Looking at the top BMX bike brands, the name Haro BMX bike comes up in the first stage. This is a brand of BMX bike that is rising in popularity day by day. And why not! All its advanced features can make your riding experience even better. After knowing these things, surely you are interested to comprehend everything about Haro BMX bikes. So, I will provide you with a detailed knowledge of all these points around my today’s complete discussion.

Let’s jump into the facts!

Starting Journey Of Haro BMX Bicycle Brand

Haro Bike Corporation is an American bicycle brand. It was established in 1978. The bicycle brand started gradually when Bob Haro started making BMX bike number plates in his home.

  • Originally, Bob Haro is the founder of this brand. This brand is widely known as a manufacturer of BMX and mountain bicycles.
  • Haro bikes were commonly known as freestyle BMX bikes.

Nowadays when you think of the BMX cycle, you think of Haro. It is one of the most iconic BMX bike brands in the world.

  • Haro Mongoose is one of the cheapest and best BMX bikes offered by this brand.
  • Also, the Master and the Sport were one of Haro Bikes’ most popular BMX or Freestyle models in the 80s.
  • This company has especially helped in the development of the Freestyle BMX sport since its early life.

The owner of this brand has traveled to different areas around the United States for this. There he also demonstrated radical trick riding. For this, he was given the title of “Father of Freestyle”. Over time, the Haro company has constantly expanded its product line. Thus, it is not a big surprise that it has gained huge popularity nationally and internationally in recent days.

Types Of Haro BMX Bike

Types Name Designed For
Freestyle Series Tricks or stunts on flat ground and in the air.
Big Wheel BMX Maneuverability, flatland riding, and aerial tricks.
Cruiser BMX Series Cruising, flatland, and street riding.
Haro BMX Street Bike Perfect for street cycling.
Mini Series It is Designed for younger riders.
Dirt Jump BMX Bike Dirt jumping and technical terrain riding.
Haro BMX Flatland Bike Perfect for smooth flat surfaces. But not attached to any type of ramps, jumps, or grind rails.
Race Series Racing on a BMX track and other paths.

Everything’s About Haro BMX Bikes: Construction, Capability, Features, Uses, And Specifications

Currently, there are various types of BMX bikes available in the market. But Haro BMX bikes are way ahead of other brands. As a BMX lover, you must be interested to know everything about Haro BMX bikes. And I am going to inform you about all those things to satisfy your interest at this stage of my writing.

Puff Of Robust Bicycle Model Construction

As a BMX bike rider, you will undoubtedly glimpse first at the construction of the bike.

  • Looking at the structure of the Haro BMX bike, it is quite durable and long-lasting which can give you a better quality experience in any kind of freestyle bike riding.
  • Also, various difficult stunts and jumps are possible for the robust construction of Haro BMX bikes.
  • Aluminum alloy frames are commonly manipulated in these types of bicycles which last for years. The frame can be perfectly stunted in its lightweight.
  • Again you can find sealed bearings that are easily resistant to dust, detritus, and moisture.

In a word, you will find every advanced bike’s construction characteristic in the Haro BMX bike.

Standard Components Capability

BMX bicycles are operated mostly in different types of races. And you need to choose a bike that has standard components capability to win a race. The better the quality of a bicycle’s components, the faster you can progress with that bike.

Haro BMX bikes have excellent components like Extra Pro Max brakes along with van grips. For this, you will get adequate control while riding. The gearing has a wider range which makes your pedaling easier.

As a cyclist, you surely believe that good components can give you a smooth ride and exemplary performance.


The Haro BMX bike became popular for its lightweight bike. And this feature can bid the freedom to perform stunts and jumps. The bikes of this brand are relatively light in weight for the high-end aluminum alloy frame.

  • This authorizes a perfect balance between strength and weight.
  • These lightweight BMX cycles can take you forward at a fast speed even when traveling long distances.

Building Performance

Every bike model of Haro BMX is enriched with superior building performance and developed with an extra-strong suspension system so that you can enjoy great performance while riding. It can also nourish smooth performance in any fun cycle riding.

