A single-speed bike means it has a single gear, there is no other gear. But if you realize that you need more speed and a versatile bike, you can add additional gear to your single-speed bike. And, it is possible. You can do it without suffering.

Regarding this matter, I am going to cover the Single-Speed bike & types of gears, putting additional gears and its benefits or drawbacks as well. Also, the cost when a biker wants to add extra gears to his/her single-speed bicycle and how the speed fluctuates after putting the additional gears too. So, sit tight and get ready to enhance or review your knowledge and thoughts with me.

What Is A Single-Speed Bike?

A single-speed bike is a bike that has a single gear. Yes! It has only a single gear. And, it’s slightly different from the fixed bike.

  • It has no other gear like compact, standard double, derailleurs, etc.
  • It is easy to control.
  • If you want to increase the speed of a single-speed bike, press the pedal hard, then it will increase speed.
  • And, to slow it down again, release the pedal or slowly depress the pedal.

The single-speed bike is lighter than other bikes. It has no extra gear or parts, so it is relatively light. For this specialty, people of any age can ride it. As it is lighter in weight, easy to carry, and can have it by bus, train, and other transport.

Types Of Gears On Bike

Typically, there are several types of gears that have been seen after all the years of cycling history. Here, I will talk about the popular 5 types of gears of bikes- Standard Double, Compact, Semi-Contact, Triple, and Hub Gears.

1. Standard Double

A standard chain set has two chainrings at the front. The Larger Chainring has 53 teeth, and the Smaller Chainring has 39 teeth.

The larger Chainring gives you more power, while the smaller Chainring provides you with low power.

  • When you use a small Chainring, then the wheel moves slowly. On the other hand, using a large Chainring can move fast.

Standard Chainring is preferable for a professional rider. It is also suitable for those who always ride on flat roads, Racing for commutator purposes.

2. Compact

Compact gear also has two chain sets where the large Chainring has 50 teeth, the smaller Chainring has 34 to 36 teeth. Besides that, Compact gear’s chainrings are comparatively smaller than standard chainrings.

Generally, Compact gear is preferable for non-professional and Newbie riders. As Its chainrings are small, so, it’s indicating a slightly slower gear.

Long distance riding, uphill riding where you ride all day long, there this Compact gear is suitable because slow gear makes your ride much easier and more comfortable. As a result, you can ride for a long time.

3. Semi-Compact

Semi-compact is an intermediate gear between standard gear and compact gear.

  • The semi-compact chain set has 52 teeth on its large Chainring, which is 1 less than the standard Chainring and 2 more than the compact Chainring.
  • On the other hand, the small Chainring has 36 teeth which are 3 less than the standard Chainring and 2 more than the compact Chainring.

So, it is clear that a semi-compact chain set is a gear between a standard and compact chain set. This gear is used for fast riding and uphill riding like standard gear as the semi-compact gear provides more speed than the compact gear.

4. Triple

The triple chain set has three chainrings.

  • The large Chainring has 50/52 teeth, the medium Chainring has 39 teeth,
  • and the small Chainring has 30 or fewer chainrings where it indicates lower gear.

The advantage of having multiple chainrings is that the gears can be increased and decreased as needed.

  • However, the triple chain set is not as popular as the standard and compact chain set but is not behind others in terms of convenience. Triple chain set gear is preferred for slow gear riders.
  • Triple chain set gear is suitable for those crossing a long distance with more goods. Because riding in higher gears with more weight will tire you out faster. So, riding in slow gear will be easy for you, will remove your fatigue, and you will be able to reach the destination easily.
  • Also, triple crankset gear is suitable for uphill riding.
  • Triple gear also gives the best performance in flat road and commuter.

5. Hub Gears

Hub gear is covered gear. In other words, It’s an internal gear. It’s a small, waterproof gear and easy to use that does not require much maintenance.

Hub gear is a different form of derailleurs gear. And, it is suitable for flat roads and commuting.

  • The popularity of hubs is less in UK and USA. But it is practiced in other European countries such as France, Spain, and many other countries.

Are The Single-Speed Bikes Have Additional Gear?

No! Single-speed bikes don’t have additional gear. It has only a Single gear. As it has a single gear. So, don’t need to worry about gear-changing issues.

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So, Why A Single-Speed Bike Doesn’t Have Any Additional Gear?

To add some unique benefits and keep in mind the special needs, no additional gear is kept in a single-speed bike. For example:

  • Bikes with gears have various devices such as Derailleur, Shifter, Chainring, etc., which are difficult for new riders to maintain. So, a single-speed bike has no additional gear, so that riders can easily maintain the cycle.
  • Bikes with gears cost relatively more. If you want to buy a bicycle for riding as a hobby, you have to buy a bike for an additional price. That’s why many riders can’t afford a bike.

So those who want to cycle for fun. Keep in mind to their situation that the single-speed cycle does not have the additional gear to provide a low-cost, straightforward bike.

  • Cycling keeps the muscles active. Since a single-speed bike has no gears, it must be paddled to ride. It is helpful for Physical exercise. For the convenience of those who want to cycle for physical activity, single-speed bikes have not added additional gear.

Then, Can You Add Extra Or Additional Gears To A Single-Speed Bike?

Definitely! You can add additional gears to a single-speed bike.

By adding extra gear, you can make your bike more suitable for uphill riding and long-distance riding. As a result, your riding will be smoother and more manageable.

To add additional gear, you need some elements.

  1. Crassest
  2. Derailleur
  3. Gear Shifter
  4. Gear Cable

Can Additional Gear Make The Single-Speed Bikes Faster?

Of course! Additional gear makes single-speed bikes faster.

  • Additional gear on the bike adds a mechanical advantage to the bike.
  • It increases the capacity of the bike and makes bikes faster.
  • So, any cyclist can increase the speed of the cycle based on the type of road they are cycling on.

But, How Much Does It Cost To Put The Extra Gear/s On A Bike?

The cost to put extra gears on a bike depends on the gear you want to put on-  different speeds require different gears. And the prices of different gears also vary.

But installing a single seed bike gear will cost around 50 to 70 dollars. Along with this, the speed of your bike will also increase.

Final Thoughts

A single-speed bike has many advantages, but sometimes bikers feel like adding additional gear to their bike. But look at the bright sites Dudes- Additional gears make the bike faster and more versatile. So, bikers can add gear according to their choice, need, the regular biking tracks/trail/road whatever they need. As they can do this by spending a very little amount of money.

For your convenience, I have already tried to share my experience and enlighten you about adding additional gears on the Single-Speed Bikes as well as Gear types, the advantages of extra gears, and other related information. Now it is your choice what you want to do. Happy Biking!

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