The battery is the most important part of an electric bike on which the performance of the bike depends. But it is not possible to replace the batteries of the bikes frequently as these are quite expensive. That’s why battery repairing can greatly reduce your bike maintenance costs. Now the question is, can electric bike batteries be repaired?

The good news is, yes, these can be repaired and you can do it yourself. Over time, batteries become less efficient and can suddenly become inoperable at some point. But the repairing initiative you take can make the battery operable again.

In this article, I will discuss several important issues related to batteries. So, keep reading till the end to know the details.

Types Of Electric Bikes Battery

If you have an electric bike, then at some point you need to replace its battery. But many are hesitant about what kind of battery they can use. Below I describe these which can help you to pick the battery. Actually, there are 7 types of batteries available in the market for electric bikes.

1. Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries

Most manufacturers use lithium-ion polymer batteries in their e-bikes. Because they are easy to take care of. As the batteries do not contain liquids so you do not need to take any precautionary measures.

Moreover, Lithium-ion polymer batteries are rechargeable and the price is relatively low. And, these are the most widely used electric bike batteries because of their fast charging facility and high voltage support.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are made from a combination of manganese, lithium polymer, and iron phosphate that can provide energy over a long period. Companies also use these batteries in various devices, such as laptops, smartphones, digital cameras, etc., including electric bikes. However, lithium-ion batteries are relatively heavier and more expensive than other e-bike batteries.

3. Lead-Acid Batteries

These batteries are cheap, easy to recycle, and have been on the market since the 1800s. Although lead-acid batteries are a proven electric bike solution, they have some limitations. The fact that the batteries are quite heavy makes the e-bikes heavier. And the output of these batteries is less than other batteries.

4. Nickel-Cadmium Batteries

Nickel-cadmium batteries will be ideal for you if you want to choose a battery for a long e-bike ride. Their high charge capacity makes it convenient for you to ride long distances.

But the batteries come with some disadvantages. These are quite expensive and difficult to reuse. Moreover, if you left it unused, then it can reduce the charge by 70% in 24 hours. That is why most experts do not recommend nickel-cadmium batteries for electric bikes.

5. Nickel-Metal-Hydride Batteries

These batteries are good for medium-distance riding, although they have some limitations.

Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries generate a lot of heat and are often difficult to charge. Despite batteries being durable, I do not recommend them for electric bikes considering this kind of disadvantage.

6. Lithium Manganese Batteries

Lithium manganese batteries are long-lasting and can hold a charge for a long time. This type of battery can be very effective for electric bikes. Currently, these types of batteries are used in various hybrid autos.

7. Lithium Cobalt Batteries

Considering the power density, lithium cobalt batteries will be ahead of other lithium batteries. Because this battery is

  • light, reliable, and capable of delivering maximum power.
  • Fast charging is another added benefit of batteries.

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Can Electric Bike Batteries Be Repaired?

Yes, electric bike batteries can be repaired and you can repair them yourself. We commonly notice three types of problems in batteries. These are:

  1. BMS has failed,
  2. Wires got disconnected or soldering got detached,
  3. Some cells can release less voltage or get damaged.

Below, I describe a simple way to solve these problems.

1. BMS has failed

If the BMS of the battery fails, the battery rarely charges. Here, you need to reset it. To reset-

  • first, remove the top cap of the battery.
  • Then take out the battery cells a few inches outwards. You will now see the BMS chip.
  • Remove the wiring harness from the BMS chip and connect the battery to the charger.
  • After that, reconnect the wiring harness to the BMS chip.

In most cases, the BMS problem is resolved after resetting. Pack the battery if you notice the problem has been solved. But if you find out the BMS chip gets damaged permanently, then you need to replace it. For this, buy a BMS chip with the same model and characteristics.

2. Wires got Disconnected or Soldering got Detached

You need to open the battery case to check if the cable connection or soldering is disconnected.

  • If you inspect thoroughly, you will understand where the problem is and connect the place well.

3. Some Cells can Release Less Voltage or get Damaged

Many times, as the cells get older, they produce less voltage or may get damaged completely. For this, you need to check the voltage of each cell using a meter.

  • Cells in a specific parallel set can get damaged instead of all cells in general.
  • Mark them and replace them with new batteries of the same type.

