Do you have a roadside bike or want to buy one that Gear does not fulfill your desire? Because you need more speed to ride. Don’t worry! You can add more gear to your bike and can ride the bike according to your wish. It’s very simple to add more gear to your bike.

For adding more gear, you just have to follow the following instructions that are coming with the benefits of extra gear on a cycle, how many gears you can add, about the single & multiple gear analysis, and many more related to our today’s main topic.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding Extra Gear To A Road Bike?

Humans invented the wheel to facilitate their communication. After the invention of the wheel, people developed various vehicles. It opens up new avenues of communication.

According to that perception, the bicycle is also an important invention. And, with new technologies, bikes have become more convenient and faster. Here, Gear is just such a technology that makes cycling easy and enjoyable.

Benefits Of Adding Extra Gear:

  • Can be driven in any environment and on any road.
  • Convenient for long-distance travel.
  • Can easily control speed.
  • Less energy is required during pedaling, and you can cover more distance with less power.
  • Young children, the elderly, and the sick can enjoy cycling.

How Many Gears Does A Road Bike Have?

A road bike can have up to 27 gears.

  • A road bike can have a triple, double or compact crankset.
  • The Triple crankset has 27 gears, and the Double crankset has 20 gears.

Triple crankset generally ocular at entry-level road bike with 3 chainring and 9-speed cassettes.

Double and Compact cranksets have 2 chainrings and 10 speed cranksets.

Moreover, smaller chainrings indicate fewer gears. It’s depending on the type of bike, there are 1, 3, 18, 21, and 27-speed gears. More especially-

  • A 21-speed bike has 21 gears.
  • A low number means less Gear, and a higher number means more Gear.

But any cyclist can increase or decrease the Gear according to their needs.

Do Road Bikes Have Multiple Gears?

A road bike can also have multiple gears. But it depends upon you. Because you will use single and multiple gears based on the type of environment you are going to cycling or biking with your favorite sweetie.

Okay! Let’s See How Single and Multiple Gear Work.

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Multiple Gears:

Multiple gears have 2 or 3 chainrings. It starts from 1st gear and gradually increases the gear.

  • Multiple gears are helpful in uphill riding and long-distance riding. In low Gear, the bike moves forward slowly; in the higher gear, the cycle moves forward quickly.
  • Uphill riding can be done quickly with multiple-gear bikes because riders can simplify riding by shifting gears as needed.

Bikers can ride the bike with a low gear for effortless pedaling in long-distance riding. But riding the bike in the low gear reduces the pain, and the bike moves slowly towards the destination.

Single Gear:

Single Gear has only one gear. There is no opportunity to increase or decrease the gear. That means the bike will move as you pedal, when you stop pedaling, the wheel also stops.

  • The single Gear is used for general commuting and flat road biking.

Nowadays, Road bikes are used for multipurpose use such as uphill riding and distance riding, and communication. So, it can easily say that a road bike has multiple gears.

How Many Gears Should A Road Bike Have?

Nowadays, a common question among bike riders is, how many gears should a road bike have? The quick answer is – it depends on where and how you ride.

  • If you ride in a flat area, 9 to 11 gear suits you.
  • But if doing uphill riding and long-distance cycling, then Higher Gear is required.

Suppose you want to ride for less time. For example, 30-40 minutes, then a 3-speed bike suits you.

  • On the contrary, 7 gears are perfect for you if you are biking for long distances and some hilly places.
  • But if you want to do long-distance and uphill riding, you need 21 gears.

So, combine the above information with the riding you want to do and then figure out how many gears your road bike should have. It is not a tough job that a biker can’t, right?

Do More Gears Make Your Road Bike Faster?

Yes! More Gear makes your road bike faster. Because high gear makes your bike go faster but consumes your energy more quickly. On the other hand, in a lower gear, your bike runs slower but consumes less power.

  • If your front plate has a maximum of 52 teeth and your rear gear has a minimum of 12 teeth, then it accelerates you highly and provides a high gear ratio (52/12=4.3).
  • That means- each time the paddle is pressed, the wheel rotates 4.3 times.
  • Again, if your front plate has a minimum of 34 teeth and your rear gear has a maximum of 28 teeth, then it accelerates you slowly and provides a slow gear ratio (34/28=1.21).
  • That means- each time the paddle is pressed, the wheel rotates 1.21 times.

How To Add More Gears To A Road Bike?

Four things you need to have before adding more gear to a road bike.

  1. At first, you need a freewheel or cassettes. And, Cassettes should be a newer technology.
  2. The next important thing is Derailleur.
  3. Then you need a Gear Shifter.
  4. Lastly, it would be best if you had a New Chain.

Now the main thing is how to add extra or more gear to the Road bike. It is easy to add more Gear. Any biker can add more Gear without suffering by following the easiest 11 steps that are going to reveal to you.

Steps For Adding More Gear

  1. Lose your roadside bike brake.
  2. Remove the wheel from the frame.
  3. After that, again remove the cassettes from the back wheel and remove the chain.
  4. Clean the axle and set up new cassettes.
  5. Then, according to the size of the wheel, the rear frame should be widened with the help of the axle tool. (Confirmed that your bike is made of still.)
  6. Now fix the wheel with the frame.
  7. Remove the old derailleur and install a new one.
  8. Last, in this stage, install the chain with the cassettes and derailleur.

Installing The New Gear Shifter

  1. Remove grip and then again remove the old shifter.
  2. Set the gear shifter on the front handle of the bike.
  3. Finally, adjust the gear cable to the derailleur.

Final Words

Sometimes bikers can’t purchase gear bikes because of the high prices as their preferences and even if they wish hard. But the cyclists who have used gear bikes know the advantage of extra gear. So, those who love speed on their Road Bike but didn’t use extra gear may try at least once.

Moreover, many bikers are worried about how to add more gear to their road or, MTB, Hybrid, or any other bikes. Oh, My Dear Friend! Believe me, it’s not a matter of worried but just a DIY job like any other bike renovation type, it’s easy.

You only have to buy Gear and instruments/tools; then you can fix it in your home easily with great sophistication by following the instructions mentioned above. Good Luck! And Happy Biking!

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