  • You will discover double wall rims and larger tires in Haro BMX bike models.
  • These bikes will make you a better performer because of all these high-quality building performance features. It might be enough to win you any kind of race.
  • You will be also happy to know whether you want to do intense street performer or softcore riding, these bikes will give you a comfortable and smooth ride on any path.

Wide Ranges Collection Of BMX Bikes

Haro is a brand where you can find a wide collection of BMX bikes. No matter what kind of rider you are, you will find a perfect BMX bike in the Haro brand.

  • Here you can find bikes for stunts, general road cycling, casual riding, and more.
  • From 12-inch to 25-inch BMX bikes can be found in this brand.
  • Also if you want, you can customize the bike and order according to your choice. Haro BMX bikes have a wide range, not only in sizes but also in different colors.
  • When you are looking for a bike that is equally suitable for kids, teenagers, adults, and seniors, then the Haro BMX bike will be on your top list of choices.

Braking Performance

Braking performance is a big deal when it comes to BMX bikes. Haro BMX bikes can deliver powerful brakes that permit you to stop very quickly and safely. There is a particular braking system called “ProMax Brake” which assists to keep your speed correctly.

With maximum stopping power and associated adjustable spring tension, you can customize the brakes to your own choice. And you can ensure smooth performance even in any kind of extreme conditions with the presence of the cable system.

High-Quality Tires Feature

Most Haro BMX tyres are made with a special rubber compound. It is much more durable and tear-resistant and can contribute quite generously, in terms of a comfortable and smooth ride.

  • The tread patterns on these tires are specially organized to provide excellent grip on any type of wet or dry surface. Hence more suitable for off-road and regular commuting.
  • Moreover, Haro BMX tires are suitable to reduce the risk of skidding in various stunts. It provides extra cushioning to absorb shock while riding on rough terrains.
  • You’ll also get deeper grooves, improved control, resilience, and traction in this type of Haro BMX bike tyre which can nourish strength and better control in your cycling journey.
  • There are reflective strips on the side of the tires that boost the visibility in night riding. Counting this issue, the rider’s safety can increase.
  • Haro BMX tires also feature a siped coating on the side of the tyre that can easily disperse water in periods of rain or snow.

Cost & Worthiness

Usually, Haro BMX bike pricing starts at $200 to $300. The price can range up to $1500 depending on the bike frame size, material, model, and various other features. This price may increase further.

Fundamentally the more high-end BMX bikes you choose, the higher the price. Haro brand is internationally famous for producing BMX bikes. So, no doubt it is 100% worthy. And these types of bikes are too high quality compared to the price that you won’t figure out if you don’t use them.

Haro Downtown Bmx Bike’s Size

  • Headset: Sealed Integrated, 1 1/8″
  • Cranks: 170mm length
  • Rise handlebars: 8.75″
  • Tyre: 20 x 2.4″
  • Top Tube: 20.5″ with
  • Stem: Forged Alloy, Top – Load, 50 mm
  • Stem diameter: 22.2mm
  • Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5”
  • Wheels: 20″
  • Grips: Haro Team Grips
  • Seat Post: Steel, 25.4 mm

Some Popular Haro BMX Components

  • Headsets
  • Grip Tape
  • Decks
  • Forks
  • Bars
  • Wheel
  • Pegs
  • Bearings
  • Air wear seat
  • Odyssey

Removing Pegs From A Haro Bmx Bike

You may know BMX bike pegs are especially found on a park or street bikes. By using it, riders can efficiently try many tricks like rail, ledge grinds, flat and etc. But many BMX riders feel that the pegs attach extra weight to the bike. For this, the speed of the bike can slow down a lot. If you are one of those who think pegs are causing problems with your BMX bike. In that circumstance, you can remove it. For your convenience, I am giving the complete removal process.

