The Sunday BMX brand is undoubtedly one of the top BMX bicycle brands in today’s market. It has become the only choice among BMX lovers for various reasons including superior frame design, strong wheel configuration, butted seat tube, too much variation, extra warranty system, and many more.

But many still don’t know everything about Sunday BMX bikes. If you are one of them, then this complete conversation is exclusively for you. When you’re looking to invest in improving your appearance and riding style, then a Sunday BMX bike can be a great option.

Starting Journey Of Sunday BMX Bicycle Brand

Sunday BMX bicycle company was established in 2005. It was founded by Jim Cielencki. Initially, he started this company to solve various problems related to BMX bike frames. According to him, most bicycle manufacturers face various problems in balancing the weight of the bicycle frame. Thus maintaining the right weight and strength balance of the frame is important for a comfortable ride.

Jim Cielencki’s goal was to create a bike frame that would be strong enough but not too heavy. At that time, there were many bikes in the market which were strong but the frames were too heavy. There were various problems in the field of BMX riding. Again, some bikes had very weak frames for the light weight.

  • The main focus of the Sunday bike brand was to create a strong frame that would provide enough reliability without being too heavy.

On Sunday, you will find all BMX bikes that are more powerful than other brands but less heavy.

  • These bikes are stronger for 100% Chromoly.
  • You can discover advanced frame technologies like thermal processing, wave tubing, and black magic in the Sunday BMX bikes. That’s why it is twice as strong as regular Chromoly frames.
  • Ever since the company was launched in 2005, innovations have been arriving one after the other.

This brand invented heat-treated frames for the first time only a year after its inception. In the year 2012, the company unveiled the Soundwave frame. It is supposedly one of the most high-end BMX bike frames in the world.

In today’s modern era, Sunday BMX bike company manufactures different types of bikes and frames that are suitable for kids, beginners, adults as well as pro-level bikers, which is absolutely commendable.

Founded  April 1, 2005
Owner Jim Cielencki
Based On Buffalo, NY, Austin, TX Etc
Manufactures  Bike special frames, forks, handlebars, and complete bikes.

Categories Of Sunday BMX Bikes

Categories  Use
Freestyle Sunday BMX Functional for performing tricks in skate parks, street riding, vert ramps, etc. It connects to a heavier frame and more durable components.
Street It is assembled for street stunts and jumps with a downward stance and sleeker design.
Race BMX  It is Perfect for more aggressive geometry and higher-end features.
Cruiser Bikes It performs well in leisure cycling. This bike has a relaxed riding position and a strong grip on the handlebars.
Park Bikes It can use for cycling in skate parks, street riding, and performing tricks.
Dirt Jump Bikes Regular cycling and performing stunts on dirt jumps and other terrains.

Everything’s About Sunday Bmx Bikes: Frame Design, Construction, Cost, Uses With Explanation & Compatibility

You will discover several advanced features in Sunday BMX bikes that can be especially helpful to improve your riding skills as a BMX biker. Let me tell you everything about Sunday BMX bike features & other details.

100% Authentic Chromoly Frame

On Sunday BMX bicycles, you will find 100% Chromoly. Which will undoubtedly give you more benefits than an aluminum frame. Although the Chromoly material guilelessly feels quite heavy, Sunday manufacturers specially create these bike frames. That’s why it is very strong, lightweight, and thin.

Sunday BMX bikes offer a very smooth riding capability for thin Chromoly. Notice that, it is much stronger and fatigue resistant than steel.

Extraordinary Sunday BMX Bike Frame Innovation

I have already told you earlier that the founder of Sunday Cycle brand originally invented the brand intending to produce high-quality bicycle frames. So, you will find a more robust, durable, and reliable frame design in Sunday BMX bikes. Below listings are all the details regarding Sunday BMX bike frames.

1. Wave Tubing

It is essentially a high-quality technology for bicycles. Through this, manufacturers can strengthen the upper and lower tubes of the bicycle. It is also functional to protect against denting. Employing this technology, the frame’s top tube and downtube are extremely strong.

2. Butted Seat Tube

This brand of BMX bike has a diverse type of seat tube compared to all other bikes. With the addition of a double-butted seat tube, you will get double power in the cycling period. Different classes of races require aggressive riding of the BMX bike. And these types of seat tubes support you to move forward faster.

3. Tapered Chain Stays And Seat Stays

A Sunday BMX bicycle can give you a unique tapered design in both the seat stay and the chain stay, which can convey the frame of such bicycles a more beautiful and refined look. They tend to be very light in weight which prevents them from adding extra weight to your bike.

Undoubtedly, a bicycle with these features should be employed to win a BMX ride competition.

4. Boxed Chain Stays

Sunday BMX bike’s chainstays have a unique boxy design. It assists to strengthen your bicycle frame against any denting. Also, having such a feature can build a larger clearance towards the rear tyre of the bicycle.

  • This type of clearance permits you to fit tires as wide as 2.35 to 2.40 inches.

5. Thermal Heat Treatment Processing

You may figure out that thermal processing is manipulated to make any bicycle frame stronger. But in Sunday BMX bikes, this processing is done in particular a way so that the frame is strong as well as very light in weight.

This processing is a specialty for every Sunday BMX bike frame. There is no substitute for thermal processing to prevent any kind of cracking, breaking, or snapping problems.

