Electric bikes are one of the best innovations of the present time which are 20 to 25% faster than regular bikes. These take very little effort and get the rider to his destination in the fastest time. But with a lot of benefits, are there disadvantages of electric bikes?

If you look closely, you see that the shortcomings of electric bikes cause disadvantages as well. Such high speeds that take you to your destination quickly can also cause accidents. And the motors & batteries can greatly reduce your effort, as well as these changes can be quite expensive.

In this article, I will discuss the problems of electric bikes in detail. So that you can check before using an e-bike.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes?

There are many advantages as well as some shortcomings of an e-bike. Some novices may ignore these drawbacks, but expert knowledge of difficulties will benefit you in tough situations. So below, I am explaining some disadvantages of e-bikes.

👉 Expensive

An electric bike is much more expensive than a regular bike. Whatever, you can buy a good quality regular bike for $500, which can be very effective for getting around or your regular ride. But to buy a basic electric bike, you need to spend at least $1000 to $1500. Although these basic electric bikes will meet your needs, will not be of better quality.

👉 Short Battery Life

The battery life of electric bikes is quite short. Most batteries can last for 2 to 5 years if you maintain them well. In addition, the charge capacity of batteries decreases over time.

With lithium-ion batteries, their performance decreases by about 10% per year. Battery life also depends on the charge cycle, which is an average of 1000 for most brands.

👉 Long Charging Time

Long charging time is one of the biggest problems with electric bikes and can put you in an embarrassing situation. Especially, if you are somewhere far away and notice that the charge of the bike is almost over. And, if you want to charge a 500-watt-hour battery fully using a standard charger, you need about 5 hours.

  • If the battery capacity of your bike is low, it may take some less time.
  • Besides, if the battery capacity is high, it may take more time.

Anyway, the charging time also depends on the charger you are using. If you use an inferior quality compact charger, you may have to wait twice as long.

👉 Heavier

Electric bikes tend to be heavier than regular bikes. While the average weight of road bikes is 18 pounds (8.16 KGs), the average weight of mountain bikes is 28 to 32 pounds (12.7 to 14.5 KGs).

  • And, the average weight of electric bikes is about 40 to 45 pounds (18.14 to 20.41 KGs).

If your electric bike ever runs out of charge on the go, it can be quite difficult to ride it for heavy weights.

👉 Limited Riding Range

The riding range of an electric bike is always limited. You can cover an average distance of 40 miles by fully charging your e-bike once. So, these bikes can get you in trouble for long-distance travel. Although the riding range also depends on your weight, road conditions, wind, etc., you must keep in mind the range.

👉 License

You don’t need a license to ride a normal road bike, but many states have specific laws for riding e-bikes. Some states or countries will require your license, many places have age limits. There are many states where you must wear a helmet to ride e-bikes. To ride an electric bike, you must know the e-bike laws of the area.

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👉 Not Ideal For Exercise

Not just for travel, we also use bikes for exercise as cycling is an ideal exercise. But when you ride electric bikes, if you have the purpose of the exercise, they will not fulfill it. Although bikes relieve your discomfort while riding, using them will not be a potential exercise.

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👉 Low Resale Value

The resale value of electric bikes is much lower because they contain components such as motors or batteries. Most of the time, it is not possible to assess the actual condition of these materials. So, maybe you can get half the price when selling. Most of the time, motors and batteries come with a 2-year warranty, which is one reason for the low resale value.

Are Electric Bikes More Dangerous?

Yes, an electric bike can be more dangerous than a regular bike. In most cases, the major cause of the problems is the speed of these bikes. Although e-bikes today have better braking systems, riders often fail to control them properly. Low visibility is also a cause of accidents. There are more records of pedestrians being injured by electric bikes or bikers themselves being injured.

  • One study found that about 25% of electric bike riders admitted to the accident had to stay in the intensive care unit. About 6% of all riders who were admitted to the accident needed surgery. Head and mouth injuries were more common in children under 18 than in adults in general.

Are Electric Bikes More Dangerous Than Motorcycles?