These items you will need for removing pegs from a Haro BMX bike-

  • 17 mm socket
  • 19 mm socket (optional)
  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • Extension

Pegs Bolt

1st Step:

First, you have to insert a 17mm deep socket by adding an extension and ratchet to your BMX bike peg from the outside.

  • Now fit the socket over the nut of the peg. Just turn the socket until you feel it fits the nut properly.
  • If the 17mm deep socket doesn’t fit properly, you can also use the 19 mm socket.

2nd Step:

You need to turn the socket and ratchet counterclockwise. Doing this will make it easier to loosen the axle nut and remove it.

3rd Step:

At this moment, you can skate the peg off.

  • Put back the nut as soon as possible and then pull it with the ratchet and socket.

Threaded Pegs

1st Step:

You will see some holes drilled into the ends of the pegs.

  • Now you need to insert a screwdriver through those holes.
  • When you see the screwdriver go all the way through the peg, move on to the next step. In this way, it must be perpendicular to the length.

2nd Step:

By using a screwdriver you need to turn the peg counter-clockwise evenly of the Haro BMX. But keep in mind, proper thrusting is essential.

3rd Step:

Now you should remove it by turning the screwdriver one step at a time, you will see that the peg is completely loose.

Finally, use your fingers to remove it completely. And this complete work will be done only by loosening the pole with the fingers.

Keep In Mind:

There are many BMX bike models that have pre-attached pegs. You can easily remove it by following the above process. And if you want to attach new pegs, you can apply the mentioned removing process in reverse.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of Haro BMX Bike


  1. More durable frame design and other components
  2. Lightweight and sturdy structure
  3. Various kinds of styles and colors
  4. Incredible for tricks and stunts
  5. Highly maneuverable
  6. Versatile for different terrain
  7. BMX-specific parts and components


  1. Limited suspension capabilities
  2. More expensive than other bike types
  3. Not a proper choice for long-distance rides

A Short Chart About Haro Bmx Bikes

Subject Haro Bmx Bikes
Features  Crank, Handlebars, Pedals, Wheels, Seats, etc.
Frame Material  Chromoly Steel
Sizes 20″ To 24″
Gearing Single Speed, Freewheel, or Cassette
Weight 17 Ibs to 30 lbs.
Brakes U-brakes, V-brakes, and caliper-style brakes.
Components Alloy or Chrome
Price Range $200 To $1500+

Some Frequently Asked Questions: You May Like To Know

Where Are Haro BMX Bikes Made In 2023?

Looking at Haro BMX bikes in 2023, these bikes are all made in Taiwan. This company is doing this by following the footsteps of various major bike brands.

Moreover, the production of bicycle frames in Taiwan has been outsourced entirely. By constantly outsourcing, the Haro company has reduced the per capita production cost of each of their bicycles at unbelievable rates. With that Haro comes the ever-growing competition in the bike industry.

What Are The Recent Haro BMX Events?

Date Event Name Location Name City, State Event Types
10 February To 12 February 2023 Lone Star Nationals Rockstar Energy Bike Park Houston, TX BMX Race
24 February To 26 February 2023 Gator Nationals Oldsmar BMX Oldsmar, FL BMX Race

How Do You Identify Your Haro BMX Bike?

Every Hero BMX bike has a specific serial number. The year your bike was manufactured will be stamped. You have to understand this matter carefully.

Suppose the serial number of your Haro bike is H8504XXX.

  • Note the 2nd 2 numbers, after “H”.
  • Here, 85 are available to view, which means your bike was manufactured in the year 1985.
  • And if you look at the next two numbers, you will understand the matter of the month. This means it was built in April (04).

This way you can easily identify your Haro BMX bike.

Wrapping Up About Haro BMX Bikes

In the world of BMX bikes, the Haro brand occupies a very big place. Hope after reading my complete post, you have learned a lot of important information related to the Haro BMX bike. All this information can help you choose the right Haro BMX, its history, features, uses, compatibility, and capability, and remove or install Pegs if you have already one. And no doubt, this knowledge can also make your regular BMX AKA cycling life more meaningful, and appropriate.

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