BMX bike is an off-road bike that is used for jumps, stunts, and off-road tracking. But 26-inch BMX cannot be used as a suitable regular commuter bike. In this present era as we see, all the impossible is possible, similarly, BMX bikes can be turned into commuter bikes. Nonetheless, they are smaller in size than regular bikes.

Today I am going to talk about this matter with you in detail so you can achieve a keen knowledge about Commuter & BMX bikes, how you can use a BMX for commuting, which size will be suitable for you, and a comprehensive comparative chart among BMX, Commuter Bike, Modified BMX Commuter Bike, and other bikes as well. That’s why keep a deep eye from the beginning to the end of this content to absorb all this valuable and useful information.

Commuter Bike, Its Type, And Specifications

According to the Cambridge dictionary, commuter means something that is used by people who regularly travel between home and work. Yes, a commuter bike is a type of bike people use which to travel regularly from home to school or workplace because they ensure easy and comfortable riding.

There are various types of Commuter bikes whereas Hybrid and Road bikes are also a type of commuter bikes. Do you know what is the surprising issue? You can also use a BMX bike for commuter purposes which will be discussed just a few mins later.

Uses & Specifications Of A Regular Commuter Cycle:

  • Commuter bikes are lightweight, enduring, and easily maintainable.
  • It has a feature of a wide tyre, gear, comfortable saddle, fenders, mudguard, and upright handlebars.
  • Cyclists can carry a lot of weight on a commuter bike. As it has a load-carrying basket in front, you can put your essentials in that basket.
  • Many commuter bikes have a chain guard to prevent your clothes from getting tangled in the chain.
  • Commuter bikes are mainly used for short-distance commuting and carrying language.
  • It is also great exercise and short time travel in the afternoon.

But Can You Commute On A BMX Bike?

BMX Means bicycle motocross.  That means it is an off-road bike that is generally used for racing and stunt riding.  As BMX bikes use long chains and few gears, it is suitable for hill tracks and jumps.

Yes, it is possible to commute on a bicycle or motocross.  But there are some differences in the structure of BMX and Commuter bikes.

  • If you can modify the BMX bike to reduce the difference from the commuter bike, then you can commute on a BMX bike.

Thus to do that kind of conversion job, you must want to know the difference between a BMX bike and a commuter bike. So, Let’s know about the characteristics of both bikes, only then we can find out where to modify them.

Characteristics Of BMX Bike

A BMX bike is generally used for hilly area biking, stunts, and jumps.  Hence, its features and frame structure are suitable for hill tracks.

  1. Low saddle
  2. Reduced braking system
  3. Lack of mudguards
  4. Low handlebar
  5. Lack of space

Characteristics Of Commuter Bike

The commuter bike is generally used for commuting purposes like going to the office, or school. And, this bike moves on busy roads. As we always want to stay safe and reach our destination safely, all the essentials are included in the commuter bike.

  1. High saddle
  2. Braking system
  3. Uses of mudguards
  4. High handlebar
  5. Sufficient space for carrying luggage

Then, Which Type Of BMX Can Be Used For Commuting?

Now if you transfer the features of a commuter bike into a BMX bike, then the BMX bike will be converted into a commuter BMX bike. But not all BMX bikes can be converted into commuter BMX bikes as there are different types of BMX bikes.

As most of their features are almost the same, we have found 4 BMX bikes that are slightly different from regular BMX. And, from these 4 types of BMX cycles, 2 types can be used for commuting after a few modifications or adding some bike staff.

1. Racing Bike:

The racing bike is known as the original BMX bike. These bikes are lightweight, flexible, presence of V brake, have thin tires, also they are stable and quick.

  • Nonetheless, this bike uses in BMX track racing but is suitable for commuting.

2. Dirt Jump BMX Bike:

Dirt jump BMX is used in dirt jumping. Also, it is used in ‘big air’ jumps, various tricks, and stunts. And we can see the use of versatile knobby tires on this bike where sometimes, we visualize the use of brakes, and sometimes not.

  • If brakes are present in dirt jump BMX bikes, then you can use them on commuting.

