BMX bikes are one of my favorites because I can use them for various tricks. When my friends (Especially Mehedi Hasan) and I take part in different stunts together. And that was quite an exciting one and gave us a lot more pleasure.

But yet, I don’t feel comfortable with BMX bikes to go on trails. Because its compact design, rigid body, and durability are suitable for stunts, but not very convenient to use these bikes on the trail. Furthermore, it gets more limitations to riding there. In this article, I will discuss in detail the use of BMX bikes on trails.

Can You Use BMX For Long Distance?

Oh, Dude! Sorry! You can’t use a BMX bike for long-distance. To ride a long way, a bike needs to include some features like a comfortable seat position, an advanced gear system, a suitable wheel & braking system, a standard suspension system, and more like these types.

But BMX bikes are designed to perform various stunts, jumps, or tricks. The compact frame and other parts of these bikes are useful for stunts. BMX bikes do not have the features that a bike needs to have for a long ride.

Therefore, you will face a lot of problems when traveling long distances using BMX bikes. And the problems will make you tired quickly and you may fail in the long run.

Can BMX Bikes Go On Trails?

You can ride BMX bikes on trails, although no cyclist will support it. The bikes are suitable for stunts, not so much for trails. There are several hurdles for BMX bikes to ride well on the trail.

Notable among these are its braking system, seat height, wheels, etc. You will still be able to ride on the trail, but need to make some upgrades to the bike. Below, I explain these in detail.

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Improve The Braking System:

BMX bikes usually contain brakes on the rear wheels, which do not provide control in all cases. But bikers need a more advanced braking system to ride on the trail. So you need to improve the braking system of your BMX bike if you still want to go distances with her.

Raise The Seat Height:

Seat heights are a major limitation of BMX bikes for long-time riders. You must increase the seat height to ride these bikes on the trail. Then you can ride on the trail with some ease.

Change Wheels:

Most BMX bikes have 20-inch wheels. But it is much smaller than a mountain bike, which is more suitable for trail riding. You need to change the wheel of your BMX bike and have to install a slightly larger wheel.

The wheels of BMXs are very rigid and provide less traction on the trail. That’s why cyclists need a wheel that provides more traction on the trail which will be more effective.

Improve Gear System:

BMX bikes include a single gear system that requires a lot of paddling, which makes you tired after a short distance. That’s why you need to change the gear system and install a multiple gear system to ride well on the trail.

Place A Suspension:

The suspension system plays a big role in protecting your body in rough road conditions. But BMX bikes do not contain a suspension system. And that makes it more difficult to ride the bike on the trail, as your legs and body have to endure a lot more shaking. So include a suspension system on your BMX bike for long distances.

Is BMX Good For The Road?

You can use your BMX bike for the road, but it is not so good as a commuter, road bike, city bike, MTB, cyclocross bike, or gravel-type bike.

Bikes, we considered the best for the road that you can ride freely for long periods. But because of some limitations of a BMX bike will make it difficult for you to ride on the road for longer times.

1. Lower Seat Position

The seat position of BMX bikes is pretty low, which is not suitable for riding the bike as an adult. And an adult or mature biker will feel quite uncomfortable while riding on the road as they cannot ride far continuously.

2. Single Gear System

BMX bikes only include a single gear system, which is why you need to use a lot more pedals. When you ride this bike on the road, you will get tired faster. This gear system of this bike makes riding on the road more difficult.

3. Relatively Weak Braking System

From various surveys, we see that BMX bike riders injure pedestrians the most. And this happens for the weak braking system of this bike. Its braking system is weaker than other bikes, as these bikes only have brakes on the rear wheels. This system is also a big problem for cycling on the road.

Are BMX Bikes Good For Riding Around?

Yes, you can use BMX bikes to get around with no problems. The compact structure and durability of the BMX bikes will especially help you get around. Plus, you can comfortably adjust your BMX to the bus or train.

Its compact design allows you to ride bikes easily, especially in rural areas where road conditions may be bad or on the broken road. These bikes are also easy to cross on tree trunks or low fences.

BMX bikes are made with very limited accessories, which make them easy to maintain. If you need a bike just to get around, you can purchase a BMX bike with no hesitation.

Can You Ride A BMX On The Pavement?

Considering most of the cases, the answer is not affirmative. Because according to the laws of most countries, you cannot use BMX bikes as well as any bikes on the pavement. In that case, you need a permit or know the rules of your state and country.

Riding a bike on the pavement increases the number of accidents. That is why both pedestrians and bikers are more likely to be injured.

Most countries or states rarely allow bike riding on pavements considering these factors. Furthermore, many roads usually have separate lanes for bikers to use. So if you want to ride a bike on the pavement, you must know the details of your state law, otherwise, you may have to pay a fine.


Riding a BMX bike on a trail is quite difficult and sometimes a little tricky. So you need to use the bike on the trail which is suitable for that place. Yet you can use a BMX bike to the trail if you wish. But the best way is to do some upgrades to your BMX bike before doing it.

It may cost some money to upgrade your bike. Since BMX bikes are quite long-lasting, this investment may not be detrimental. However, as an experienced cyclist, I would advise you to use a mountain bike instead of a BMX bike for trails.

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