No, electric bikes are no more dangerous than motorcycles. Because e-bikes have a much lower accident rate than motorcycles. However, e-bike accidents can often be fatal, as most electric bike radar safety gears do not even use helmets. Therefore, e-bike riders are more likely to get injured in the face and head.

  • Data from 3932 road accidents showed that 6% (67 people) had e-bike riders, whereas 33% (588 people) and 64% (1141 people) were motorcycle and bicycle riders. Among them, 66% of e-bike riders were admitted due to head injuries, while 47% of motorcycle riders and 64% of bicycle riders were admitted due to head injuries.
  • Major trauma is seen in 4% of electric bike riders, while 39.1% of motorcycle riders and 18.1% of bicycle riders have major trauma. Electric bikes had a mortality rate of 1.5%, whereas the mortality rate of motorcycle riders was 2.6% and bicycle riders were 1.2%.

Are E-Bikes Safe For Seniors?

Yes, electric bikes are safe for seniors. These bikes have several features that make them the best choice for seniors. Such as:

  • Easy Adjustments: It is a simple process to adjust an electric bike, which makes it especially convenient for seniors to use.
  • Come with Fenders: Most e-bikes come with fenders that don’t let the bikes get extra dirty.
  • Better Seating Position: The seats of electric bikes are made more comfortable than regular bikes, which gives seniors a comfortable ride experience.
  • Bigger Wheels: Most electric bikes come with large wheels that play a role in maintaining balance and are helpful for seniors.
  • Require Low Energy: The powerful motors and batteries of the electric bikes greatly reduce the rider’s effort. So seniors can ride these bikes easily.

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Maintenance Cost Of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes tend to cost more to maintain than regular bikes. Parts of these bikes are expensive and you may need to spend more to replace them. If you take the bike to a mechanic a few times just for general maintenance without parts, you will require spending at least $50 to $75 a year.

In addition, the batteries of e-bikes come with a two-year warranty and you need to replace them every 2 to 5 years. Because batteries are quite expensive, you may have to spend a lot of money to replace them.

  • The maintenance cost of e-bikes is divided into many sectors, such as battery charging cost, electrical maintenance cost, battery replacement cost, mechanical maintenance cost, etc. All in all, you may need to spend about $300 to $350 a year.

Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Of course, e-bikes are worth it. Electric bikes offer many more advantages than regular bikes. These reduce the labor of riding and are safe for everyone. But if you compare electric bikes to the price of regular bikes, it may seem like a waste of money.

Similarly, if you compare these to the price of a motorcycle, this can be a source of relief. However, electric bikes are definitely an excellent investment.

Some Important Tips For Safe Riding Of Electric Bikes

There are some tips below that will help you ride an electric bike safely on the road.

  1. Practice well before using the bike on the road. So you can avoid unwanted accidents.
  2. Always monitor the speed limit. Remember, the speed limit for bikes is about 10 to 15 miles in most places, which is safe for bike riders.
  3. Bike control certainly depends on your braking skills. So, practice using brakes at different speeds
  4. If the bike does not have a bell or horn, then attach it. These will help you avoid collisions with pedestrians.
  5. Beware of other vehicles, especially large vehicles. Since bike riders are somewhat less visible on the road, other vehicles are more prone to be pushed.
  6. Properly inflated tires are very important for quick response. So, keep the tires of your electric bike inflated well to avoid accidents.
  7. Bicycle accidents happen more at night because then the light gets less, which makes riders less visible on the road. So if your e-bike does not have lights, include and use them.
  8. Inspect the various parts of the electric bike such as brakes, chains, tyres, after a few days and keep them updated. This effort will help you prevent unintended accidents.

The Bottom Lines

There are many benefits to electric bikes, but there is no denying the disadvantages as well. But it is the ultimate truth that every product has both advantages and shortcomings.

So, the shortcomings do not mean that you will not use the product because of the inconvenience. On the contrary, knowing the difficulties will make it much easier for you to solve them.

Moreover, you may ignore all disadvantages of electric bikes considering their convenience. Because they can make your regular cycling easy and more enjoyable. However, you must use a helmet when riding electric bikes, which will help keep you safer on the road. That’s all for now, My Enthusiast Biker Friends. But see you as soon as possible- till then, Happy Riding!

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