.

A rider who has not yet mastered the track stand can easily use MTB Pedals on a road bike. If you want, you can also use the same type of shoes that are used for pedaling a mountain bike when pedaling a road bike. They are much nicer and they are usually more durable as well.

So it can be said that you can definitely use Mountain Bike Pedals on a road bike. They are specially designed for adults with almost identical paddle threads.

And they have dimensions like 9/ 16″ x 20 TPI.

Nevertheless, these two types of bike pedals have different adjustments and usage, since the pedals have screws in the same place- these two bike pedals can be interchanged very easily.

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But Can We Put Any Pedals On A Road Bike?

The type of pedals a rider uses on their road bike is entirely up to personal preference. As you may know, most road bikes come to riders without any pedaling accessories. Although most road bikes use a basic type of flat platform pedals.

In that scenario, beginners can start with road bicycle riding with flat pedals. Also, these basic flat platform pedals make their standard bike riding easier.

Any type of pedal can be used in accordance with the bicycle screws and clips.

In short, bikers can use any type of pedal on a road bike keeping these things in mind. And, experience drivers can use clipless pedals to get even better performance.

Some Suitable Pedals For Road Bikes:

1. Shimano Dura-Ace (Best For Shimano Lovers And Weight Weenies)


  • Weight: 234 g (272 g with cleats)
  • Float: 2 Degrees


  • Smooth, Reliable, and Easy to adjust.
  • Lightest pedal with cleat combo.
  • Easy to clip

2. Wahoo Speedplay Nano (Best For Adjustability)


  • Weight: 170 g (332 g with cleats)
  • Float: Micro Adjustable to 15 degrees


  • Dual side entry
  • Low stack height
  • Leading cleat adjustability
  • Adjustable 15-degree float

3. Look Keo Blade Carbon Ceramic (Best For Smooth Bearings)


  • Weight: 232 g
  • Float: 5 degrees


  • Lightweight
  • Ceramic bearings

4. Look Keo 2 Max Carbon (Best For Solid Look And Reasonable Price)


  • Weight: 250 g
  • Float: 5 degrees


  • Adjustable release tension
  • Competitive price

Final Words

I hope you have read today’s article and have found more about the usage, type of pedals, differences, benefits, and drawbacks of the Mountain Bike and Road Bike pedals. Moreover, putting MTB pedals on a Road bike geometry as well.

I really hope that every biker has benefited a lot in many kinds of ways after knowing all this significant knowledge. In addition, all this information must be very useful in your future pedaling life too.

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