6. Black Magic Bicycle Coating

Rust can shorten the life of your bicycle. If your BMX bike is rusted you will never win a race with it. And to eliminate this kind of problem, every Sunday BMX bikes will get a black magic coating. With this black magic coat your bike will never rust. It is mostly applied as an anti-rust coat finish.

Affordability For All BMX Riders

Some Sunday’s special BMX bicycles usually cost between $1300 to $1500 or are a little overpriced. But apart from this, the price of all other BMX bikes is within the reach of every rider. Most of them cost under $900. Then you can understand that they are much more affordable.

  • You’ll also find Sunday BMX bikes in the $450 to $650 price range. Through this, you can participate in various big races.
  • For kids, you will discover different bikes, and their range also at very low prices. Kid’s bikes are normally priced under $460.

Quality Aftermarket Components

When you originally purchase a Sunday BMX bike, you will find every component with it that are very good, highly featured, and extremely high-end.

Aftermarket components are also high-grade too. As a result, you can safely choose any aftermarket components for your Sunday BMX bike. Every component of this brand can promise a hundred percent reliability.

Special Warranty System

Sunday BMX bikes have a special warranty system. The manufacturers make such promises that you can last your bike lifetime with proper care.

BMX Bike Variation

By doing market research, you will discover that there are different variations of bicycles for every rider.

  • There are starter bikes in various sizes for kids, and Blueprint bicycles for new riders.
  • In addition, professional Bmx riders will find high-end bikes like the Soundwave Special or the Darkwave Authentic.
  • Casual bikers will also locate BMX bike variations in cycling.

So, you can understand that Sunday is far ahead of all other brands for BMX bikes in terms of variations.

Flaws Of Sunday BMX Bike

Slightly Expensive Than Other BMX Bikes

For the Chromoly build quality, some of Sunday’s BMX models command a higher price. For example, Darkwave Authentic and Soundwave Special are much more expensive. They cost a minimum of $1300+, which is out of reach for most of the riders.

Moreover, the price of normal quality bicycles is comparatively high than others.

Fewer High-End Options

Although there are different variations of Sunday BMX bikes, you won’t find additional high-end options in every variation.

Entry-level and mid-range bicycles don’t come with many extra options. That’s why BMX riders need additional investment in participating in various big races.

Not So Durable Like Other BMX Bikes

They are not very durable like all other brands of BMX bikes. Aiming at keeping the low weight of Sunday BMX bikes, it is manufactured by employing very thin materials. For this, it has become moderately inferior in terms of durability.

Limited Availability In Some Areas

These bikes are not easy to find in all areas. Despite being quite famous, riders have to struggle to find a Sunday BMX bike for various reasons. Most of the time these bikes are missing from common bike shops.

A Short Chart About Sunday BMX Bike

Topic Details
Frame Made with 100% Chromoly.
Handlebars You can find them in various shapes and sizes. The vastly ordinary handlebar categories are classic BMX bars, cruiser BMX bars, and flatland BMX bars.
Fork Sunday BMX forks are specially assembled from Chromoly, steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber.
Tires Tyres are made with durable rubber compounds. These types of tires come in various sizes and tread patterns.
Grips Manufacturers create these Sunday grips from rubber or foam. It arrives in different lengths and shades.
Brakes Some Sunday BMX bikes come with no brakes. Some have brakes- A V-brake, or a U-brake.
Cranks They are produced from aluminum or Chromoly.
Pedal Pedal’s materials are mostly nylon or metal.

Repeatedly Asked Queries About Sunday BMX: You May Desire To Know

What Country Is BMX Popular In?

BMX is remarkably popular in many countries. Some of them are-

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • France
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • Czech Republic

In those nations you can find a big number of athletes participating in BMX.

Is Sunday BMX Good For Long Distances?

No, Sunday BMX bikes are not good for long-distance riding as BMX bicycles are not specifically designed for long distances. They are commonly used in different varieties of races.

Moreover, it can also deliver promising output when riding on flat dirt surfaces. A Sunday BMX would not be a better choice for cycling on normal paved surfaces. That is why it can be said that Sunday BMX bikes are good for short distances but not good for long distances.

What Are Some Basic Infos Of Sunday Bikes?

Headquarters: 13502 Pumice St, Norwalk, California, 90650, United States

Phone Number: (562) 623- 9995


Revenue: $5M

How Much Does a Sunday BMX Bike Weigh?

The Sunday BMX bike weighs much less than many other BMX bikes on the market. Although it is not the lightest Bmx bike, its weight can still be considered very low.

Generally, most of the Sunday BMX bikes weigh between 25 pounds to 29 pounds. Those who feel comfortable riding a lightweight BMX bike can safely go for a Sunday BMX bike. It will definitely give you much better output.

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Do Sunday BMX Bikes Have Brakes?

Generally, most Sunday BMX bikes come with brakes for the rider. Through this, you will be able to control the bike at a perfect speed. These types of brakes are especially helpful in increasing your overall cycling safety.

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Final Saying About Sunday BMX Bikes

Sunday BMX bikes are at a high place in BMX lovers’ minds. Since its inception in 2005, this brand journey has gradually built a position of trust among all BMX riders with enhanced service. And if you have scrolled carefully through this complete article, you must know everything about Sunday Bmx bikes. And also, understood that sometimes BMX bike means Sunday BMX. Happy journey!

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