Every traveler can easily travel with a bike on the Dutch train. But in this case, there are some prohibited times. Those times are from 6:30 am to 9 pm and, besides that, there are more from 4:30 pm till 6 pm  But such restrictions on different working days do not apply on weekends or national holidays, as well as during the months of July and August.

In today’s article, I will give more information about this topic- can you travel with a bike on the Dutch train or not, the type of bike which you can easily carry on Dutch trains, things to do before carrying the bicycle on the train & also many more important details. So let’s look at all these things further.

Can You Carry Your Bicycle On The Train?

Many residents of big cities sometimes have to take bicycles on trains. Some want to get away from the city, while others take the train to bring a bike home from the shop. There are many other reasons to ride the train with a bicycle.

Of course, you can carry your bicycle on the train. But here you need to have some correct ideas about many things. At this stage, I will give details about those issues-

  • Generally, a separate ticket must be purchased for bicycle travel on most trains, and feel free to go with it on the train.
  • Keep the bicycle on the train in such a way that it does not interfere with anyone. In some trains, the first row of seats is removed and it is possible to place not one but several bicycles in this space.
  • Again, some trains of different designs have no space for bicycles and must be placed between the seats.
  • Another option is to leave the bike in the vestibule, but then you have to stand in the vestibule all the way. So You can, of course, fasten the bike to the vestibule handrails with a lock and get on the train But still, you need to keep the bike in sight.
  • In general, cyclists, summer residents, and fishermen can be advised to carry a bicycle on the electric train. Also, various long-distance trains are often used by tourists who are going on long journeys.
  • And, as per the baggage rules, any passenger is entitled to free carry hand luggage weighing up to 36 kg. That is, any bike, even with a backpack, easily fits within these limitations. And little fits into the allowed overall dimensions of a normal bike.

To make it a regular hand suitcase, the bike needs to be slightly different.

  • To carry a bicycle on a train, you need to purchase a bicycle cover in advance or sew one yourself.
  • Besides that several ropes about one meter long should be prepared. Also, to load the bike on the train, you need to remove the pedals and you may need to loosen the steering wheel. And this requires some tools.
  • When preparing for a trip, select the keys and screwdrivers useful for loading the bike onto the train and lock them. Also, note that it may take several attempts to move the pedal.
  • And if you don’t want to make trouble two minutes before leaving the train, don’t be lazy to open the pedals from the crank in advance at home. Then, put some grease on the threads and screw them back on.

At last, you see, it turns out that carrying a bicycle on a long-distance train is quite convenient, but you need to prepare it in advance.

Can You Travel With a Bike On Dutch Train?

Of course, you can travel by bike on the Dutch train.

You can certainly travel with your bicycle on Dutch National Trains during off-peak hours and have maximum permits. But, there are definitely some prohibited times in this case. You cannot travel on the Dutch Train with a bicycle during the prohibited times in these countries.

Those timings are from 6:30 AM to 9 AM. Apart from that, there are some other restricted hours starting from 4:30 PM to 6 PM during which time it is not possible to travel by train with a bike.

But there is something more special going on here. The rules are not applicable on-

  • various special working days,
  • national holidays,
  • as well as during the months of July and August.

Moreover, you should purchase an all-day ticket for a specific type of bicycle when traveling by train with your favorite bicycle.

Which Type Bikes Are Allowed To Carry On Dutch Trains?

Dutch trains were always allowed to carry bikes that measured 120 x 90 cm. It is mandatory to carry a bicycle in a bag during the transportation of bicycles by train. Whatever bicycle you travel with on Dutch Trains must be 120 x 90 cm in size.

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Besides that, it is important to remove the front wheel when taking the train.

Things To Do Before Carrying The Bicycle On The Train

  1. Remove the bike’s fenders, lights, and bike computer. And, smaller items are best placed in bike backpack pockets and larger items in bike bags.
  2. Also, remove the front wheel from the bike, and tie it to the frame on the right side with the rope. There it will protect the rear derailleur a bit.
  3. Turn the steering wheel 90°. This is easier to do if the front fender is already removed. And if you can’t remove it without tools, you’ll need to loosen the steering wheel mounting screw first.
  4. Pack the disassembled bike in a bag.
  5. Now your bike is quite suitable to be loaded on the train, and the conductors will have no claim on your bike luggage.
  6. If you are going on a bike trip, it is better to buy reserved seat train tickets. On the third shelf of a typically reserved seat car, a bicycle packed in a case fits very well.
  7. If your fellow passengers start to worry that your bike will fall on their heads at night, you can secure the cover with one or two more ropes on the roof of the train. Best of all, if it is possible to ride in the same carriage as the cyclists. This will be a good idea for you.
  8. Therefore, if you are already traveling in a group and not alone, try to buy tickets in the same compartment or nearby with your group & others. It is quite possible to load four bicycles into a compartment of a reserved train seat. If you place the bicycle not side by side, but on the third shelf across the compartment.

The Last Lines To Wrap Up

If you are a both bike and travel lover, then today’s article will definitely be useful for you. If you want to travel by train a bicycle for the next tour, then every piece of information in this article can help you especially.

From my detailed discussion today, I think you have got to know a lot of important information about traveling by train while carrying a bicycle. All this information will definitely be very necessary for your future train journey with your bike. So, don’t delay and plan your next tour today by applying this information to your personal traveling life.

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