Once you replace the cells, carefully re-insert the battery into the case and seal it the exact way. Now, hopefully, you have done your battery repairing task successfully.

Common Cause Of Electric Bikes Battery Issue

There are several reasons you may notice issues with your electric batteries or battery get damaged faster. Below, I will explain some common problems.

  • Overcharging: Most of the time, we keep the charger connected even after the battery is fully charged. This is a common mistake, and because of these frequent occurrences, the battery’s charge holding capacity decreases.
  • Deep Discharge: This means you are using the battery continuously until it is almost empty. This is a terrible habit and can cause errors if you use lithium-ion batteries after the charge drops below 5 to 10%.
  • Overheating: Lithium-ion batteries often tend to overheat. This happens because of the prolonged use of the batteries. Occasionally overheating will not be a problem, but repeated overheating of the batteries can reduce their effectiveness.
  • High Discharge: High discharge is the use of an outrageous amount of charge in a short time. If you ride the bike too fast, it puts pressure on the battery and the charge runs out quickly. And this can reduce battery life.

Why Do You Need To Repair Your Electric Bike Batteries?

The batteries of electric bikes lose effectiveness over time. Many times, a minor problem can cause the entire battery to become inoperable. That is why the batteries of e-bikes need to be repaired.

Replacing batteries in electric bikes is usually an expensive process. But if you can repair batteries and make them usable again, that can save you a lot of money. So if you notice your electric bike’s battery is not working properly, take steps to repair it yourself as I have mentioned above.

How Often Do You Need To Replace Your E-Bike Batteries?

Usually, after 3 to 5 years, you may need to replace the battery of your electric bike.

However, the replacement time depends largely on the usage of the battery and maintenance. These can last a long time if you use them within limits and maintain them well. But overuse and lack of proper maintenance can indeed reduce battery life. Then, you may even need to replace the battery before 3 years.

How Much Does Electric Bike Battery Replacement Cost?

Replacing an electric bike’s battery can cost $500 to $900. Usually, this cost depends on many more factors, including battery components. Manufacturers make most electric bike batteries with lithium-ion cells. Because this material is relatively inexpensive and quite effective.

  • There are cheaper components, such as Lead-Acid batteries are much cheaper.
  • Besides, there are more expensive components also such as Nickel-Cadmium
  • But, lithium-ion cells are more efficient and less expensive than any other battery.

How Do I Choose A Battery For My Electric Bike?

You do not have to consider too many things to choosing the battery of the electric bike. There are a few things you need to keep in mind, which I describe below.

👉 Battery Type:

There are several types of batteries available for electric bikes. The efficiency, benefits, and cost of these batteries are different. So you can choose the battery type to your liking. However, I would advise you to use lithium-ion batteries. Because they are modern, effective, and relatively affordable.

👉 Battery Shape:

Many sized batteries are available for electric bikes. Notable among these are silverfish batteries, bottle batteries, down tube batteries, rear rack batteries, frog batteries, etc.

The easiest way to do this is to select the shape of the battery that your bike has.

👉 Voltage:

The motors in electric bikes are designed to run at a certain voltage. In most cases, this voltage is 24, 36, or 48.

When it’s time to choose a battery, you need to make sure you are choosing the right voltage battery. For this, you can take the help of the user manual that comes with your electric bike.

👉 Battery Capacity:

Battery capacity usually refers to the amount of charge a battery can hold. The battery capacity of your bike must be higher if you have to travel far regularly.

Most of the time, batteries with higher capacity can be more expensive. However, if the battery capacity is good, it will be convenient for the rider.

👉 Fast Charging:

Many current batteries use advanced technology that greatly reduces battery charging time. Because spending more time on battery charging can be embarrassing sometimes. So make sure that the battery you select has such advanced technology added.

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Final Words

Repairing your old battery will make it work again and allow you to ride your electric bike normally. It is true that from a rebuilt battery you will not get the same performance as a new battery. But if you consider the cost, battery repairing is an effective and brilliant decision.

However, proper maintenance can increase the battery life of your e-bike. Since battery replacement is a costly process, you must be aware of its maintenance. Hopefully, this article will help you in that matter.

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