Painting your motorcycle wheels can do the trick if you desire a fresh appearance. Though the spokes’ paint may fade or chip over time, spoked wheels remain a timeless and fashionable choice.

Painting spoked motorcycle wheels can be a straightforward DIY project if you have the proper tools and techniques. I will outline the steps involved in painting these types of wheels In this article.

How To Paint Spoked Motorcycle Wheels

Tools and Materials

You will need the following things to paint spoked motorbike wheels:

Safety Gear: To protect yourself from chemicals and paint fumes, ensure you have the proper safety gear, like gloves, goggles, and a mask.

Cleaning Supplies: To start, clean the wheels well to get rid of any dirt, grease, or old paint. You will need lubricant, soap, water, and a scrub brush or sponge to clean the wheels well.

Sandpaper: You’ll need different sandpaper sizes to prepare the wheels for painting. Use 80 or 120 grit to get rid of any paint or rust that is already there. Before painting, the surface must be smoothed with finer grits, like 220 or 320.

Painter’s Tape: Use painter’s tape to cover parts you don’t want paint, like the tyre or spokes. It helps make clean lines and keeps paint from getting everywhere.

Primer: Use a primer made for metal surfaces or car surfaces. Applying a primer before painting is essential to ensure better paint sticking and achieve a smooth finish.

High-Quality Spray Paint: Choose a high-quality spray paint that works on metal. Look for long-lasting colors that can withstand the weather and have a finish that can be used on cars. You can pick any color you want for your wheels.

Clear Coat: You don’t have to use a clear coat, but you should if you want extra protection. Clear coats add an extra layer of shine and longevity. Ensure that the clear coat you choose will work with the spray paint you chose.

Drop Cloth or Newspapers: Use a drop cloth or newspapers to keep paint drips and overspray from getting on your work area.

Soft cloth or microfiber towels: You can use these to clean the wheels, get rid of dust, and give them a smooth, shiny look.

How To Paint Spoked Motorcycle Wheels

Step 1: Get the Wheels Ready

Take off your motorcycle’s wheels as a first step. This will make it easier to fix them and keep you from breaking other parts of the bike by mistake. Put the wheels on something clean and safe, like a drop cloth or newspaper.

Step 2: Wipe it down and sand it

  • Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth any bumps on the wheels’ surface gently. This step helps get rid of any paint, rust, or other flaws that are already there. Watch out for the spokes, rims, and hubs in particular.
  • Use a sanding block or wrap the sandpaper around a flat surface to keep a steady, even motion when sanding. Be careful not to press too hard so you don’t damage the wheel’s surface.
  • After grinding, use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt.

Step 3: Masking and Taping

Carefully wrap painter’s tape around the spokes, hub, and other parts you don’t want to paint to protect them. Take your time to make sure the lines are sharp and clean.

Step 4: Put primer on

  • Apply high-quality wheel paint evenly to the whole surface of the wheels with a brush, spray gun, or aerosol can. Make sure the primer gets everywhere, like the spokes and the rims.
  • Refer to the primer’s instructions for how long it should dry and how many coats are suggested. Two to three thin coats are usually enough, with enough time between each coat to dry.
  • You can use fine-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the dried primer to make the surface smoother for painting. Use a clean cloth to get rid of any dust.

Step 5: Put paint on

  • Coat the wheels evenly with the paint you picked and the same method you used for the primer. Apply the paint in small layers, letting each dry before moving on to the next. For complete coverage, you may need more than one coat.
  • Ensure the paint gets into all spaces in the spokes, rims, and hubs. Take your time to make sure the color is spread out evenly.
  • Once you have the color you want, let the paint dry entirely as the paint maker directs. This step makes sure that the finish will last for a long time.

Step 6: Clear coat, if you want it

Put a clear coat over the base paint to make it more durable and shiny. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how to put on the clear coat, including how many coats to use and how long to wait between each one.

Be careful not to get paint on other parts of the bike. Protect nearby places with masking tape and plastic sheets.

After putting on the clear coat, let the wheels sit for the time given. This will make sure the hardness and longevity are at their best.

Step 7: Curing and Putting Back Together

Once you’re happy with how the wheels look after being painted, let them cure for as long as the paint or clear coat says. This makes sure that the paint dries entirely and sticks to the surface. After the time has passed, carefully remove the painter’s tape and put your motorcycle’s wheels back on.

Tips for Painting Spoked Motorcycle Wheels

Keep my tips in mind to get the work done with perfection and to have a better result:

  • When you paint the wheels, wear gloves and safety glasses.
  • Work in a place with good airflow.
  • Spread the paint out in thin layers.
  • Wait until each coat of paint is fully dry before adding the next one.
  • Take your time, and don’t rush.

What Type Of Paint Is Best For Spoked Motorcycle Wheels

When painting spoked motorbike wheels, using a paint that lasts and holds up to the weather is essential. Here are some popular types of paint for spoked motorcycle wheels:

Epoxy paint: Epoxy paint is often used on spoked motorbike wheels because it lasts long and doesn’t chip, crack or fade. It can also stand up to poisons and UV light, making it great for outdoor use.

Acrylic enamel paint: Another popular choice for spoked motorbike wheels is acrylic enamel paint. It is long-lasting, doesn’t chip or fade, and dries fast. It’s also easy to use because you can spray or brush it.

Powder coating: It is a process that involves putting dry powder on the wheels and then baking it. It makes a finish that lasts long and doesn’t chip, scratch, or fade. It can also stand up to poisons and ultraviolet light.

High-temperature paint: High-temperature paint is made to withstand high temperatures and works well on motorbike exhaust pipes and engine parts. It is also strong and doesn’t break or fade easily.

How Many Cans Of Spray Paint Are Typically Needed To Paint A Set Of Spoked Motorcycle Wheels?

You need 2-3 cans of spray paint to paint spoked motorcycle wheels. The number of cans required depends on the wheel size, paint type, and how many coats you want to apply.

Three coats may be needed when painting wheels when using dark paint. If using a bright color, two coats may be enough.

You should also consider the type of paint you are using. If you use high-quality paint, you may need fewer paint cans. If you use lower-quality paint, you may need more paint cans.

Final Words

Motorcycle wheels with spokes can be hard to paint, but with time, the right tools and attention to detail, you can get results that look like a professional did them. Remember to get all the needed materials, clean and sand the wheels, apply primer and paint in thin, even coats, and end with a clear coat to protect it.

Doing these things can change how your motorcycle looks and make wheels that show your style and creativity.

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