3. Freestyle Bike:

Freestyle bikes can be used for various riding from streets to skate parks, if performing stunts do not involve racing or jumps. It is not as fast as a racing bike, and has no brake; thus it is quite risky.

  • But freestyle bikes can be controlled by using brakes. From this point of view, it is suitable for commuting.

4. Flatland Bike:

A flatland bike is a small-frame bike. And it performs well on a smooth flat surface and doesn’t do ramps, grind rails, or jumps. Generally, the flatland bike is well-known for “Artistic Cycling”.

  • And, this type of bike is not suitable for commuting purposes.


Now I would like to recommend you-

  • To use a Racing BMX bike and a Freestyle bike for commuting. But there need some modifications on your BMX bike.

Way Of Transforming BMX Bike To Commuter BMX Bike

BMX bikes can be converted into commuter BMX bikes by adding a suitable seat, mudguard, brake, and basket. And, you can do this work at home or with the help of a mechanic.

Add Comfortable Seat

BMX bike seats are not comfortable because they are made of plastic or similar products, so they are hard.

Since BMX bikes are operating in a standing position, the seat is not very important. But when you use the BMX bike for commuter purposes, a comfortable seat must be added for comfortable riding.

  • You need to spend 20 to 50$ to add a seat.

Add Mudguard

Mudguards are not commonly seen on BMX bikes. But you must add mudguards to the wheels. Because with commuter BMX bike you will go to school or office. And you must be well equipped for biking.

If the road is muddy at that time, your clothes will get dirty due to the absence of a mudguard. So, it is crucial to use a mudguard on your regular BMX bike to use as a commuter bike.

  • On the basis of various quality, it will cost 10 to 70$ for adding a brand new mudguard.

Make Sure About The Presence Of Brake

As a normal BMX bike does not have any brakes, you have to find out which type of brake can be used in your BMX bike and add that type of brake if you want to commute with this. You can select from the U-brake, V-brake, and Caliper types of brakes that fit your BMX design and specifications.

As bikers face pedestrians and other vehicles while commuting. Therefore, if you don’t have a brake, you will be in danger. So, before using a BMX bike for commuting make sure the presence of a brake.

  • For adding brake, you have to spend 15 to 30$.

Add Bike Rack

Nothing extra can be carried on a BMX bike due to the small size and lack of space. But when you go to the office or school, that’s the time you have to carry your luggage. Thus you have to add a bike rake to carry your luggage, so you can carry your necessary items.

  • And, it will cost you around 40$.

But Is It Profitable Converting A BMX Into A Commuter Bike?

The price of a BMX bike is 300 to 400$ and the price of a commuter bike is 500 to 800 dollars.

And turns out BMX to a Commuter costs 130 to 170 dollars.

So, if you want to get better service, you can buy a commuter bike without converting a BMX to a commuter bike.  But if you are passionate about BMX and want to convert your old BMX into a commuter bike, then you can modify your BMX. Otherwise, my suggestion would be to buy a commuter bike for regular commuting.

What Is The Popular Commuter BMX Bike Frame size?

As the BMX bike is used for hill tracks and bike stunts, its size is not like a normal touring bike or commuter.  Typically, the size of a BMX bike is smaller than a normal bike.

While you want to know which is the best BMX bike for commuting, you have to be aware of three things-

  1. Wheel Size
  2. Top Tube
  3. Rider’s Height

Wheel Size:

Wheel size is an important factor to know the bike frame size as it determines the bike frame size. A bigger wheel size indicates a big bike and a smaller wheel indicates a small bike.

But BMX Bike’s wheel size is not as big as commuter bikes. The wheel size of the usual BMX bike is from 12 to 24 inches.

Top Tube:

Top Tube is another important thing to measure the bike frame. Top tube measurement is known as “TT”.  And the TT is measured from the seat post to the pedal joint.  But, realize this one in your practical cycling life will be the best for you- ‘Frame Size is slightly larger than Wheel Size’.

Rider’s Height:

Rider Height is another key point to measure a Bike Frame Size where the size of the bike is determined according to the height of the rider. Taller riders use bigger bikes and vice-versa. But if someone feels comfortable on a small bike, then he or she can use a small bike also and the vise-versa can also happen.

Let’s see a chart to get things more clear about the height of the rider and a suitable bike size for him/her.

Wheel Size 12 inches 16 inches 20 inches
Biker’s Height 3′ to 4′ 4′ to 5′ 5′ and Above

But if a rider can’t match the bike size he/she likes, s/he can use a 20″ size as it is one of the popular BMX bike sizes as well as for all types of bikes.

So, Are 26 Inches BMX Bike Good For Daily Commuting?

No, 26 inches BMX bikes are not good for daily commuting.

BMX bikes range from 12 to 24 inches and their frame size is small compared to other bikes. And you must have got the idea by now that the size of a bike depends on its wheels. So, 26-inch wheels on a BMX bike are not fit for daily commutes.  Because a big wheel creates higher rolling resistance and it will handle like shit.

Yes, any bikers use it for fun riding, but ultimately 26 inches BMX bike is not suitable for daily commuting.

Is The BMX Bike Suitable For Long Commuting Or Short-Distance Commuting?

A BMX bike is not good for long-distance commuting but good for short-distance.  As the BMX bikes have a small frame, low seat, and single gear, they are really uncomfortable for long-distance commuting. Even it is not comfortable for short-distance commuting until you transform it into a ‘BMX Commuting Bike’.

  • If you commute a long distance with a BMX bike, then you will feel leg pain. Because the seat is low, you have to ride standing up. In this condition, you cannot continue riding for long.  Also, this bike is smaller in size compared to other bikes. Therefore, it’s not suitable for long-distance commuting.
  • As the BMX bike has low gear, you won’t get extra benefits in long-distance riding. So, you have to be paddling all the time.
  • A BMX bike is suitable for off-road riding so that there is low gear. And we know low gear is used for mountain riding. As a result of low gear, the bike runs slowly but consumes less power. This allows the rider to ride longer and reach the destination.

But it is foolish to follow the same strategy in the case of long riding or riding on a plane. Because during long-distance riding on a plane surface, you always want to reach the destination by riding at a fast speed. Yeah, if you get tired in the middle of riding, you can ride in low gear. But above all, for long-distance riding, you need high gear. Thus the BMX bike is not suitable for long-distance riding.

  • Apart from these, we also notice that BMX bike braking system is poor. While off-road riding, you don’t usually have to cross pedestrians or other vehicles. So, the brake is not necessary.

But during long-distance riding, you will do flat road riding.  So, you have to cross pedestrians and other vehicles.  And, it is the big reason that declares BMX unfit for long-distance riding.

Comparison Among – Commuter VS BMX VS Commuter BMX VS Other Bikes

Aspects Commuter Bike BMX Commuter BMX Others
Size  Commuter bike is big in size. A BMX bike is smaller in size. The Commuter BMX bike is smaller in size. Other bikes like Hybrid, Touring, and E-Bikes are bigger in size.
Brake Presence of brake. Absence of brake. Presence of the brake. Presence of the brake.
Load Carrying Capabilities Can carry a lot of loads.

You can carry your necessary things at the time of riding.

Can’t carry a lot of loads. Can carry loads.

You can carry your necessary things at the time of riding but not as much as a commuter bike.

Can carry loads.
Safety Assurance Elements This bike has a mudguard and a chain guard to protect you from roadside dust. Doesn’t have any Safety assurance elements. Have Safety assurance components. Have Safety assurance components.
Weight Heavy in weight. Lightweight bike. Slightly heavy in weight than the BMX bike. Heavy in weight.
Riding Distance You can travel a long distance with a commuter bike. You can’t go a long distance with a BMX bike. You can’t go more than 5 miles with a commuter BMX bike. You can go a long distance with other bikes.
Uses For commuting purposes Uses on riding in hilly areas, racing, sporting cycling. For commuting purposes, and stunts. Use for commuting purposes and touring.

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Oh! You are here! Then you know, any enthusiast and moderate cyclist can easily convert BMX to a Commuter bike. Though BMX bikes are 12 to 24 inches, 20 inches is the most used and popular. And, a rider must choose a bike according to his/her height, gender, and preferences. As the 26-inch bike is difficult to use and control because the size of the wheel is bigger than the frame. That’s why it is not good for daily commuting.

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